Monday, April 14, 2014

CNY Day 2

Come to think of it, where is my cny day 2 post? Haha. So funny that I actually forgotten about it. Sorry peeps, I have so many things going thru my small little brain now. I know I know, no excuses but human always make excuses so bear with me lol

Basically, 2nd day of cny was going around to visit the relatives and also camwhoring with family members. So please bear in mind that you'll be seeing a lot of me * not that a lot actually* when you scroll down ;) 


Us with Vincent's new car!

Mom accidentally photobomb-ed this picture :0

Pillows wanna go visiting too 

*pout because its hot outside*

With pineapple tarts! One of my fav! 

So yeah, let's wait for the next cny! Can't wait. Haha! Hopefully I'll be able to spend more time at hometown. But next year, I'll be giving out ang pows instead of receiving. Boo but excited! :D

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Hungry? So do what?

Because I'm hungry so I torture myself by posting out about food. Omg, this is funny. But weird, I know lol. I couldn't stand the nice looking presentation of food so as usual, I always snap picture of my food before eating. I think that's a bad habit. Geez! :/ 

So recently I'm "actually" on diet for my wedding. I'm not like totally on diet. I still eat but just avoid solid food like rice. But if I have no choice, I'll just eat the rice at least once a day for a meal. 

But when I'm out with mom, I can't go on diet as mom always wanna eat good food which is a bonus for me! Hahah :p 

This one can't be avoided. Is a must to eat at TGIF. MAC and CHEESE!! 

Shared some salads with mom. I usually don't take salads but this is gooooood *thumbs up*

The honey took the spaghetti. And also half of the salads. Haha 

Don't they look so appetizing when you're hungry???? 

T_________T *cries*

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Birthday lady

This is a late birthday post for my beloved Yuki Gan. Her birthday falls on the 30th March. 
*Sorry I'm late babe. Have been losing the urge to blog* 

So yeah, this camera shy lady here is one of my beasties and I met her during college in year 2008. At 1st, she was really shy to open up herself to me but as time flies, we got to know each other better. And I'm glad that I actually talked to her 1st in college and now she is here, being my bestie! 

Shy ladyyyyyy ~

Us during college time :) 

This was taken before I left to Singapore for further studies 

We spent most of our time together in college. We're like glue like that lol 

Thanks for being such a wonderful friend to me. 

Did this specially for her to post in Instagram :) 

Happy birthday once again babe! Knowing you is one of the best gifts that happen to me. Thanks for being there for me all this while <3

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Shanghai theme restaurant? That's interesting isn't? Guess what! You will be able to find little shanghai somewhere near without taking a plane. This little shanghai is located at Setia Walk Mall, Puchong. Just a cross a toll from USJ. Haha so near yet so so close lol 

Visited it with my parents in law the other day. They heard about this place and they wanna go have a look. Hence, we had our late dinner there. And not forgetting it was on a Saturday and super packed *I get annoyed whenever I'm in a mall on weekends* 

Since shanghai was the theme so yea, couldn't run away from Chinese cuisine :/ 

Old school newspaper as menu. Interesting right? 

The summary. 

The atmosphere was something different however, the price of the dishes was pretty expensive according to my mother in law. But I believe it's alright for once in a while random expensive dinner or lunch. 

There are many old school items that related to china and I wanted to snap pictures with. But I tell you, you really need to queue up to snap because there are so many freaking human beings with their camera/smartphone and some even brought their dslr. Haha and I made a joke to Erwin *my husband*  that maybe some couple can snap their pre-wedding pictures there LOL 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tell me about it. What to eat??

Could anyone agree with me, that the hardest question on earth is WHAT TO EAT or WHERE TO EAT? 
I always have a problem with this whenever we wanna go for lunch or dinner. FYI, I don't cook as I'm still learning lol * you may call me housewife/aunty* 

Honestly, everyone was saying Malaysia is a food paradise but yet I have difficulties to decide what to eat. Maybe because there are plenty of choices or maybe I just don't like or call me lazy to decide what or where to dine. Haha

Anyways, my husband and I decided to try new food at new places when we have no idea on where to dine. The other day, we were in taipan and we saw a restaraunt named ; Jiro Shabu. We went in with open heart wanting to try new food. 

At 1st, we don't have any idea on what type of cuisine do they serve until we look through the menu. It was like Korean BBQ but in steamboat kind. Pretty interesting but the place is quite small. Overall, it's okay, not too bad I would say :) 

Chicken soup with a bowl of rice and pork platter. 

Omg, spot the edible doraemon. 

Seafood platter.

Sour Lime juice and watermelon for dessert! 

Couldn't remember how much does a platter costs but the bill came up to rm60 for two persons and it's not filling enough for him as he is a big eater. But hey, at least we come out from our comfort zone and try new food *thumbs up*