Sunday, December 03, 2006

sick me!

oh NO ! ! ~
i am SICK or either i am in love sick?!
swt =.=?
wat's the differences of those both sick?
isn't the same?
don ask me! i cant think of anything! WTH

i juz cant get to play without him..
i am bored without him..
i am lonely without him..
i juz cant get to think anything when he is not around wif me..
i am very curious wat is he doing..

wat's all this nonsense?
silly me!
* speechless *

nvm nvm!
bak to my post for today :
well, nth much actually..
juz went out to summit to accompany my mama to see her fren who owe the furniture shop..
my mama wanna buy furniture for our new apartment..
haha.. happy me! =)
after that, came bak home n rest lo due to i am not well..
till then, nitez nitez!
piggyvic wanna go be a piggy d..
tata ! ~

- vic the piggy gonna snore tonite -
onik onik! ~

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