Thursday, June 21, 2018

Another life gone too soon..


As you may heard the international news not too long ago, fashion designer Kate Spade committed suicide :(

Honestly, depression is no joke. There could be no signs or symptoms to those who are undergoing it. They could be just like a normal person smiling and all but honestly, you won't know whether are they feeling depressed. Depression is indeed a silent killer. You may be able to overcome depression over time but some may not and eventually lead to committed suicide unfortunately :(

So yes, be kind to everyone because you don't know what are they facing in life. 

Friday, June 15, 2018

A little too late...

I've decided to postpone of my busan trip post for a bit as there's so much going on with my life right now..

My beloved grandpa passed away not long ago while I was in Seoul for holiday T__T

Kinda ruined my holiday but I'm somehow glad that he is at a better place now :( I miss my grandpa! Rest well and please reborn to a better place with greater health!

So give me some time to get back to my blogging mojo although I have had lost it a while back *prays*

Till then, xoxo! 

Monday, May 14, 2018

Busan, South Korea Day 1

If any of you followed me on instagram, you guys should have known that I was in Busan recently about a month ago *a well deserved holiday for me lol* 

Initially, I planned the trip to go with my mom but in the end, my younger lil boy was the one who was "forced" to go with me hehehe. Not too bad being forced since everything was sponsored *right right*


Being a parents will always get sleep deprived I tell you no joke T___T 

But I did get sleep deprived on the way up to Busan because the flight was damn uncomfortable *Airasia what, i don't blame them* I blame myself as because I was well pampered to always travel with MAS and sometimes business class

#ootd at KLIA 2 
Top : GAP
Bottom : H&M 
Shoe : Bought from China
Backpack : Mizzue 

my sleepy head brother! 

After a draining about 6hrs of flight, we finally landed in Busan! Thanks for the flight Terrence. It was good seeing you and being our pilot for that trip :) 

Not much pictures as we're tired and we just wanna check in our airbnb and rest well like a baby. 

busan subway and me and my big red luggage 

View from our airbnb :) Not to mention that the night view is so much nicer. 
No regret staying there! 

Our Airbnb was located in Seomyeon area. A happening place during the night and dull during the day haha. Pretty cheap too I would say. About RM1k for 5 nights. Cheap hor?! 

By the time we checked in, it was about brunch time already. We were starving as we skipped breakfast so we just put down our luggages and off we go find something near to eat lunch. 

Oh and our Airbnb host, Anny was so nice and flexible as she allowed us to check in early and the place was great :) Good service girl! *thumbs up*

we rolled our own rice balls. Fun! 

KOREAN FOOD!!! who doesn't like korean food right? I'm a super big fan of it! 

Done with quick and satisfying lunch, we (only lil bro) went back to get some rest.  Honestly, even though I didn't sleep throughout the flight, I felt it was a waste to sleep in on a beautiful day in Busan.
So the plan was my bro took his nap and I headed out to survey and look around the Seomyeon. 

#ootd shot in the lift 
Top : Tokichoi
Jacket : Drum Fashion
Jeans : Uniqlo
Shoes : Wakai Japan
Bag : Mizzue 

Walked around Seomyeon area and Lotte Department Store. 1st day already go shopping $$$ 

Beautiful spring flowers 

Woke brother up and off we go to Busan Tower. One of the must visit attraction based on Google. So we obviously tourists doing tourist thing. Off we go, hahaha

Going up up up and up! 

Busan Tower sign! 

Sadly, cherry blossom wasn't fully bloom yet T__T

Busan Tower! 

If I remembered clearly, there's few package to go up to the tower. Like observatory only or plus minus popcorn stuffs like that. 

We only paid for the observatory fees which costed us 8000won! Equivalent to RM29

Don't ask me whether is everything in Busan cheap or not because I always try not to convert into local currencies before spending. Why wanna convert and have doubts before spending?! 

Inside Busan Tower pictures : 

Busan Tower is located in Yongdusan Park so it's like killing two birds with a stone. Managed to visit both attractions in a day. Not forgetting, gukje market and nampo shopping district is within walking distance too yays. 

Remember to always wear comfortable shoes while travelling. I learnt it in the hard way thou :( 

So pretty!! 

@Yongdusan Park 

Took a stroll and Gukje Market and Nampo area for some shopping and street food. 

eomuk, tteokbokki, pancake and some other good stuffs too!
omg so good! i miss eating in korea already T___T

Waffle! Yummy and fattening but who cares?! 

With Grumpy Ryan! 

The weather at night is super cooling and I love it! I'm a spring/winter person.

Drinking night! Soju is so cheap over there! Better drink that than H2o :P 


ended my night with an ice-cream :) 

Wait up for Day 2 okie? Hehehe! So excited to be writing about my Busan trip! wee ~

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Off the market :)

Late but still worth writing it down here. My girlfriend/best friend/1st few high school friend is currently off the market. She recently tied the knot *throw confetti*

So so happy for her and I can't even describe how I felt that day *joyful tears* 

Welcome to married life babe! Wishing you the very happy and ever lasting marriage! 

Make sure you treat her right, Shean! *IF NOT, I GONNA HUNT YOU DOWN!HHAHAH* 

With Jing! 

I look damn fat here! *cries* 

The pinky bridesmaids
Photo credit goes to Mr.Terry Chan 

I'm so blessed that I'm able to witness this wonderful day! Love you long long time kuma! 

Friday, March 09, 2018

Unicorn party! 🦄

This was also last year :P :P Celebrated my aunt's birthday at her daughter's place in Bandar Kinara. Since her daughter aka my cousins sister is in event planning industry, she decorated her place just to celebrate her mom's birthday. AND ALSO FOR MARKETING PURPOSES HAHAHAHAH

So yea, the theme of the party was : 


Interested in planning a party, do look for Dream Catcher in Facebook for more pictures. She is really doing well with decorating since she was graduated in graphic design. 

Nope, not a sponsor post!