Wednesday, August 06, 2014

The Melaka version..

Have you ever wonder who is so crazy to just drive down all the way to melaka TO BUY FLOWERS??!!! 



Yes, that's true, I traveled down to melaka just to get flowers for my house.Too dull with any beautiful flowers in my porch. I wasn't the crazy one said it's way cheaper to get them in melaka instead of selangor. INDEED IT'S SO MUCH CHEAPER!!! 

But of course, we also went makan makan in melaka besides flowers shopping :) Kill 2 birds with a stone!

The driver for the day!

Take 1

Take 2

Since we're in melaka, we also went to visit my grandma *in case you don't know me, my hometown is in melaka*.. It was a lucky day for us as we managed to eat some kampung durians! Yum ~

 No flower pictures. Only durians! Yum ~

Sunday, August 03, 2014

R.O.M part 2..errr?

Excited anot I post about my ROM? Haha. Actually if you've been following me, I did blog a short and direct post for my ROM before. You may read it here 

Anyways, this post will definitely be a longer one with more pictures. So you better stay and read up k! Don't make all my effort goes down the drain! 

Happily, our ROM was held on 8th December 2013. Wow time flies. I'm officially married for 7 months already :) 

Immediate family members and close friends were there to witness this joyful day with us. Thanks to those who were there to share this special day. We're truly blessed to have all of you guys!

My bouquet that day! Nice anot?! 

#selfie with crocked smile lol

After the beautiful and long ceremony at the temple, we held a lunch gathering for our guests. Thank you to those who came and dropped by. I'm glad you all helped to eat as much food as possible. Hahah..but in the end, I still have lots of lefover :|

The big bully! 

Sorry kuma, I'm married now. You have to get someone to kiss you already :) this was our last kiss!

The summary picture which I stole it from Carmen's Facebook.

Oh my god, some of my batchmates came as well.. All the way from kl, cheras, Shah Alam and bla bla bla.. So happy to see them! 


Hello bitches!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What else?

What does a siu lai lai do whenever she is free? Haha of course, pampering herself after doing all the crazy heavy duty house chores *exaggerate housewife lol* 

I'm sad to admit that I'm actually a GROUPON virgin haha until that particular day where I decided to break that virginity by purchasing a basic mani pedi session with only rm38. So I brought my mom for the session. Mothers are always the best companion! I love you mom :) 

The shop located in Bandar Puteri Puchong and it's called Ayoee Beauty. Same row with Gong Cha. I'm amazed on the numbers of beauty shops/saloon in just that area. So many competition :0 

Boring face :0

The pretty manicurist ; Angela! Was surprised when she told me she is married because she looks so young! Ahhhh 

Seen this before? Yes, it was in my Instagram like a while ago..

Lol. This is an outdated post! 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Happy holiday!

Hei everyone! I would like to sincerely wish all Muslims a very selamat hari raya. Be safe on the road and enjoy this festive season with your loved ones. May all the past wrong beings/doings be forgiven. And also don't forget to enjoy all the mouth watering dishes and cookies! Oh oh, and also share them with me *nom nom*

I know this is a joyful celebration, however, my prayers are still with the affected ones in the incident of Mh370 and also MH17! 

Unfortunately, my cousin brother passed away this morning due to suspected heart attack. I can't imagine how his family members going through this when they are all prepared for Raya. RIP! 

So people..appreciate your life because you'll never know what happen :( 

Friday, July 25, 2014

She's even more beautiful

Last last night, had a date/post birthday celebration with my babe ; Cher Wei. In fact, I knew that before and on the actual day of her birthday, she will be occupied with all the birthday plans therefore I decided to only celebrate with her after that :) 

She has too many friends already that's why. She's friendly :) 

She picked me up *she likes doing that so I'll have to decide where to go. Unfair babe unfair lol* and off we went to the selected place. I gave her 3 options to chose from.

1. Jibby & Co. @ Empire 
2. Delicious @ Sunway 
3. Alexis @ The Gardens *we crossed this out because it's too far* 

So in the end, she only have 2 options. And she picked option number 1! 

So we headed to Jibby & Co. and there was a queue which was quite long I would said. Many people want to buka puasa there. Wrong timing T____T

In the end, we settled down in Chill's. The fastest way to get a table was to be seated at smoking area @.@ 

No choice. Hungry what! Hungry until no time to snap pictures of the meals. 

The birthday babe! 

Glad you enjoyed the dinner tonight xoxo

Can never miss a #selfie 

May all your wishes come true babe. 

Instead of me getting a present for her *i got her dinner that's all*, she bought a book for me to read. She said the book is good and the author is her favourite. 

Let's start reading. I might need to ditch my non fiction book that I'm currently hook with to start reading this book. You're lucky babe. Hahahaha 

Mitch Albom, let's see what's in your book! Toodles