Friday, January 05, 2007

skool reopen alreday!

hallo everyone! FINALLY get to on9! yeah ~
as everyone knew that skool reopen already that's why i din come on9 this few mom don let me play the laptop & i don even wan to play it cos i scare i will addicted to it! i stop playing maple aledi since last month! unbelievable wei ! moreover, i prefer spending my time on my studies then on9 - ing..
well, this year i will be different form last year b'cause i will be sitting for SPM examination which is 10months+ more ahead of me whereas i still got nth in my head abt form4 studies.. shit man! i gonna study pretty hard to score a good result for every of my exams! cant dissapointed my parents anymore! hopefully i wont la!
by next week, i will freaking busy wif my tuiton & my studies! haiz >.<>
besides that, i do need support from my frens too! i reali need them to teach me in watever subject that i am weak ! =/
LOL sound damn weird i said all these nonsense! i cant imagine that i am victoria who blog abt this post!
it's so totally different of me!

watever la! haiz tomoro i will taking my undang test again! need wake up so early again! i thought i can sleep till very late in the evening so that i can cover up my time sleeping when i din have enough sleep during skool - ing time..from 3rd of jan until end of this year, i need to wake up freaking early for skool & i don like it.. i don even get used to it yet aso but i must jia you on it! ^.^

btw, i reali really miss him alots! =/ dunno when only can see him again!
miss everything abt him! haiz sob sob !

- vic kind da emo now -
dunno wat's wrong!

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