Thursday, August 31, 2006

happie merdeka everyone

honeydew juice + heineken = ???
lazy wanna rotate it to 90 deg.. nice rite?

we had a drink at asia after sending my cousin n one of my fren bak home from sunway lagoon around was filled up wif human being!why don alien come n visit asia? hmm..

dis pic was took from jenny's hp

we were too bored there waiting for fireworks so we started ss ourself..sorry ya pic a lil blur..cant believe tat the firework play onli 5 minutes..last year was around 10minutes le..nvm it's ok wif me..haha..i recorded all firework pooping in the sky in my hp..exactly 5.03 minutes..

sunway hotel view..

can you count how many ppl were at lagoon?countless rite?hehe

finally decided to go to sunway lagoon for countdown..went there wif my beloved sis, her bf, my punk type of cousin - megan n my best frens - jenny n ken yee..we went in lagoon at 9.45pm..luckily is not late cos da actual time is 8.45pm..juz 1 hours late..hehe.. as usual malaysian are not punctual! ^^

wah sei there got alot of ppl n it is damn bored..tat why many ppl went out..nothing much happen there cos it's damn bored..if i noe it will be dat bored i wont be at lagoon..however i went there cos got free ticket n got fireworks..weee~

after finish the event, got dance nice!kenyee din follow me after tat..later we fetch my cousin n one of our fren home, suddenly we all felt hungry so went to asia for a drink n snack.. i ate takoyaki again..yummy! hehe.. was fun there until i saw someone i don feel like seeing..i don like tat fella cos for wat he did to my best frens..after tat we went bak home..cant get to plsy foosbal cos my sis n jenny very tired so my sis bf say we go home lor..reach home around 3am..


yaenn said...

dat was fun fun fun!!

Victoria said...

hehe you onli fun ma cos got yr bf there..doink!

yaenn said...

no no no.. coz got my sweety cutie funny jie jie ma! :D