Friday, October 06, 2006

1 week of exam GONE d!

haha today is friday n it's time for me to rest my small brain..had been studying hard for my exam but still need to suffer for another 6 more days of examination! damn it! i am so STRESS! bugger govt. la wei..why la must have exam? haiyo! i tak boleh tahan d le! sob sob! ='( i nvr study so hard b4 wei! am i supposed to get something from you guys for encouragement? haha =p jk only la!

sadly i am having a cute panda bear eye due to i cant get to sleep yet since the first day of exam..ish! i starting to miss my papa d..he fly off to bangkok in 3.30am dis morning miss him! haihz!feeling very dissapointed when i am not able to send him to airport cos it is so early so i left a short n wonderful note for him.. guess wat! he reply my note..haha so =)..that's why i stick the note in my room wall! weeee ~ ~


*but don play lantern or fire too much got haze n it's getting worst*

- vic wanna go play maple d -
have fun ya ppl!

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