Friday, September 01, 2006

happie b'day Inez!

today is inez low wan-ru b'day! happie b'day ya inez..i din went to skool today due to my skool got something on which is pengetua farewell..must sit at perhimpunan there for 4 hour..actually i n my frens got a plan to go ice skating but suddenly mom don let me go so i din go.. sob! damn bored at home..ARghhhhhh!

later got another plan which is go play futsal at summit wif my installation commitees.. dunno my mom let me go anot le? i wan to go la..cant stand it staying at home doin nothing..

dis morning when i woke up..i see my fone n i realise tat i got 15 miss call n a msg.. ahaha..wat so urgent wor?
somemore is a hse number..dat fella call me since 8am le..luckily i put my fone silence.. wondering who call me?

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