Sunday, January 21, 2007

i am so depress now!
all thanks to jenny..
she makes me feel that when i went shopping wif her at pyramid juz now..
we eventually went shopping wif our emo-ness juz b'cos of jenny cant find the nike bag she wanted it so desperately..besides that, wai chun FFKed us that's one of the reason jenny got so emo n tension ! ~
the only thing i remembered that i make a promoter in body gloves pissed off..
sry dude! =/ feeling so bad now as he was so nice telling me abt their promotion..

hopefully jenny will chill down b4 tomoro..
if not, i am doomed! >.<>
it gonna be a doomsday tomoro wei!

besides that, i went there to support my cousin sister for this miss sunway thingy..
wow, she is hot!
but sadly she din make it to the top 10 finalist but i am still proud of her! =)

special msg for JENNY ( the emo gal ) !
gal, don la so emo okay? i noe you reali wan that nike bag.. i will teman you go find it okay?
cheer up la! emo not good for healt de..
later got white hair wei =s
when you emo, you gonna make those ppl around you emo too..
should you like stop emo-ing for the sake of others?
it's juz a nike bag le..
takkan you wan emo until like the world is gonna end meh?
where's the happy go lucky jenny i used to know?
gal, i am not scolding you or wat but i guess after reading this, you surely will think for stop emo-ing! haha
hopefully it works! ~

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