Monday, July 17, 2006

tiredness day! aik! =s

omg today at skool got dis stupid waste of time onli doin it but it was quite ok la actually..hehe..after skool went to jenny's hse lepak there awhile then walk bak to skool then go home..jenny is a small cute gal cos she need me to bring her go across da road..she so cute wei!
hey it wasn't insulting k..well jenny follow me home..we spend around 1hours+ thinking wat to wear to attend da final audition at sri kl auditorium n spend time listening to our fav song by Tank- 'ge wo ni de ai' means give me yr love in bahasa inggeris!haha..
ermn we had lots of fun at my hse..*hmmph*
later around 3.30pm i called a cab to go srikl skool but then da driver almost bring us to asia jaya da kelana jaya lrt station b'cos i think he heard wrongly d! da driver so damn 'pandai' rite..we were like omg but luckily we arrived at srikl safely without any injury..wakaka! =p
aik at srikl were reali boring but thanks god i got my dearest jenny, shwan n kelvin there to teman me..shawn n kelvin are da usj4 breakdancer ya! they are so cool!love them lots! =)
jian pang was there too n he perform a song wif his was reali nice n i like his voice! how i wish i can sing as well as him? *dreaming*
you guys noe wat i cant believe that srikl got a auditorium's like so unbelievable.. >.<
finally audition habis liao..we walked to asia cafe to meet my bro n adrian so that he can fetch us bak..when reach there we ate takoyaki..i juz ate it yesterday n i ate it again juz now..sorry i too loves dat cute takoyaki..haha..i got a damn big shocked when i saw stephen there cos i was smsing him n he din tell me tat he will be there..haha..damn freaking shocked cos he suddenly appear! i n jenny was OMFG n keep on laughing like mad onli..ahahahahaha! after tat we went in da car..sending adrian then jenny n i n my bro went fitness..walau wei i damn tired lor after fitness so i decided to buy a big bottle of 7up to drink liao so can cool down a lil bit..ish ish!
da 7up din work wei! wat a waste! sob! gone la my rm3.40..ish ish! ^^
after wen reach home d i must busy wif my leo stuff pulak..wah i damn stress wei! aik! anyone can help me to release my stress?? ohya i need eat ice-cream to cool down!anyone wanna buy for me?i need it! haha =p


Victor Pang said...

hehe i buy if i got spare money...hahahahaha..i give u comment u did not give me aso sooo evil

vpws said...

bodo! :P

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