Friday, April 20, 2007

emo day!

today - 20th of april.

where me, victoria pang classified as an EMO QUEEN. surpised?

guess it's not really surpising. the victoria pang, you all used to know were a cheerful & hyperactive girl but guess it not gonna happen SORRY.

is not i want to be like this but it juz became like this.maybe it's all my fault.

i din want it to happen.there's nth i can do to turn back time.can i?

definitely the answer will be NO!

i din wan to shout all this out here.because i know you will confirm 100% view my blog.

that's why i rather keep it to myself then blogging abt it out.

i know blogging works but i din wan you to know abt how,wat n why am i like this.

i know you are tired of everything. and i am trying to lose up yr burden towards me.

so i beg you pls don ask why.

guess you wont even wan to view me blog anymore. =(

i am so dead now.missed my lunch.lack of sleep.dehydrate.sick & tired of everything.

injured my 4th finger due to punching the release tension n even stress.

sorry for not listening to yr words but there's no other way.

i do have this thought last few days - can i ever end my life?

i know it's a stupidest way but i really cant stand it anymore. HELP !

immature thinking i am having rite?everyone do believe dat i can be stronger than this.

but the truth is i am not strong at ALL. i admit that i always act strong.

humble of me.

life just suck!

your words make me realise that life is worth it to move on.

it flash back how wonderful is my life to have you n also my family members.

i did realise there's many ppl who face even more worst problem than me but they still stay strong.

why cant i?

sorry, i juz cant! this is a statement.

i do seriously salute them.

you used to say how lucky are you to have me in yr life but i think yr thought is wrong.

maybe i cant fullfilled you but at least i tried my best to do so.

maybe i cant be the gf that you always wanted but i did reali tried my best.

i cant do anythin but just there anything else you wan me to do?

just too many problem occured in us. why? it's my fault!

as i said, i am SORRY for everything.sorry for making you emo.

sorry for making you cant sleep.sorry for making you din get to wake up n attend school.

sorry for making you worry abt me.sorry for makes you always simply think.

sorry for make you super sensitive.sorry for making you to spend yr cash on me.


eveything is my fault! i am sorry!

therefore, wat are we now? answer me pls!

i din wan it to end up this way.

there's nth else i wanna say.

i am juz gonna be an extra quiet girl where living in a silent life all by herself.

life suck to the max!!!

i'd been trying so hard to stay calm n cheerful but in the end i just lose it.

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