Saturday, August 12, 2006


juz now went for installation rehearsel at sri sedaya..walau da skool hall we din on da aircond..wahsei damn hot! macam in da sauna onli..can become bbq chicken d la.. haihz!
damn lots ppl complain abt da aircond thingy but we cant do anything but luckily on da installation we got on aircond.. weeeee~ surely very cool de.. yeah yeah =p
stress nyer! one more week to installation.. need sell another 40 more ticket before next friday..omg la me!gone case wei if i cant get sell that 40 more ticket.. hmm.. >.<>jenny went pyramid cos we need get sumthing..when reach there we went fill our stomach wif MCD *(again)* .. we always went there always aso eat mcd..sad la we all..aik! must try sumthing new d..after makan,we continue our journey to get our stuff..
walk walk walk till living cabin n we masuk to have a look..first thing i saw moo moo..
jenny very love moo moo de..i pulak love piggy.. so different rite? but many ppl say we twins..i thought twin must have a same interest? izzit? lol =p we took around an hour to get out stuff but not onli at living cabin la..we aso got other shop..selepas itu,we went kai kai walking around da whole pyramid..walking while toking la..ish!we was toking abt coupling stuff la..nth much actually..we walked till tired d then we stand at near da round thingy there..guess wat!we stand for abt 40mins wei!! however my legs was not tired but my brain was!! you guys wanna noe why? cos i n da moo moo gal (means jenny la) was finding a way to go home..i msg my mama but she din reply.. sob! ~ i thought she dowan me d!jk hehe =p cant get my mama so we went to sit at da branch in front of da sub zero shop..toking n thinking of a ways last moo moo gal called one of her fren ask him to fetch us home but he not free so nvm la..i thought cant go home d..mana tahu jenny got another she call la but he say he can fetch us home..hahahaha~~~ damn happy cos got ppl fetch us home d.. =)

alamak went i reach home i terforget tat i din eat my dinner yet! there got no food for me at all..going die of hungryness wei..suddenly my mama come bak home..she juz came bak from gaint supermarket..hehe..surely got food d la.. muahahahaha ~~ after that i damn pissed off cos of my dad..ish!! actually can go bangkok for holiday next week but mana tahu now we cant go d..thanks to my dad!! was reali angry n pissed so i send a msg n screw him up!! damn it..

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