Thursday, August 31, 2006

happie merdeka everyone

honeydew juice + heineken = ???
lazy wanna rotate it to 90 deg.. nice rite?

we had a drink at asia after sending my cousin n one of my fren bak home from sunway lagoon around was filled up wif human being!why don alien come n visit asia? hmm..

dis pic was took from jenny's hp

we were too bored there waiting for fireworks so we started ss ourself..sorry ya pic a lil blur..cant believe tat the firework play onli 5 minutes..last year was around 10minutes le..nvm it's ok wif me..haha..i recorded all firework pooping in the sky in my hp..exactly 5.03 minutes..

sunway hotel view..

can you count how many ppl were at lagoon?countless rite?hehe

finally decided to go to sunway lagoon for countdown..went there wif my beloved sis, her bf, my punk type of cousin - megan n my best frens - jenny n ken yee..we went in lagoon at 9.45pm..luckily is not late cos da actual time is 8.45pm..juz 1 hours late..hehe.. as usual malaysian are not punctual! ^^

wah sei there got alot of ppl n it is damn bored..tat why many ppl went out..nothing much happen there cos it's damn bored..if i noe it will be dat bored i wont be at lagoon..however i went there cos got free ticket n got fireworks..weee~

after finish the event, got dance nice!kenyee din follow me after tat..later we fetch my cousin n one of our fren home, suddenly we all felt hungry so went to asia for a drink n snack.. i ate takoyaki again..yummy! hehe.. was fun there until i saw someone i don feel like seeing..i don like tat fella cos for wat he did to my best frens..after tat we went bak home..cant get to plsy foosbal cos my sis n jenny very tired so my sis bf say we go home lor..reach home around 3am..

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

merdeka eve celebration

as usual today wake up at 6am then get ready for skool..wat a boring life man! cant get enough sleep somemore..make me feel so sick onli..
today in skool jenny bully me..damn unhappy! >.<>

wow tat is fast huh,today is 30th of august which is merdeka you ppl noe tat we will be celebrating 49th years of merdeka it sound like malaysia so old? da answer is YES..muahaha..
should be damn proud cos we are a malaysian..hahaha i am so semangat prove tat i got study moral..well tonite there will be having many merdeka countdown..yea i am goin to sunway lagoon later wif my usj8 frens.. got free ticket surely wanna go la rite? i wont wan to waste my frens free ticket.. =p
jenny coming along too..hopefully she wont bully me la in sunway lagoon later.. if not i will cry! akakaka
still thinking wanna wear wat later? me n jenny always discuss wat to wear first before we go kai kai -.-
i will be glad if i can meet mostly of my frens there.. *praying hard*
ohya i wanna say thanks so much to william ng cos he will giving me free ticket for lagoon..oh so kind of him.. haha.. gonna meet him later at sunway pyramid.. surely damn lots of ppl there..i will die if it's damn full wif human being..don have enough oxygen to breath.. lol =D

but i am being confused now.. i wanna go lagoon but my uncle having bbq at his hse n my family are invited..if i am goin lagoon then means my mom will be da onli one who attend my uncle sis n my bro is coming along wif me..i dun wan my mom to be lonely due to nobody teman her but i aledi promised my frens tat i will be how how?
damn guilty now wei.. hmmph.. well we lets god decided k..i ask my mom abt da lagoon thingy later..if she don allow me then i go my uncle hse for bbq..actually i damn long din bbq d..wanna get bak da feeling of
bbq-ing.. haha

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


oh mom's laptop dunno wat happen suddenly..make all my folder GONE! damn F*** wei! i got damn many pics in dat folder..seriously feel like smacking tis laptop!! i gonna miss all my pics!damn damn damn!
omg! i still cant believe tat all my pics had gone!! wth wth wth!
is like i juz came bak from holiday..i install all da pics i took in bangkok when i am bak home..then da laptop got some problem..wah sei! all the pics damn nice le.. damn pissed off! is not my fault tat the laptop got problem k.. got nagging from my mom saying tat ' u all don use my laptop anymore '!!
i aso felt sad for my mom cos mostly her working stuff is in the laptop..sob sob!!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

a trip to remember ~

* sorry ya so long time i din update my blog d*

wow i am damn exhausted now..juz came bak to at bangkok wif my lil bro n my mom..bangkok was actually fun if u went there for da 1st time but evmy holiday trip entually dis is my 2nd time to bangkok it's not very fun as my 1st trip..i take off on da 20th august which is a day after my joint installation..installation was ok la..hehe..i stay at bangkok for 1 week = 7 days! these 1 week i had been spending my time wif my parent n my bro.. juz wanna say sorrie to my frens for not teman-ing them for dis term skool holiday..however my frens surely very understanding! hehe =)

oh gosh! you guy noe wat i am now gaining weight..have been eating a lots in bangkok cos everyday got breakfast buffet..must wake up damn early somemore..breakfast buffet is from 7am till 10am..damn bloody early rite?! make me not enough sleep onli.. having a panda eye now.. @.@ sob! ~ ( don feel like going to skool tomoro ) i went to visit the temple again!
my 1st trip i visited it aledi but since my lil bro haven visit so mai go visit again lo..takkan i stay at hotel alone doin nothing rite? when u visited a temple u should be dress up in proper but many ppl din obey da rule..hmm not fair! ish i don care la.. i visited da sleeping buddha's damn huge..sleeping buddha was made of gold..real gold le! da buddha must be very rich.. haha..

place i went to:
-a few temple
-most of da shopping mall there
-ocean park ( in a shopping mall )
-theme park ( which is out from bangkok )
-some night blazar ( selling many cloths )
-the tallest 5 star hotel to see da whole view of bangkok..each must pay 200bath entrance fees..
-my papa condominium for swiming!

stuff i bought :
-earrings - 17 pairs..hehe
-some cloths like shirt, skirt,long pants..
-some small teddy bear.. cost 25 bath onli..
-chocolate! yummy!
-a mickey handbag n sandals.. MICKEY!
- cute lil bikini

thing i hate there:
-air pollution! omg! cant tahan! make me have pimples onli..
-have to wake up early..
-there got no leng chai to see de..hehe ^^
-traffic jam..tat why must take bts n mrt there..bts is like ktm n mrt is like lrt..
-sun burn! da weather there very bad n hot..
-some of da food there..i don like tom yam..yuck!

stuff i like there:
-those gal there are damn slim..their body damn nice n hot!weee~~
-gals high skool uniform damn chun..short skirt n a white tops wif heels n handbags..
-their cloth there are reali cheap n nice..but i din buy much..
-taxi! got many many colours of taxi.. hehe..colourful taxi!
-one of d shopping mall cinema damn high class..i pay 160baht to watch ' you,me n durpee'
160 bath = rm 16 le!

* i will updated da pics later..i need to go out a while first *

btw today is my beloved sis b'day! happie b'day yen yen!muax

Thursday, August 24, 2006

mine 4th day in bangkok..

hmm i am now in bangkok updating my blog since i damn long din updated d..omg i onli got 6 more minutes to finish taiping..well, i am ere wif my mom n my lil bro..came ere for holiday..i spent my whole 1 week skool holiday ere wei..cant spend wif my frens aso..sorry ya all my fren!!

anyways i will update my blog wif some nice pics i took in bangkok when i am bak to malaysia..
juz wanna say "i miss you" to my lil sis n my bro! reali miss you guys!take care you all! muaxx =)

Saturday, August 12, 2006


juz now went for installation rehearsel at sri sedaya..walau da skool hall we din on da aircond..wahsei damn hot! macam in da sauna onli..can become bbq chicken d la.. haihz!
damn lots ppl complain abt da aircond thingy but we cant do anything but luckily on da installation we got on aircond.. weeeee~ surely very cool de.. yeah yeah =p
stress nyer! one more week to installation.. need sell another 40 more ticket before next friday..omg la me!gone case wei if i cant get sell that 40 more ticket.. hmm.. >.<>jenny went pyramid cos we need get sumthing..when reach there we went fill our stomach wif MCD *(again)* .. we always went there always aso eat mcd..sad la we all..aik! must try sumthing new d..after makan,we continue our journey to get our stuff..
walk walk walk till living cabin n we masuk to have a look..first thing i saw moo moo..
jenny very love moo moo de..i pulak love piggy.. so different rite? but many ppl say we twins..i thought twin must have a same interest? izzit? lol =p we took around an hour to get out stuff but not onli at living cabin la..we aso got other shop..selepas itu,we went kai kai walking around da whole pyramid..walking while toking la..ish!we was toking abt coupling stuff la..nth much actually..we walked till tired d then we stand at near da round thingy there..guess wat!we stand for abt 40mins wei!! however my legs was not tired but my brain was!! you guys wanna noe why? cos i n da moo moo gal (means jenny la) was finding a way to go home..i msg my mama but she din reply.. sob! ~ i thought she dowan me d!jk hehe =p cant get my mama so we went to sit at da branch in front of da sub zero shop..toking n thinking of a ways last moo moo gal called one of her fren ask him to fetch us home but he not free so nvm la..i thought cant go home d..mana tahu jenny got another she call la but he say he can fetch us home..hahahaha~~~ damn happy cos got ppl fetch us home d.. =)

alamak went i reach home i terforget tat i din eat my dinner yet! there got no food for me at all..going die of hungryness wei..suddenly my mama come bak home..she juz came bak from gaint supermarket..hehe..surely got food d la.. muahahahaha ~~ after that i damn pissed off cos of my dad..ish!! actually can go bangkok for holiday next week but mana tahu now we cant go d..thanks to my dad!! was reali angry n pissed so i send a msg n screw him up!! damn it..

Thursday, August 10, 2006

jay chou's mv!! =)

Jay Chou - Fa Ru Xue

almost few months i din see dis video clip d..hmm i loves jay chou! hehe.. =p
' fa ru xue' means hair like snow in english..
lyrics in english..
The moon like a wolf's fang
She is languished
I raise my cup
Drinking all the wind and snow
Who overthrew the previous life cabinet?
Provoking dust and gossip
The word formula of fate
Reincarnating a few times
You frown
Crying that your young beauty cannot be called back
Even if the annuals of history have already become ash
My love won’t be extinguished
Flourishing like three thousand waters flowing east
I only take one ladle of love to understand
Only loving the butterfly you incarnated into
Your hair is like snow
Leaving sadly but beautifully
Who is moved by my burning incense?
Inviting the bright moonMaking memories clear and bright
Love is perfected under the moonlight
Your hair is like snow
Fluttering tears
Who has become old by my waiting?
The mundane world is intoxicated
The years of being slightly drunken
I use no regrets
To carve a stone tablet for my eternal love for you
La er la
La er la
La er la er la
La er la
La er la
La er la er ah
The bronze mirror reflects no evils
Tie a ponytail
If you are wild
This lifetime I fill a wine cup to accompany you

*sob sob dat meaning for da song is damn sweet * ='/ awwwww

skool life is fun! ^-^

~ suddenly saw dis pic so decided to post it in my blog ~
j.e.n.n.y v.i.c.t.o.r.i.a a.le.n.e

since primary till yesterday i thought skool was boring..mayb primary skool life is bored cos we are still NERD n still small boy n gal..aww so cute ^^
however when stared secondary there are still NERDS around but thanks god i am NOT one of them!! =) i juz recall when i am form 1 till form 3..i was kind da inmature (wait i am now mature d ok) :p
during those time, i was fooling around n din wan to study..that why my pmr result isn't that good..sob!>.< but now i juz realise that i reali need to study hard..hmm mayb mostly of my fren don believe that i will study but nvm it's ok..for me there is a time to play n there is a time to study.. well but today i was not reali in da mood to study.. *study must depends on mood aso*
hehe.. in class today was a very boring lessons but i enjoyed account lesson..even i cant believe tat i reali enjoyed it..i need some1 to knock my head pls!! anyone wanna help me? but pls la don hit so hard ya! =)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

omg!! wat's wrong wif me?

omg!wat is wrong wif me today..guess wat?? i had been doing my homework juz like da first time i did my homework! ~ bla bla ^^ i guess i am a good gal now..was trying to study hard huh?suddenly i got da weird feeling that i need to start studying d..maybe cos exam is now on da way!000000000ooo no000000ooooooo wait wait! not mistaken is dat fella advice that make me wanna study!hmm i think so kua.. =)

today in skool i went to see our teacher advisor to ask abt leo stuff la..i ask her abt a skool service project!i still remember da dialog.. *winks*

i said "teacher ar we wanna to repaint the basketball court..
then she replied "why so ke bo chi?!"

omg i was like wth..then i replied her saying dat " teacher, it is a leo club project la..
then she din say anything..wah sai i first time heard teacher say like that lor.. sob nyer ~

damn it la..our class teacher changed everyone place in da a whole class is like damn quiet! not fun d lor like dat! hmmph! =/
but heard my gang all wanna change bak da places..muahahaaha
hopefully miracle will happen tomoro!! weeeeeeeeeee ~

Saturday, August 05, 2006

~ kebosanan kejemuan keboyakan kemuakan kemualan ~

hehe my new huge pencil box n pink bag for skooling..i got it from my cousin yesterday.. =p
haiyo da pencil box is damn huge wei..
first time i saw it.. ^^
hehe juz finish eating ice-cream..yummy!!
blurrrr~~~ oops durian smells *.*

i ter-addicted to Ryan Cabera's song titled 'True'
bla bla bla~~~

I won't talk, I won't breathe
I won't move till you finally see
As you belong with me
You might think,I don't look
But deep inside, the corner of my mind
I'm attached to you
I'm weak, it's true
Cause I'm afraid in all the answers
Do you want me to
Cause my heart keeps faling faster
I've waited all my life
To cross this line
To the only thing that's true
So I will not hide
It's time to try, anything to be with you
All my life I've waited
This is true

You don't know, what you do
Everytime, you walk into the room
I'm afraid to move
I'm weak, it's true
I'm just scared in all the endings
Do you see me too?
Do you even you met me?
I've waited all my life
To cross this line
To the only thing that's true
So I will not hide
It's time to try, anything to be with you
All my life I've waited
This is true
I know when I goI'll be on my way to you
The way that's true
I've waited all my life
To cross this line
To the only thing that's true
So I will not hide
It's time to try, anything to be with you
All my life I've waited
This is true

* updated my blog *

since i terpaksa stay at home n din go out, i had decided to updated my blog..i juz managed to add in da chatterbox in my took me around 1hours to do it..well,wat can i say..i am so blur case wert! haha..
now my eyes like @.@ d..i needs to see some green trees..wanna noe why green trees? dis is because 'someone' had teached me abt dis theory.. haha a bit lame rite? =p

sien ar!!!

bored!!! today is da 5th of august which means got another 2 more week for installation..i now being so stress n tired..suddenly onli got lots of stuff to settle..omg!
tat why being a president in a club is very stress but i am ok wif it cos got many ppl give me their support..hehe =)

hmm..damn sien ar!! later in da afternoon got many events le such as interact club of smksu installation then got leo club of pji fustal tournament..dunno which one to attend..mayb not goin either one of it..i better go get sumthing for my beloved outgoing president..haha.. =.=??
din noe wat to buy for him wor..think damn long d but still haven got any idea..sob!