Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Colbie Caillat - Try

Life can be really unfair sometimes. I always believe no one is perfect and you have to always be grateful on what you have in life. Never compared with those who have everything, instead compared yourself to those who doesn't have anything or everything like you do, the unfortunate ones

GRATEFUL! The word that I always practice in my life.

Came across this inspirational music video from Colbie Caillat - Try. I did share this video in facebook.

This video actually inspire me somehow. I'm not a lady who always put on make up besides last time due to my occupation. Can't remember when was the last time I try to be someone else, faking my very own face with THICK make up.

I'm NOT saying that putting on make up is wrong. I'm a lady as well. Every ladies in the world of course want to be pretty and slim and hot. Those ideal look/weigh of a model.

Of course make up enhance your look hence boost your self confidence but don't try so hard until you actually forgotten how you really look like. Don't depend on make up that's all I'm saying. Always remember putting make up on your face so often will clog your pores and your complexion will become dull unless you really have good routine of facial. 

I'm just an average looking girl and I'm proud of my naked face :) And also thanks to the husband for reminding me that I'm beautiful almost everyday. Oh ya, did I mention he doesn't like me in make up? even light make up :S

 So yea ladies, love yourself and be yourself! :)  

Monday, July 21, 2014

Bring it on..

Hi! *waves hand* 

Have been procrastinating so much until I'm so so lazy to go for exercise. Indeed so unhealthy :(

So there's one fine day where I suddenly have the urge to go for a jog. URGE OH URGE, WHY NOW ONLY YOU COME??! Lol

The very next thing I did was put on my exercise attire and shoes and not forgetting my companion, iPhone headphone to bring the heat on! Yeah babeh. Lets do this! 

It was a good start. Never be afraid to start something new. Jogging wasn't new for me but it has been a decade since I jogged hehe :p 

Anyone up for badminton? :) 

Off to bed early. Tomorrow I have appointment with my dentist. Urgh.. You have no idea how much I hate visiting the dentist @.@  

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Eat till fat. Thanks to Jogoya!

I have no idea why I have mood swings and headache so much lately. Poor the husband for bearing all the nonsense with me. I'm truly sorry honey but thanks for everything. Love you the most! 

So yea buffet...

Haha buffet always makes people gain weight because everyone wants to make sure what he/she paid for is worth it :S feel like very kiasu like that. 

I brought Erwin to Jogoya last 3 weeks because we had a bet on our house renovation earlier this year and both of us lost. So he brought me to a 2hrs of thai massage and I got him a dinner treat at Jogoya. Sounds fair right? :) 

Knowing Kl will be always jam and never not jam, we left Subang around 1700hrs and indeed we stuck in the jam. Just great! Arghh. And I realize something, whenever I'm stuck in the jam with him, I don't get angry or agitated. The wonder of love lol 

With this chubby teddy.. What the heck I look so short :( thanks honey! 

Walked in to Jogoya at 1930hrs. Just nice the timing for dinner. 

Oh to those who doesn't know him, he really can eat. Like a dinasour :S 

Getting excited to eat as much as he can

And I'm the one who doesn't really eat buffet style because omg, I have such a small stomach and I don't wanna gain unnecessary weight :) *sure rugi if bring me for buffet* 

Eh I need to stay pretty and maintain what although I'm a married woman now. Need to maintain the value.. Ahahaha

The naked face. Don't remember when was the last time I put on some make up. 
Maybe because he doesn't like me in make up. Hmmm

Friday, July 18, 2014


Couldn't sleep well last night. Heard about the news of MH17. It's really heart breaking. I did share some tears before trying to go to bed. My deepest condolences to those who are affected, crew members, families members, relatives and friends. I understand what you all are going through. This is so sad. I may not know anyone on board but I have friends who are still flying and I have been praying that they are safe whenever they are. My husband is also a crew member with MAS. I always pray for his safe return.

So many images and news were share with me last night before heading to bed. Can't sleep well with everything running through the mind. Can't imagine the crew's family :( 

 Come on people, this is not MAS's fault. Please bear in mind before pointing fingers and blaming the wrong parties. Lets wait for the official statement from all official news broadcast. And please don't simply said things all over the social media. Please be considerate to those who are affected with this incident. No one wants this to happen. Stay strong and my prayers are with all of you. 

Please take note: this is what I personally feel. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

She claimed she is old

I was supposed to be taking my shower now because am going over to my mom's place for lunch but I willing to sacrifice for this post. I'm such a great friend i know lol

Honestly, she is not old because she is THE SAME AGE as me! Haha. 


I have so much to say about her..too many actually. I will keep them for myself. But nevertheless, she is a great friend and most importantly she is a very sincere good friend of mine! :) 

We been through ups and downs ever since college time in Segi! Am more than grateful that we're still friends after taking different path of life especially when I left for singapore!

 A friend that I'll always cherish! Thanks for everything babe xoxo

I have to post this picture up because I know she likes this pic although I look ugly

See you on next tuesday! Will celebrate your post-birthday with you then.