Wednesday, December 20, 2006

time to update! weee ~
this post was abt the 4th Asia Pacific yoyo competition held in genting highlands from
the 15th -17th of december..
i was there on the 14th-18th to spend my holidays there!my longest time in genting which is 5days 4night
it was damn fun there & i get to noe many frens from many other country!
ppl there were reali very frenly..
i miss genting ! ! ~
during in genting, all of my frens din reali have enough sleep..
we only get like 4hrs of sleeping every nite..
we went lepak ere n there n went to eat chee cheong fun.. haha
reali miss it!
if you guys wan me to tell out everything that happened there, it will take me a long long time to tell out so i guess i juz keep it to myself as the sweetest memories i ever had! =)

next year AP will be in china man!
i reali wanna go but must think twice..
haihz =/

banner on the stage

morning snap @ 4am ( i think ) !
me n alex! he is from singapore =)
miss him lots

japan guy performing his yoyo skill..guess wat time was it?
it's around 3am le.. ZzZZ

look it's a star made from yoyo string! haha
he is hao ( mine brunei fren )

the crowd there!

crowd no.2

my tag! weee ~

me & firdaus

me & a malaysian yoyo player !
oh no forget his name d! sry

me n my gang!

smaller banner

find for hooong? where is he?

hoong n adrian was damn crazy all the time but not only them but mostly of my frens too!
they even make me laugh until i cant eat my maggi mee man!

pretty gals n their christmas carolling

the sampat - ness of this gay !

they reali loves each other you noe!
so sweet of them rite?
* jealous *

merry christmas!!
hey you, look ere la! doink ! =p

hope you guys enjoyed it!

honestly there were many pics more but i am lazy to upload it..
i even have some video too.. haha =p

- vic miss everyone at AP -

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

since i am bored n i am a good gal, i listen to ben ben words..he ask me to update abt the pd trip so i did.. =)
this was the only trip where i din reali take much pics..
i look damn not nice during this trip.. haha..
pd trip was on the 6th-8th of december..
it was like last week but i still cant forget the fun we have together..
miss everyone there la! sob sob! ~
hope to have another trip again..
it's will be fun if i am there!
* perasan sial *

group photo after checking out! sad nyer ~

me kena sun burn sial !
damn sad you noe! =/

the view from my room's window..
juz bored n nth to do so take my fone n snap this pic

- vic finish blogging d -

latest update!

well, i think i shall not post anything abt the events that happened last few days
jenny updated her blog's almost the same things that i wanna update!
so you guys wanna noe, check out her blog ya!
juz go to my link there n click on jenny chan!
there you go!
weeeeeee ~ ~

i am damn lost n cant think of anything right in myself..
wat's wrong wif vic?
i am NOT the vic that i used to be! !
the stuff i shall not do but i did it!
i am brainless now n i am feeling so down!
haiz ~
no one are able to help me..
i need to solve it by myself..
come on vic!
solve it asap!
sob sob ~

- vic damn EMO -

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


hey hey everyone!
i wanna update my blog with those event happened a few days ago but jenny asked me to wait for her to blog abt it then we blog together!
so loving rite we both? haha
anyways there were damn many fun n unforgetable things happen in this month..

wanna noe wat is it?
wait for me to blog abt it k..
you guys will check it out soon! * hopefully *

- vic need to oioi -

Sunday, December 03, 2006

sick me!

oh NO ! ! ~
i am SICK or either i am in love sick?!
swt =.=?
wat's the differences of those both sick?
isn't the same?
don ask me! i cant think of anything! WTH

i juz cant get to play without him..
i am bored without him..
i am lonely without him..
i juz cant get to think anything when he is not around wif me..
i am very curious wat is he doing..

wat's all this nonsense?
silly me!
* speechless *

nvm nvm!
bak to my post for today :
well, nth much actually..
juz went out to summit to accompany my mama to see her fren who owe the furniture shop..
my mama wanna buy furniture for our new apartment..
haha.. happy me! =)
after that, came bak home n rest lo due to i am not well..
till then, nitez nitez!
piggyvic wanna go be a piggy d..
tata ! ~

- vic the piggy gonna snore tonite -
onik onik! ~

Saturday, December 02, 2006

nanananan !

thanks 2 jenny for leaving me ere all by myself..
she went penang wif her mama..
i am fine without jenny la actually..
i wont die without her aso..hehe =p

aik today was my 1st class for undang..woke up at 6.45am! OMG
wow sat down to 5hrs listening to my driving teacher to give his lecture..
shit i damn long din sit for lecture d..
not used to it! luckily it's over!
i taking my undang test in the 14th..yea yea!
hopefully must pass!
come on vic, jia you jia you!

haiz juz got scolding from my maple bf..
o.o sob sob!
ish damn long wanna lvl up le..
bengang sial ~

- vic very bored & -
wanna eat ice cream

Monday, November 27, 2006


wassup guys? miss me?

lazy wanna update long long post but i juz update a lil bit abt wat i did today !

hmm nth much actually but i went for facial at klang..

they poke poke my blackhead ! ouch imagine it how pain can it be?

but i am use to it d cos went there for many times d..haha

my sis's face is so damn red, juz like after drinking a bucket of alcohol.. =p

she looks like a clown! hehe =p

- vic loves her sis -

Sunday, November 19, 2006

health awareness

i woke up this morning so early man, compared to my wake up time usually is at the noon or evening.. sob sob! after taking my bath n everything, i & my sis heading down to IOI Mall at puchong to help out in the health awareness organize by the Lions Club of Subang Jaya..

see how supportive are usj4 n batu 8 leos.. we were the only one from leo club to help out during the event n we make the events success..muahahah.. bangga nyer ~ leos from usj4 are me, my sis, sim wie boon, carmen & ai ping! thanks for coming ya! =) there was performance by batu8 gal especially marissa! she has a wonderful n sweet voice wei! chun chun !

flyers anyone???

performance by some disable ppl! they were great, you noe! =)

ahah cutie performing a dance..they were damn cute! wat a young life dancing n they don even noe how to feel shy.. i gonna feel damn SHY if i dance infront of many ppl wif camera! OMG

8mile gals perfoming a dance wif boA's song.. HOT HOT ! !

haha me n my new buddy ! he is nice & he is only 14years old..small boy! =p

- vic have to eyes specialist tomoro -
sob sob =/

Saturday, November 18, 2006

death note the movie is nice! haha got cute guy in it! =p
i watched it wif jenny yesterday at 1U..
nth much actually..juz bored so decided to blog another post!
you guys who havent watch,you not gonna miss it wei! hehe

- vic loves the movie -

ZzZzzzzz !

oh my gosh i am so outdated man!
din updated my blog since so long aledi..cant blame me ppl.
i am juz very busy wif beloved on9n games -maple story..
i believe those who played on9 game like me, surely will addicted to it!
am i right, ppl??
i miss my maple hubby!sob sob ~

ohya anyone wanna go pd trip?
pd stand for Port Dickson.
for those who din noe wat pd stands for..haha
there's a gal who asked me wat is pd last few days..haha damn cute la the lil gal..

leo charity trip to Port Dickson is on the 6th-8th of dec 2006 ( 3days 2night )
organize chairperson - Leo Ivan Ong ( La Salle KL )
leo club joint - SMK USJ4, SMK USJ13, La Salle PJ
price - rm170 including accommodation at glory apartment with 3rooms + food but juz the 1st nite dinner is not provided ( yummy ) + transport go n come bak!
meeting place - smkusj 4 at 8.30am

anyone interested, pls do feel free to contact me or jenny k!you guys can aso click on our blog to drop us a tag if you are interested k!
4 yr info, it's a 1st come 1st serve basic ya! so hurry up grab this opportunity to spend yr holidays wif us & enjoy all the fun n interesting activites we organize!
thanks so much! =)

- vic wanna eat something yummy -

Saturday, November 11, 2006

hmm miss my blog!

did anyone miss me or miss my blog?i miss mine blog so much! >.<>! muahahaha =p ( lazy wanna update my blog after the trip ) those pics down there was taken on the 8-9th of november at genting highlands ! ~

silly me trying to play pool! ~

was taken in a club in genting but the club is boring!

me in my bed..NO! it's mine kepompong..don believe?ask jenny!

me n my darling ( mine good buddy - jenny )

today post -

my dad was bak from bangkok for few days so my mom suggested us to go out for dinner n we actually went to telok gong for dinner! wow ~ sadly =/ my dad flying bak tomoro..sob sob! ~

i gonna miss mine dad so much cos i damn like to manja wif my papa! haha =p
din plan to upload the pics we took cos my mom saw it n she say she don look nice in it..
as a good daughter, i must listen to my mama's words.. =)

lots of love,

- vic - ^.^

Saturday, November 04, 2006

kai kai! ~

juz came bak home & start blogging..went out wif my cousin & my sis..juz the three of loving.. =)
well, our journey was : times square - sungai wang - mid valley - subang parade - garrefour!!
damn great rite we to visit 5malls in a! so unbelievable huh?
i am gonna gain weight today b'cos i juz enjoyed eating onli..i din get anything from those malls but i onli makan makan n makan!oh gosh i am gonna be fat! sob sob! ~

nth much but we reali had a great time hanging up together..we had been doin many crazy crazy stuff & kind da embrassing la..but nvm we still enjoyed ourselves rite?
anyways thanks for giving me a great time you guys..loves you all lots! muaxx
btw i am goin to see my cousin again tomoro.. haha

we acting as ' seafood '

look! ~ meggy look damn super duper ' ying '

camwhore queen! ~

the logo of gasoline cafe..cute le? haha =p

happie belated halloween ! spooky ~

- vic wanna mapling d -
have fun! ~ muaxx

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

blalalalalala ~

i miss my blog so muchie.. had been days i din update my blog..wondering how's skool now? din went to skool since 17th of october..laziness in me told me not to go to skool so i din.. DX
nth much to blog today cos i am at home the whole day..din plan to go out due to i am quite broke d.. sob sob! ~

anyways juz wanna wish stephen & kim hong " happie b'day "
today is their b'day! ! hope they will have a wonderful celebration ~ =)

lots of love from - vic -

Thursday, October 26, 2006


here we go again! jenny
my dearest gal ask me to update my blog so i did..happie anot gal? you should feel so bangga wei.. wakaka..

today 26th of october 2006, it's carmen b'day! happie b'day mui! love ya..muaxx

today 26th of october 2006, it's also my first time working as a promoter to promote SUNSILK in usj1 giant supermarket..thanks to jenny for letting me work cos she is underage..haa =p

i bump into michael goh, my long lost contact fren named kok wai, my ex usj8 addmaths teacher - pn.ooi & my primary kajian tempatan n my class teacher when i am in standard 6 - pn cheng sea hon..used to call her as seahorse teacher! hehe..

nth much to blog d! chiaoz!

- vic missing him & onli him -

Monday, October 23, 2006

time to update!

well, it's time to blogging.. wee ~

yesterday me, my sis & my mom went to the curve juz for nth..
wait! actually is to spend time since we were bored at home..
as usual mom drive there whereas we juz relax bak there.. haha
me & my sis were totally a damn bloody camwhore which we learnt it from my eldest bro, vincent ! ! i noe he wont admit it but come on, juz admit it k! haha =p

tat's the ying-ness of me

my sis is peeling off the herbs boiled egg's skin..she loves eating it!

reflection of us at uncle's lim

stupid gal trying to act cute as usual..

oh she is in love wif me.. so sweet ~

after when i juz reach home, my fone's a sms from aun hoong which is a good fren of mine.. he asked me either am i free anot cos wanna go yam cha..he must be glad cos i am free during tat time & he is coming to fetch me..

besides him, there still got ken yee, chin yong & wei means 5ppl fit in a small kelisa..damn suffer wei sitting wif them but kinda da fun too actually.. =p
after yam cha-ing at tanjung usj9, we heading to ken yee's hse cos he wanna get sumthing..
after tat, we went to aun hoong's hse to chill for a while & have fun & we eventually watch anime together.. haha..i am having lots of fun last nite..

then the clock strike at 1.15am..damn it's quite late for me d so i decided to go bak home as i dowan my mom to worry abt me..aun hoong fetch me bak home rite after he pump petrol..oh he is so nice! =) i reached home at 1.35am..btw good morning ya everyone..

- vic wanna off9 d! * very sleepy* -
it's 2.26am now..morning ppl!

Saturday, October 21, 2006


Sorry gary for not updating my blog..i noe you are interested which wat's goin on wif my life rite? ahahaha

there is a msg for gary :
- omg you are a cute n blur oc during the meeting tat day..ehehe
- don la keep on asking ' so how' ? =p chill k & relax, don too stress..

gary, it is not insulting ok! no offence ok & sorry if i am too offending tat day.. =/

well, i finished my exam d so was very busy lepaking wif frens till got no time to blog..almost everyday i am out from my hse & spending my $$$ like mad.. haiz so now i gonna stay at home n be a good lil gal! @.@

damn it, dunno wat's wrong till i am not able to transfer pics from my fone to my mom caused i am cant upload all those pics i took yesterday at pyramid..bugger! >.<

oh i am damn upset cos my papa don let me go work..if i don work, how am i goin to spend my holiday outing? oh gosh i think i need to sell my backside d.. ahahaha =D

Monday, October 16, 2006

it had been 4days i din updated my blog aledi.. sorry ya was very busy wif my studies..
finally exam will be over tomoro.. wakakaka =D damn happie but after exam, i will be 'pokai' cos surely go out lepak everyday..haiz.. have skool aso very stressful but holiday i got more stuff to worry abt.. =/

- vic blur >.< -

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


feeling - emo & stress
doing - blogging
thinking - tomoro exams & him! haha

haiz today exam was addmaths paper 1 n 2! OMFG it's damn super bloody hard especially paper 1.. sob sob! ~ predictable i will FAIL again! ='( haiz so upset now..cheer me up anyone?

i juz finish eating lunch which is.. i noe you guys there will be bored if i update my blog like a story book..juz like taryna's blog, her blog is reali like a story book! haha no offence ya taryna! hehe =p so here we go n see wat i ate for my lunch..Taaaadaa ~ ~

Koh-Kae peanuts bar BBQ flavour coasted! yummy

dis cutiepants is damn cute! =p don you guys think so?

- piggy vic yawning -
goin to oioi now! take care

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

stupid smoker! haha =p

a brand new ME! weee ~ ~

OMG! looks at his serious looks! * he is faking it *

looks at him! ! he wanna be a cute puppy but tak jadi! haha =D

i am totally bored at home today & when i woke up, i looked at my fone & freakly i got around 5miss call n 2 sms but i don even return their calls or sms.. i being bad!

had been a long time, i was curious abt the movie title "rob-b-hood" ! ! many ppl say the movie is damn nice n worth it to watch so i being so nice today & ask my bro either wanna watch movie anot la since he is at home where else he havent watch the movie yet n i still owe him a movie! Finally i can go out! yahoooo ~
believe dis ppl! younger sis owe eldest bro a movie! hmm i think he must be very lucky to have me as a sis.. do you vincent ? =)
btw i loves the movie wei! reali worth it for me to pay rm22 for 2ticket..louis koo & daniel wu so damn leng chai n hot! =p

before heading to pyramid, we went asia cafe! yea i reali miss tat place man! haha i get to play foosball today! wohoooo ~ ~ having lots of fun today & i totally 4get tat tomoro i got addmaths exam..haha nvm la hopefully i can do it ! i juz hate addmaths..arghh it making me go crazy man!

- wanna go play me cutie on9 games d -
have fun reading my blog ya!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

whole day smiling!

vic n kim hong's handmade candle light LOVE =.="

went out yesterday nite to la salle pj skool for mooncake festival wif wei liang n aun hoong!
having lots of fun there playing candle n lantern!met kim hong n debra there n weirdly yuvanes they all say i n him like 'pat tok-ing'..memang swt betul! guess wat i won a lucky draw which is 2 complimentary pass for GSC any movie, any time n any day! wohooo ~
kim hong owe me a treat cos we were betting whose latern candle blow off first means that fella lost! hehe reminder for him = don ever 4get my lunch ya!
he looks like a small boy when playing latern.. so cute!!~

rapid KL is my life saver man!

rapid KL will be my life saver from on on cos it save me n aun hoong n wei liang when we cant get bak to subang.. we missed the last train bak to i am the smart one who thought of rapid kl bas! haha bangga nyer.. i sat bus for free n b'cos i have a touch & go up my rm2.. happie =)

anyone wanna a pringles? yummy

hoong & wei liang camwhoring in rapid KL bas

me & mr.lim aun hoong

there's many more nice pics but it is in debra's camera.. don worry ya i will upload it in my blog when i got all the pics from her.. pls enjoy viewing my blog k ^.^
juz came bak home at 2.00am..hehe went yam cha wif ken yee, wai chun, wei liang n wei liang at usj9 tanjung mamak corner!

- vic wanna wish good morning 2everyone -
it's 3.32am now.. zZz

Friday, October 06, 2006

1 week of exam GONE d!

haha today is friday n it's time for me to rest my small brain..had been studying hard for my exam but still need to suffer for another 6 more days of examination! damn it! i am so STRESS! bugger govt. la wei..why la must have exam? haiyo! i tak boleh tahan d le! sob sob! ='( i nvr study so hard b4 wei! am i supposed to get something from you guys for encouragement? haha =p jk only la!

sadly i am having a cute panda bear eye due to i cant get to sleep yet since the first day of exam..ish! i starting to miss my papa d..he fly off to bangkok in 3.30am dis morning miss him! haihz!feeling very dissapointed when i am not able to send him to airport cos it is so early so i left a short n wonderful note for him.. guess wat! he reply my note..haha so =)..that's why i stick the note in my room wall! weeee ~ ~


*but don play lantern or fire too much got haze n it's getting worst*

- vic wanna go play maple d -
have fun ya ppl!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


haiyo bored! juz finish update my friendster profile..hey you guys can go view it @ haha.. i am being stress ere due to exams..oh gosh i got pimples on my face d..sob sob!~ haiz i go thru my history juz now..walau wei got damn alots thing to remember...tomoro got history paper 2 exam.. DIE DIE DIE! @.@

today paper was ok n i can do it but not sure can score good result anot la..haihz!
dis few days i had been haiz-ing which is not frens can become old very fast wor..OMG i dowan say it anymore! i am too young to become old.. =X

- gonna makan d! - swt =.="

Sunday, October 01, 2006

gud luck ppl!

i am ere juz to wish all the pmr candidates gud luck including all my form3 frens n my beloved sis too who will be sitting for pmr in 10 more hour ++.. hmm i guess everyone should be ready by now.. ohya i wanna wish everyone gud luck too for their final terms exam.. i wanna wish myself gud luck too! hehe =p gtg sleep d! must wake up early tomoro! nitez nitez!


Saturday, September 30, 2006

studying madness!

sorry ppl for not blogging for few days! i am in the mood of studying.. i noe i sucked up in my mid terms exam so i wanna get a better result in my final exams! wish me luck! ^.^
do pray hard for me ya ppl! =)

oh gosh i am feeling very nervous now..exam is in another 1 & a half more day.. shit! not very prepared yet although i did study hard.. hmm! >.<>

- vic missing him alots -

bed time *ZzzzZ*

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

my lil bro b'day!

he looks like he tak puas wif some1..hmmm wondering who will it be?

loves dis pic! she so cute rite? ohh!!

i thought we should act sad or sumthing but why the heck am i smiling?
well, i noe why! cos i am a happie go lucky gal! haha
*maybe not* =(

me + san + yen
but why he look so blur? >.<"

baskin robbin chocolate chip ice cream cake for my lil bro

haha happie b'day my lil beloved lil bro! i am the first to wish him..muahahahaha! i wished him at 12.02am dis morning! i bought him a extreme t-shirt as present! weee~~
nth to blog d!

later at nite i will be having dinner wif my family so i will try my best to upload those pics in my blog ya! so tata for now ~ ^^
so now i uploading da pics! haha there are many more pics but i don look nice in it so i dowan blog it! =p