Wednesday, August 30, 2006

merdeka eve celebration

as usual today wake up at 6am then get ready for skool..wat a boring life man! cant get enough sleep somemore..make me feel so sick onli..
today in skool jenny bully me..damn unhappy! >.<>

wow tat is fast huh,today is 30th of august which is merdeka you ppl noe tat we will be celebrating 49th years of merdeka it sound like malaysia so old? da answer is YES..muahaha..
should be damn proud cos we are a malaysian..hahaha i am so semangat prove tat i got study moral..well tonite there will be having many merdeka countdown..yea i am goin to sunway lagoon later wif my usj8 frens.. got free ticket surely wanna go la rite? i wont wan to waste my frens free ticket.. =p
jenny coming along too..hopefully she wont bully me la in sunway lagoon later.. if not i will cry! akakaka
still thinking wanna wear wat later? me n jenny always discuss wat to wear first before we go kai kai -.-
i will be glad if i can meet mostly of my frens there.. *praying hard*
ohya i wanna say thanks so much to william ng cos he will giving me free ticket for lagoon..oh so kind of him.. haha.. gonna meet him later at sunway pyramid.. surely damn lots of ppl there..i will die if it's damn full wif human being..don have enough oxygen to breath.. lol =D

but i am being confused now.. i wanna go lagoon but my uncle having bbq at his hse n my family are invited..if i am goin lagoon then means my mom will be da onli one who attend my uncle sis n my bro is coming along wif me..i dun wan my mom to be lonely due to nobody teman her but i aledi promised my frens tat i will be how how?
damn guilty now wei.. hmmph.. well we lets god decided k..i ask my mom abt da lagoon thingy later..if she don allow me then i go my uncle hse for bbq..actually i damn long din bbq d..wanna get bak da feeling of
bbq-ing.. haha


yaenn said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr!! faster think la!!!

Victoria said...

you doink la! yr fault la make me have to go there wif jenny early juz to get yr ticket frommy frens..hmm..notty

jenny said...

stupid gal!! u r da one who bully me!! hmmp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Victoria said...

eh jenny! i so good where got bully you.. you la bully me.. hmmph.. bleuk =p