Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Forgetting about it


I've decided that I will not continuing my Florida trip post anymore. Too much pictures and it's taking up a lot of my free time. Ya although I have lots of free time but I've been cutting my number of hours on the lappy/iPad or whatsoever electronics due to lately I realize I'll get headache by looking at electronics for some times :/ 

Not to worry, everything is fine. Maybe is just that I'm lacking of sleep and I'm feeling tired by half of the day *I'm already sleepy when I'm writing this lol*

Nevertheless, I'll not stop writing here because this blog has been with me for almost 8years *what??so long already ah?* and its only semi-dead *not fully so yays* 


Till then, I'll be back! 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Random but not so random after all

Just arrived back in Subang from Melaka. Went back to visit my grandparents and stayed a night. Seeing my old looking grandparents made me realize that they are already so so old and not that healthy anymore :/ That's the main reason why I was in Melaka last night. Just wanna be a good grandchild by visiting them. 

Since I'm back in Melaka, of course I have to go indulge myself with good food. Sis had cravings for the asam laksa along Jonker street so we headed down to town for our late lunch. 

Baba cendol. Ahhh gula Melaka :)

The famous no.88 Nyonya Asam Laksa which costs rm7 per bowl

Rojak. Was shock knowing this was rm10!! 

Insta version. I always fancy insta's filters lol


Monday, October 20, 2014

Sunday, October 05, 2014


I don't want to complain. I just want to say things out because I'm sad and grateful at the same time.  

Recently, the husband got really sick and admitted to the hospital for 3days 2nights. Stupid fever that never go away. Never subside but keep increasing. We was so worried that it might be dengue because the place we're staying in have quite number of cases of dengue so yeah. But the test result came out as negative for dengue and we don't know what were the causes of the fever. I was worried sick until couldn't sleep well when he was in the hospital. And yea, I cried *emotional me*

Unfortunately, I was not feeling well when he got really sick. Tried my very best to stay strong for him and take care of him. However, it's very disappointing because I didn't do a great job in taking care of him. Felt so bad and guilty :( 

But he is the most understanding and patient man I ever met. He always put me as the 1st priority instead of himself although he is the sick one. What more could I ask for? He is my everything! 

I love you more and more each day <3 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Florida Part 2..

Short. Direct. Lazy. 

Part 2 means Day 2. It was just a relaxing day because we just arrived the night before and we wanted to do something not so hardcore. We jet lag what. Lol. Since we haven't gotten our tickets to the main attractions in Florida so we decided to go shopping. YAYS! Shopping time. Who doesn't love shopping in the states? EVERYTHING IS A MUST BUY! $$$$

So firstly we got ourselves a big breakfast. 

Shared with mom and we still can't finish it. Small tummy :/

Stupid wind. Ignore my hair please :)

While waiting for mummy to shop...


This was like our 2/4 shopping bags and we still have like 1 more day to shop! *evil grins*

Main attractions post coming up next. Give me some time k. Too many pictures to choose from.