Saturday, September 30, 2006

studying madness!

sorry ppl for not blogging for few days! i am in the mood of studying.. i noe i sucked up in my mid terms exam so i wanna get a better result in my final exams! wish me luck! ^.^
do pray hard for me ya ppl! =)

oh gosh i am feeling very nervous now..exam is in another 1 & a half more day.. shit! not very prepared yet although i did study hard.. hmm! >.<>

- vic missing him alots -

bed time *ZzzzZ*

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

my lil bro b'day!

he looks like he tak puas wif some1..hmmm wondering who will it be?

loves dis pic! she so cute rite? ohh!!

i thought we should act sad or sumthing but why the heck am i smiling?
well, i noe why! cos i am a happie go lucky gal! haha
*maybe not* =(

me + san + yen
but why he look so blur? >.<"

baskin robbin chocolate chip ice cream cake for my lil bro

haha happie b'day my lil beloved lil bro! i am the first to wish him..muahahahaha! i wished him at 12.02am dis morning! i bought him a extreme t-shirt as present! weee~~
nth to blog d!

later at nite i will be having dinner wif my family so i will try my best to upload those pics in my blog ya! so tata for now ~ ^^
so now i uploading da pics! haha there are many more pics but i don look nice in it so i dowan blog it! =p

Monday, September 25, 2006

terponteng skool!

hmm i din go skool today! haiyo why la? haha i cant get to wake up dis morning!
since i am bored so i juz wanna drop a few words in my blog.. nth much ere!
btw i wanna say sorry to jenny cos din infrom her that i am not going to skool!
don angry ya gal! =)

- vic very miss you -
buhbye ~

Friday, September 22, 2006

stupid pengawas!


my skool pengawas make me damn pissed off! ish stupid wei they all! sudah la rampas my liquid but then lost my lil cute rubber! bugger la they all! rekcufrehtom! reali very pissed off!! Arghhh

today in skool as usual play play play only..we all caN have fun until 4get exam is coming soon d which is next next week! i was being very strees nowadays due to studies & mapling! haha
juz create a new character in a new server for maple story..energetic - nyer saya~
those ppl who don like maple pls don mengada-ada n tell me you guys don like! i am loyal to maple story!haha

is when jenny kena bully by me in skool..haha i took one side of her shoe then run up to class.. muaahahahaha =p jenny don angry la..juz play play wif you only! chill ya..

- vic wanna gaming -

Sunday, September 17, 2006

AND1 basketball street challenge

me n moo moo gal at the spooky restaurant..yer!

the environment is like a japanese cafe but our sitting is like damn dark n spooky..
got no light de..they say the light spoil d.. damn doink..they din pay their electric bill de ar?hmmph! they have dis weird n spooky masks n images deck around the dining area which have black wall n the feeling is like damn ghoulish!!!

jenny enjoying her lemon lime soda until look like a monkey..*winks*

mango tango soda + lemon lime soda

we went in a cafe named * gasoline * located at the 6th floor of sungai wang..
the cafe seems so nice in the outside but inside looks damn spooky! omg!

after being bored in times square n after watching taryna's games, we walked to sungai wang cos jenny say she wanna go there so i followed her..then she ask me dis..

jenny- why we go sungai wang?

vic - * i was like har* say you wanna go de..

jenny - *silent*

vic- nvm la we go walk walk la since we are bored wif times square..

camwhore in times square toilet! jenny's idea! =p

rm 16.59 x 2 = rm 33.18 juz for juz dis..

i went to times square wif jenny to watch taryna plays her games..when reach there saw damn many bball player..walau damn tall those guys there! lol =p

at 5pm , got dis taiwan group gal named Sweety..their voice damn fake acts cute wei but jenny said is reali theirs voice wor.. ^^

Friday, September 15, 2006

wat's wrong?!

wat is wrong wif my blog?seems like there is sumthing wrong but i cant think of it..
din have the time to check my blog dis few days that's why i din realise anything is wrong ere..i busying wif wat?! ohya i am busy wif some non important stuff.. ^^
anyone who realise wat's wrong wif my blog pls be kind n tell me k.. =)

well today there is a BOD meeting after..our BOD wanna organize a trip to somewhere..
places that they can think of is -

- penang
- melaka
- thailand? wie boon think de! he wanna see those AQUA there! horny la he! bleuk
- pulau redang
- pulau langkawi
- pulau ketam
- sabah & sarawak
- perak
- australia? jenny think of dis places!doink gal!she will pay 4 my flight ticket if goin! =p
- genting
- fraser hill *spooky*
- cameron highlands
- port dickson
- singapore
- pulau pangkor

as wat i remembered they think of damn many places until i cant remember!
damn semangat to organize a trip but not confirm yet..

ohya upcoming events :
event name - AND1 basketball street challenge
venue - berjaya times square shopping mall
date - 17th of september ( sunday )
time - morning till late evening ( i think so )
price - haha it's FREE!!

anyone who will be there pls inform me k..
maybe we can meet up or something..
i will be there wif jenny to support Taryna..she is playing! lol

-vic yawning now n damn emo today-
logging off soon!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

damn!wat an unlucky day!

when was my last post? 4 day ago..sorry ppl!

laziness had come into me making me lazy wanna update my blog..

Wat a surprisingly day i had experience today - 13th of september 2006
many thought 13 was a bad luck number but i still don believe till i experienced it!

i was damn bloody surpise when i heard a big new abt my lil beloved petbro was fighting in skool today! oh gosh i was damn OMG! is he gonna be ok?! wat happen?! who go bully him or either upside down? i think he wanna tell me wat happen but i was away.he msg me in msn but i din reply him!damn i shouldn't be away during tat moments where he needs me! willy boy..jie wanna say SORRY for not being there when you need jie! *feeling so guilty now*
oh shit i am damn worry abt my lil boy! aik!!

secondly i was damn freak up when i ask abt my frens how was he n his gf? he answer me bak sadly saying tat they break heart was dropping cos they both seems like a loving couple to me when he told me tat..well we should noe that nothing last forever n i HATE da words FOREVER!so ppl pls don use dat words infront of me cos i don have the faith in tat words!
this is because i had a hurt n sad experience in tat word! sob!~

then heard another sad story from taryna..she juz broke up!tat's sad n i noe she very hurt but taryna, i believe out there still got ppl who will appreciate you so pls cheer up n remember, you still got ME! =)

me n jenny was sharing our sweet moments when we were wif our beloved ex in skool..
those guys who hurts us da most n we describe them as our beloved ex huh?!
dis is such a stupid thing!WTH
btw ppl! i kena pitch n smack by jenny cos i desribe her beloved ex as a LALA! haha..
she smack me damn pain ar but rite her LALA ex quite leng chai wor.. juz his hair make him looks like a LALA who juz came out from the sea.. =p
however..seems like i DON LIKE him which i aso dunno wat was da reason why i so hated him although i dunno him!
* sorry ya jenny din mean to hate him but it's my feeling & i cant stop it *

vic loves ya!

logging off

Sunday, September 10, 2006

happie n funny day!

damn camwhore la both of us!

wanna learn how to kiss?i cant stand it! almost laughed!

wrapz n me.. ahaha =p

went kai-kai at summit wif my lil sis n bro + my most sayang mama wanna go walk walk so we followed her.. somehow we are her bodyguard but i loves to be her bodyguard..need jaga my mom properly! such a cute n careless mom i got! loves ya lots!muaxx

oh gosh!unbelievable i had my supper *wrapz* rite after 2hrs i had my MCD for dinner..shit!need go gym for work up d..actually i ate my supper juz to change my 50buck! haha wat a waste!

Fcuk! ppl under 18years cant go in cafe after 6pm?!! wat is dis man!nonsense wei!
haiz! damn so not fair to younger ppl like us! All this thanks to MPSJ! they did this rule in all cafe! SO NOT FAIR! >.<

btw today is jennifer's b'day!hmm din send her a msg to wish her but i drop her a testi in frenster d!


Saturday, September 09, 2006

Nth much!

such a bored day at home but seems like i wanna stay at wat's wrong with me?
wat am i complaining abt?!!

yesterday went futsal wif frens at summit.. there were 21 ppl playing!haha damn many?
hey JENNY! you FFK me!! hmm.. i was the one & only person playing futsal from USJ 4..luckily
there's were my frens from sri kl n usj8 too..glad i still have them around me..Thanks guys!

Wow believe it anot..i played futsal wif full spirit wei! Enjoy it so much! I am looking forward for FUTSAL again.. where will be the next game? have to ask my so-call hubby.. ^^

btw wanna wish adrian a happie b'day!
but i not think he noe i have a blog..haha


5 things i am doin now..

- updating my blog?
- listenin to songs from mine fone
- checking my mail & frenster
- singing! haha =p
- praying hard so that it wont rain! raining day are damn bored n noisy!hate it!

stuff i am thinkin of..
- who will be da next ppl sms me? -.-
- thinking either wanna msg my hubby anot..
- wat to do later after blogging?
- wat nice songs to upload in my fone?
- wanna go cafe anot? i wan play my on9 games! ish!

haiz damn emo after watching a sad chinese movie..oh gosh my tears reali drop down so as my lil bro too.. >.< sob!~

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

live with a smile always! =)

me n my sis..this was took last year! do i look different now?

weeee~ dunno wat is wrong wif my title today..maybe i am in the good mood..
but how could i be in a good mood whereas i am damn bored at home?hmm..
maybe this is b'cause i had learn to appreciate every single lil seconds n minutes..must always be happie n keep on smiling all the ways along ahead no matter how hard will the future be! =)
those out there pls keep on smiling!

although i am bored at home but thanks God i got jenny to teman me on9..she la call me update my blog..i dunno wanna update wat actually until i ter-saw my last year pics so update my blog lor..jenny you happie ma tat ii update my blog? haha =p
juz now jenny msg me..she said:

05-Sep-06 14.11
jenny : gal..wanna go watch movie? i wanna stay out of da hse le..hehe..

then i call her ask her why la..haiz! you guys wanna noe why she wanna stay out of her hse? go view jenny 's blog then u guys will noe why.. hehe ( help jenny promote her blog )

aik! stupid bro's com suddenly play Crazyfrog songs..haihz..
damn sad wei..dis songs got sweet memories for me..hmm make me no mood d..haiz!
nvm wat over is over d..i tried so hard to begin a new life so now i cant go bak to da past!
vic! gud luck ya! don think so much d!
lol my ownself giving advice to me.. ?? swt

Monday, September 04, 2006

ouch! it's hurtful

ouch! it reali hurt n make me feel wanna bite it!! argghh!

stupid mosquito bites me on near my ankle there..ouch very sakit! stupid you then you noe!
hmmp!hopefully it wont leave an ugly scar..

aik today UPSR examination starts..wish all candidates gud luck n all the best!
it's very easy onli n don make yrself too stress up..don worry be happie! haha

hmm..was trying hard to brainwash someone..haha.. wish me luck! =)

Saturday, September 02, 2006

exhausted nyer!

*yawn* juz came bak from gym..walau damn tired n exhausted..whole body very pain..
hmm juz now burn 105 workout wif a running machine..get to burn onli 105 calories..

tomoro i got personal traning for my gym at 4pm till 5pm.. my personal trainer is zack.. =p
he damn funny wei n nice to tok to..

yer!! i damn sweaty.. i go take my bath then go sleep d..nitez! missing you..

jenny damn SS la..

shot 5 - finally dis one is da perfect ones!damn ss la both of us.. ish!
was took in kopitiam taipan

shot 4 - dis pic is better than da rest rite?but jenny say cant see her eyes!haiyo so leceh la she..
i told her last pic d ah..i dowan take anymore is da next one is not nice..

shot 3 - aww dis is nice..oh shit not nice! hmm jenny's hand is in da pics..dowan dis pic!

take 2 - still not nice?hmm jenny say her hair not nice..haiz

shot 1 - when we took dis pic d..jenny say she don look nice..
so take another one..

after yam cha wif jenny, wai chun, aun hoong, ken yee ( my hubby ) =p , michelle n cheryl from seafield, i went yam cha wif jenny n jenny's mom n jenny's aunty..hehe..went kopitiam yam cha..kopitiam food damn yummy wei..jenny went kopitiam for da first time wif her mom..swt! i thought normally where you go surely bring yr mom so both of us will be da first time at somewhere but jenny terbalik one..hehe ^^ i n jenny order da same food n same drink..walau we both memang twins..half way makan we chat n took pic..thanks to jenny SS *jenny don angry k* aik! after makan jenny's mom send me home n they wanna borrow my toilet to do their business la of cos.. =p

amazingly jenny's mom say my home very clean! haha.. felt so proud wei.. lol =p

aun hoong miss his precious time when he was a lil childish!

was took at mcd when we was yam cha-ing there after meeting end.. haha.. he n wai chun ws playing wif da this thing la ( dunno wat does it called )..hopefully it wont spoil tomoro la due to da weight of aun hoong.. lol

Friday, September 01, 2006

miss call freak..

boo?? da miss call fella juz call me bak n guess who is tat? da fella is alan.. i thought wat so urgent call me so many times..padahal he juz wanna tok to me..ish ish! damn surpise he called me juz wanna tok to me by calling me using public fone.. wondering where is his gf la.. din teman him meh? swt betul.. -.-

woohoo my chances to go play futsal later is 60%..but where my 40% fly to?
din have self-confidence either can i go play futsal wif my mom permission..
besides, go play futsal i wanna visit me frens.. his gf juz currently broke up wif him n he is damn hurt! wtf man how could da gal played him till like tat? i feel very upset for him..he very love his gf de! he such a good n nice boy.. hmm.. dis is so unfair to him..

happie b'day Inez!

today is inez low wan-ru b'day! happie b'day ya inez..i din went to skool today due to my skool got something on which is pengetua farewell..must sit at perhimpunan there for 4 hour..actually i n my frens got a plan to go ice skating but suddenly mom don let me go so i din go.. sob! damn bored at home..ARghhhhhh!

later got another plan which is go play futsal at summit wif my installation commitees.. dunno my mom let me go anot le? i wan to go la..cant stand it staying at home doin nothing..

dis morning when i woke up..i see my fone n i realise tat i got 15 miss call n a msg.. ahaha..wat so urgent wor?
somemore is a hse number..dat fella call me since 8am le..luckily i put my fone silence.. wondering who call me?