Saturday, August 05, 2006

sien ar!!!

bored!!! today is da 5th of august which means got another 2 more week for installation..i now being so stress n tired..suddenly onli got lots of stuff to settle..omg!
tat why being a president in a club is very stress but i am ok wif it cos got many ppl give me their support..hehe =)

hmm..damn sien ar!! later in da afternoon got many events le such as interact club of smksu installation then got leo club of pji fustal tournament..dunno which one to attend..mayb not goin either one of it..i better go get sumthing for my beloved outgoing president..haha.. =.=??
din noe wat to buy for him wor..think damn long d but still haven got any idea..sob!


Ang Gu Gu said...

me also sien..LOL..

together shout.. *SIEN AR*

vpws said...

now u know the stress of being president leh? lol..

Victoria said...

hehe i noe! ^^ sob~