Monday, January 01, 2007

happie new year!

happie new year everyone!

sry ppl for not updating my bloggie
laziness in me had came bak!

well, i celebrated my new year eve at pyramid wif my beloved frens but sadly we din get a great view to watch the fireworks.. =/ sob sob!
but we did enjoyed ourselves playing wif those spray thingy..
although i knew that it's fun but it was damn BLOODY sticky!
reali dislikes it at 1st but watever la since it's new year!

i was out since 6pm until 3am..
after pyramid, i wif my lil sis n lil bro n my sis's beloved bf went to asia cafe for supper..
nth much but after eating, i decided to go bak home cos i am very exhausted due to lack of sleep but when i get in the car n it's ready to move, my petbro said he is goin asia cafe later! i was like 'wth' !! i wanna stay there longer but i cant turn bak time! ish ish!
nvm nvm i chill myself down!
later when reached home, my fone beep!
wow i got a sms from my leng chai fren & guess wat he said?
he asked me - where are you now?
i answered bak - i juz reach home n asked him where is he?
then he replied - i now at asia cafe!
i was totally omg! wth! haiz
was so totally pissed off actually but i am fine cos it's a brand new year 2007!

it's now 2007 n it's a brand new year whereas it's gonna be a very stressful year for me due to major exam ( SPM )

the day after tomoro, everyone will be very busy for skool-ing d..
actually i do wish for skool to reopen soon cos i am bored of holidays but when i think bak abt skool, i wish holidays could be longer..
haha i aso not sure on wat i wan! =/
vic ar!!!!!
* stop dreaming *

anyways i am sincere to wish everyone of us a happie new year & may the year 2007 brings you joy, good health, abundance of wealth, good opportunities & happiness that you all are hoping for! =)

- vic thinking of some1 -
* winks *

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