Wednesday, October 11, 2006


feeling - emo & stress
doing - blogging
thinking - tomoro exams & him! haha

haiz today exam was addmaths paper 1 n 2! OMFG it's damn super bloody hard especially paper 1.. sob sob! ~ predictable i will FAIL again! ='( haiz so upset now..cheer me up anyone?

i juz finish eating lunch which is.. i noe you guys there will be bored if i update my blog like a story book..juz like taryna's blog, her blog is reali like a story book! haha no offence ya taryna! hehe =p so here we go n see wat i ate for my lunch..Taaaadaa ~ ~

Koh-Kae peanuts bar BBQ flavour coasted! yummy

dis cutiepants is damn cute! =p don you guys think so?

- piggy vic yawning -
goin to oioi now! take care

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