Wednesday, July 19, 2006

haha =p

hey ppl! vic is bak! haha..sorrie wei damn blur case n stress today..thanks to my leo club stuffies~ usual after came bak from skool then take my bath n eat my lunch then do my blog lor..
while doin dis blog surely listen to my fav song 'ge wo ni de ai' ! loves his song so muchie~~
ermn today in skool out leo club organize a fun raising project..we sell junk food n many ppl bought it..thanks for yr support ya! =) weeeeeee~~~~ ^^
yea yea i mayb changing fone but cant think of any nice fone? anyone can give theirs opinion ma??
omg i cant believe that even small boi noe how to ponteng skool wei? izzit weird for a form1 n form2 student to ponteng skool ar? hmmph!
althought i aso got ponteng la but they are small boi wor..haihz..wat a sad case!


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