Saturday, September 02, 2006

jenny damn SS la..

shot 5 - finally dis one is da perfect ones!damn ss la both of us.. ish!
was took in kopitiam taipan

shot 4 - dis pic is better than da rest rite?but jenny say cant see her eyes!haiyo so leceh la she..
i told her last pic d ah..i dowan take anymore is da next one is not nice..

shot 3 - aww dis is nice..oh shit not nice! hmm jenny's hand is in da pics..dowan dis pic!

take 2 - still not nice?hmm jenny say her hair not nice..haiz

shot 1 - when we took dis pic d..jenny say she don look nice..
so take another one..

after yam cha wif jenny, wai chun, aun hoong, ken yee ( my hubby ) =p , michelle n cheryl from seafield, i went yam cha wif jenny n jenny's mom n jenny's aunty..hehe..went kopitiam yam cha..kopitiam food damn yummy wei..jenny went kopitiam for da first time wif her mom..swt! i thought normally where you go surely bring yr mom so both of us will be da first time at somewhere but jenny terbalik one..hehe ^^ i n jenny order da same food n same drink..walau we both memang twins..half way makan we chat n took pic..thanks to jenny SS *jenny don angry k* aik! after makan jenny's mom send me home n they wanna borrow my toilet to do their business la of cos.. =p

amazingly jenny's mom say my home very clean! haha.. felt so proud wei.. lol =p

aun hoong miss his precious time when he was a lil childish!

was took at mcd when we was yam cha-ing there after meeting end.. haha.. he n wai chun ws playing wif da this thing la ( dunno wat does it called )..hopefully it wont spoil tomoro la due to da weight of aun hoong.. lol


jenny said...

stupid naa naa..say me SS.. u la..not me..u teman me ss oso de ma..hahakz..we twins ma..muz ss together oso de..=)

Victoria said...

me stupid?haiyo anyone can help me?i always kena bully by jenny de..where got twin sis bully twin sis de? haha

btw i din SS k.. bluek =p

yaenn said...

yyyeeerrr!! u SS!

Victoria said...

i din SS! is jenny teach me de.. haha