Wednesday, March 21, 2007

emo day ~

Mood - ??
sonG - your calls n awake by secondhand serena

thought of something to blog..

Since December 2006, there is many things happen in my life and make my life changed
as we know that life goes up n down, left n right
we goin to face it no matter how.what.why.when.where
although i been through all this moment but i am still weak.sometimes cant able stand up by myself.not easy to be strong.physically i am strong but mentally i am NOT
so what can i do? Nothing!!because life remains as life n we cant change the facts
what over is over n we cant even change the past
so juz let it flows slowly in the memories!
however, memories will always be there and cant be erase that easily but i am not goin to live with the past b'casuse it's not worth it to do so
it will only waste my time.make me emo.make me cant sleep.
but it that wat i want? am i sure abt it?
i am so blank now but i still remain silent!
i need those ppl i use to lean on!!
will they be there?
i miss my bro n my dad!! >.<

those ppl who write this gonna think i am emo-ing!
don worry, i am always strong! =)
blog even help you when you were in depression or either emo
that's great to have a blog for you to release everyhing

it have been 2weeks plus my bro went to langkawi for his studies
but seems like it had been a long time he went there
do miss him alot
no used to it when he is not around
when he was here, he used to play wif us n fetch us to tuiton
but now i guess he must be busying with his studies
haiz! =/

this week my skool having exam
i am goin to be dead!
i am so not preapred at all
very stress nowadays
busy wif studies.leos.tution.skool stuff
lifeless me!
was wondering have i been doin my responsibility n my tasks all this while?
the answer seems to be NO!
i always trying my best to do everything but i just cant do it n nth seems to be right
useless me!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


i juz wan to say FUCK my BM teacher !!!!!!
ish ish!
not in the mood to blog! >.<

Friday, March 16, 2007


there's nth much to update but i din plan to leave my blog outdated =/

yesterday went to times square with 4 pair of couples including jenny n roger.. zzZ
wat a loving outing rite ?!

goin times square is a big mistake cos too many LALA there..
spoil my eyes only! @.@
but i enjoyed myself there although those LALA spoil my mood..
why cant they be not LALA?
izzit that hard to be juz casual or other than LALA?

Sorry ppl if whoever read it n terasa then i cant do anything..
no offense !

sadly i juz view some1's blog & when i read wat da fella written, i pulak emo
damn emo man that fella! =/
sad sad n felt pity for that fella ~

i was surposed to go back malacca today but now is 6.27pm n i am still here..
but where's my mama?
maybe she change her plan to go back tomoro >.<

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

tired ! ~

omg! muscle pain & aching
ish ish!

all thanks to saringan this morning
nvm at least worth it for my muscle to pain
cos i get 4th place in 100m n 2nd place in 200m

i am confirm get in the final for 200m on saturday but abt 100m i not so sure =/

miracle happen today when en.khalid say we are not allowed to go back to skool after the saringan but straight away so back home !
believe it that he said those!
he say that many teacher wasn't in skool so asked us to go home..
yeppie !
me , my sis , poneesha , hwei xian ended up in MCD
haha ~
MCD was full wif all our skool students..
super noisy man! like party only.. =/

i was damn excited after getting 2nd place in 200m so i wanna work out for saturday..
i head down to fitness at 4pm
crazy me!
my muscle reali hurts n i still so semangat go fitness..
i was there wif liang liang.. =)
having fun time working out wif him
he just register for member not long ago
so today was his 1st time in true fitness..
NOOB ~ hah =p

Monday, March 05, 2007

it's have been 23 days ( almost a month ) i din update my bloggie
sorry to those who view my blog n wanted new update but they din get it..
sorry to make them disappointed!
vic say she is SORRY!

these 23 days has reali busy with cny celebration, balik kampung n lazy wanna blog
LOL ! ~
my cny was totally awesome
having lots of fun in melaka

i am bak home early today at 1030am
stupid skool make me n others who involed in saringan for sports day to go to mpsj n wait there like a stupid human being! ish ish! >.<
i will be having saringan tomoro again for 100m n 200m
believe it anot? i am taking parts in 100m, 200m n 4 x 100m !
wee ~ ~
dunno why i so semangat run also!
wish me luck ya! =)

omg! i went for my driving lesson last thursday!
wow it was fun driving a manual car!
chun gila!
fun nyer! ~
i drove back home from usj3A wei..
for my 1st time driving a car n it's manual
* clap clap for vic *

having another 3hrs of driving lesson on thursday ( 8th of march )
i am gonna have fun again! haha

anyways heard that usj13 having their exams starting this week
so i am here to wish them a very happy gud luck n all the best!
if dunno how to do the exam, juz tembak as usual ppl always did it!! =p

till then, have fun everyone!