Thursday, July 19, 2018


Busan trip post will be coming right after this ya. Was putting it on hold because too many pictures to sort. 

Ahhh steamboat! Writing it here making me craving for it AGAIN! Yums. So this is what happened, recently I went to this so-called-quite-famous steamboat place in Old Klang Old with the girls. They have 2 more branches which I can't recall where are they. Cheras i think? 

It's called Coco Steamboat. If you google it, you'll be able to find their website, restaurant details and everything you wanna know. Bear in mind, as this is not the BUFFET style steamboat which I was anticipated :/ Bummer 

Nevertheless, their pork bone soup is really G.O.O.D for my taste buds! Apparently, their pork bone is the main reason why they are doing so successfully and it's their best seller although they have others too.  

Round 2 : Snowflake :) Dessert is a must man! Who doesn't like dessert or coffee after meal? 

Denise, Alene, Jing, yours truly and Karyn

Spontaneous outing is the best. Planned outing always tak jadi wan. Boo!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Bali here we come?

How I wish I was in Bali again T___T My first bali trip was in feb 2015 and it was fantastic. Such an amazing getaway after what happened before the trip. 

Anyways, I wad referring to OLE-OLE BALI instead of the REAL BALI LOL. I had dinner there with the siblings not too long ago. Food was okay and ambience was nice. Price was expensive. Nothing to shout about. 

It was such a good dinner with them :) Full attendance except for mom.
 She was back in melaka for prayer for my late grandpa

Now listening - The Power of Love by Celine Dion 

Sunday, July 08, 2018



A month late but hello I'm here writing this up. Give chance for effort k? Haha

Can't believe that I've been married to him for 4years already! Happy 4th year anniversary my love. I still remember clearly the night he asked me to be his gf hahaha 

Cheesy story but it's personal. So not gonna share it here :P 

We never really celebrated our anniversary grandly because we're just a simple couple who enjoy each other company and good food that's all. So this year, we just went dating (without the boys,yes!) and had a korean lunch at MidValley.

Thanks honey for always layan-ing me with what cuisine I wanna eat. But I always layan him too so balance loh lol 

Our phone is always filled with pictures of our boys.
 We only snap picture occasionally. 

This year, I was being sweet and wanted to surprise him by buy him a new phone as his phone was almost dying already after using it for 4years. 

Before our anniversary, we went and surveyed on what phone is currently in the market besides the latest iPhone. You know, the latest iPhone is not worth buying. You can buy a freaking laptop with that price wei. 

But as I said, I was being sweet and I was willing to sacrifice my cash to buy this for him : 


                                                                  The iphoneX 

Long story cut short ; I'm the one using this phone now and I managed to save back my cash :D 
Thanks my love! Love you the most long time! 

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Bun oh bun

Short post again. 

Sometimes I really wonder how those well maintained mother do it. Being slim after childbirths, looking good all the time, dressing up nicely and many more..

I wish I could be like them too (I always wanted to be a cool mom. who doesn't?) 

But with being around my kids 24/7, I don't even have time to take my longgggg relaxing shower because you know, the boys will be screaming playing and fighting with each other T___T 

What more dressing up and all T___T 

So yea, until I saw this and hell yeah! Messy bun is the crown of motherhood (of I choose to believe it to make myself feel better haha)

Although I always complain (which I'm sure there're moms out there do that too), but I do enjoy my time with the boys and being with the 24/7 WITHOUT THE STRESS of course :/

Oh well, happy motherhood mothers! 

Sunday, July 01, 2018



I'm feeling what the weather is now.. Gloomy and raining 😞

We just send off a little baby to a better place and he was my nephew. A cute little 4 days old baby boy, BabyL 

As I believe it was fated, hence I'm sure he is be at a better place and will definitely reborn to a healthy baby in the next life..

I totally understand what my brother and sis in law are feeling right now. I was once in their situation.
Praying that they will not grief so long and move on with their life. Please believe that this is God's will.

Of course, when this happened, it flashed back memories for me so yea, I was feeling so sad, down and cried a little while. Can't believe such an innocent baby was taken back after being brought into life. But like everyone said, whatever happens, happens for a reason. This is life, nothing is predictable and we can't explain why such unfortunate incident happen to us.

The only thing we can do (which is hard initially) is to accept it that it's God's will and move on with our life with no regrets. Appreciate what we have at the moment as not everything is constant.

Na Mo A Mi Tuo Fo ~ ~