Wednesday, November 08, 2017


Mixed feelings after I stopped breastfeeding and expressing. 

Initially, my plan was to breastfeed up to a year so that littleT has stronger immune system (We learnt the hard way with the big boy so yea)

Big boy was only breastfed until 7months old and yet he has been falling sick quite frequent I would say. Hospitalised three times hmm. A sick baby/toddler is no joke especially I'm taking care of them myself while the hubby is busy flying :/ 

So I thought by breastfeeding I can lose all the pregnancy weight but then..with stressful environment aka naughty boys at home, I tend to have sweet tooth more often than ever. Just shoot me! 

Then suddenly I have this cravings (No, I'm not preggie) of cold pressed juice randomly out of the blue.   

Tried life juice for a change instead of La Juicera. Still prefer LaJuicera thou :) 

Yup, I'm filling my fridge with juices! Yums

Monday, October 30, 2017

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Too much cheese..So cheesie


Every day there is a new upcoming food hype nowadays. I'm so lost that I don't really keep track of them as I'm being an aunty mother now lol 

So the only way of me hearing new stuffs comes from my family members :) Yea that's why I gotten to know this Pablo cheesecake WHICH WASN'T AS GOOD AS PEOPLE CLAIMED! 

*not sure whether is my palette something wrong but just too high standard hahaha jokes* 


So what do you think? Good or not? 

But from what I heard, actually they said the nice ones are the cheese tarts. Really? 

Cheestart and cheesecake are basically almost using the same ingredients what. NO? 

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Super fat!


But can you? 

*unless you're like the on diet/counting calories kind of person right?* 


Did you know Nando's do serve (fattening) cheesecake? Hell yea now they do. Hahah *evil grins*

Welcome :)

Caramel cheesecake is one of my weakest T___T And it tasted pretty good yums 

That's why I'm gaining weight instead of losing it lololol

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Bee bee bee

There was this one fine day where I was able to leave my duties/responsibilities as a mother JUST TO ATTEND MY GF'S BIRTHDAY LUNCH! Wohoo no joke, I was so happy (what an evil mom) to leave the boys behind with the hubby :D :D 

Fresh bouquet of flower of the birthday girl. So pretty! 

Check out their Facebook here

Making as many wish as she can. Haha don't be greedy babe

This cake is NO JOKE! 

It's super nice! I super duper like it

(Might be going there again soon just for the cake thou)

Happy blessed birthday not-so-lil bee! Good to have you in my life *hearts*

*no caption inserted*


With the whole group :)