Tuesday, May 29, 2007

shopping again

well, as gary said i looks like everyday go shopping?!
and that's the truth!
should believe him
i went shopping again
went to midvalley with my sis n our guy frens
sadly, i din reali camwhore today so no pics for the day ya
SORRY, peeps!

oh yes, i watched 28week later the movie
the movie was so scary n terrifying =/
gonna get heart attack after watching the movie
thanks GOD, i din watch it alone wei

overall my outing today was kinda fun n im enjoying it [:
after reached back subang, head to asia cafe for my dinner
yummy yummy ~

p/s - im having a bad cough now..shit! suffering

Monday, May 28, 2007

this is all b'cause of YOU


i was too tired n exhausted yesterday that's why din blog

today im resting at home so blogging is my solution to past my time

well, i went to 1Utama yesterday then heading to the curve

blalalala ~

went there for shopping la obviously

takkan go there do wat?

look at ppl shopping?

swt =.=

nah, forget abt it!

ohya we bought new bags!

FILLA is the brand of the bags! :p

as you all know, me n my sis are like the camwhore quenn so enjoy the pic down there ya!

don jealous ya! :D

us in wong kok char chan teng restaurant located at 1st floor lot no. F225
zone - promenade

im just trying to promote their loctaion! =)

pity my legs!

this is wat happen when you bought the wrong heels

damn it

it reali hurts =/

but i still love my heels!

still gonna wear it

oops my drink during lunch time

blueberry yogurt! yum ~

but to those who doesn like milk then suggest you not to order this!

another drink

you know wat, the size of the glass is so HUGE!

if i drink it then i wont have to take my lunch anymore

vic in lala pose once again!

do i look like a lala?

no right?


p/s : im being a lifeless human being today at home

i need help! anyone willing to do so?

Saturday, May 26, 2007

camwhore-ness in us as usual

boo ya?!!!

i had an enjoyable day in pyramid :]

although i know pyramid is on fire half an hour before i reach there

not scare die ar? yeah mayb?

err actaully wasnt in a good mood since last night

unable to sleep n thought of many things

realise lots of things too

make me wanna do my own decision whereas i cant do it

i just cant do it

tak sampai hati to do so =/

anyways i deserve all that

aiks.hate life!

look wat we had done in pyramid :

err me?

haha small gal!

me n my sista!
i love her alots! :D

just me n only me!

us again! woohhhooo ~
the both sis is camwhore quenn
but my sis is even worst!!!

i know this pic is not nice but cant blame me
blame my sis! she took this pic without my knowledge!
hmmph ~
but pls la don blame my sis!
i will kill you if you do so

poser!? yeap

we in orange colour! do we look like orange?
pls say no! i prefer strawberi
PINK yeah!

me in uncle lim!
hallo, welcome to uncle lim restaurant? :D

look, my hair look gorgeous?

i know this pic doesn look like me
hey, ppl do change okay?
remember that

pikachu???!! pick-a-choo?

p/s : why do i always get misunderstanding? i hate misunderstanding man!

a totally pissed off day

morning peeps!
well,cant get to sleep so decided to blog
attended la salle pj iu day last nite
it was fun
especially the shufflers!
i just love shufflering & the shufflers :]

wasn a great day yesterday
kinda make 2 important ppl emo?!
i know it was my fault so im sincerly wanna apologize
i deserve for feeling bad until i cant get to sleep
forgive me ba!

nth much to say
anyways just enjoy the pics alright?

hmm i think he is lack of sumthing!
curious abt it? ask him then

as usual blur gary & piggyvic

just the 6 of us from usj4
+ 1 of them from usj8

my besties! muaccckkkss ~

the retard of me n eunice

my bro-in-law n me ;p

random pic of the shufflers

them again! stylo huh?

iguana gal n piggy gal

go go go, justin! ( the one on yr right )
i love his voice

vicky n alene

the kiddo

p/s : remember that what goes around comes back around!! xD

Thursday, May 24, 2007

nothing gonna stop me from you




well, i cant wait!!!

oh my lovely orlando bloom, here i come ya! :D

school today was totally awesome!

physics paper 2 was great!

gonna get A1?? yeah

*it wont happen*

just syok sendiri!

come on, let me ask you guys sumthing alright?

how will you feel if suddenly got a guy/girl ask you to sayang him/her?
weird huh?
how do you gonna answer him/her?
wat you gonna do?

i thnk yr answer gonna be so not suprising, correct?
boo ya!

just a random question i curious abt! heh

peace out ppl!

wanna get prepare to fly to see my darling, orlando bloom [:

wait for me! heeeerrrrreeeeeee iiii cccooommmeeeee ~

but my movie start @ 6.45pm
alamak!vic, chill kie?

p/s : why nobody leave comment one? so sad la my bloggie! ]:

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

dont matter abt it

LOOK! anyone realise i change my blog skin again?
i had change mine blog around 5times??
well, cant blame me.
i easily get bored when something used for a certain period of time.
HOLD ON! i means something n NOT PEOPLE OKAY? HAHHHHHHH !!!

i don easily get bored of a person easily. right?
so hurry up take a look at me n see how good am i?! (: haha

EEEEKKK ~ i cant wait for holidays man. it just too exciting. woohooo

but my plans was kinda fully booked so if anyone who wanna hang out with me tell me know earlier alright?! im a very busy girl. cant blame

later no one wanna hang out with me then *pai seh* wei ! xD

howver, i know there are many of my friends wanna go shooooppppiinnnggg with me, right right?

nah, ignore that. too perasan already ;p

im bored . wow, believe it anot? i manage to finished up my chemistry paper 2 today wei..

i used to leave it all blank if i didn know to how answer ..

im just too stupid last time.

taaaaaddddaaaaa ! proven im a lil bit smarter now. yeah

dot dot dot dot dot . . . . ? ? ? ?

one point is, dunno either my answer correct anot one?!

hmm not then wasted my energy writing it only!

OH NO, tomoro will be my physics paper 2 exam. GOSH

miserable life.

gonna revise physics again on wat i had study last few days

im thinking over something now.

knock knock?!

right, get back to blogging.


i gonna send my sis to tution now. BRB

will be back in action sooooonnnn ! wait for me ya!

*winks* :]

IM BACK!!! anyone miss me?

pls say you do! haha ;p

tengah hyper???! =.=

yes i am.

yeapppiiieee ~ leo forum is in another 8 more days!

cAnT wait for it! gonna be very fun with lots of ppl there!

PENANG HERE I COME but wait la for 8more days :p

announcement ppl!

since this friday gonna be our last day then why don you attend la salle pj IU day to enjoy?
come on, let me list down the details (see,im kind) :) -

date : 25th may 07

time - 17.30pm till 20.30pm

venue : summit auditorium

price - rm15

dresscode : formAl or club uniform

AKAKAKAK ~ pirates of carribean 3 gonna release this thursday!!!!

i wan watch ! i say i wan watch!

was trying to book ticket just now but is fully booked!

damn it. why la so fast fully book? alamak eh

anyways im out! wan study my physics! ]:

p/s : pirates of carribean, i gonna watch you asap! *muackksss*

Sunday, May 20, 2007

chemistry is killing me

vic's finger is itchy!
she wanna blog
welcome me?! :)

this is my right eye ! HUGE?

random pic! juz bored ~

my schedule for today was as below :

12am -3am - zzZZ
3.22am - woke up ( cant sleep due to chemistry ) WTH!
3.30am - went back to bed
10.35am - woke up, brush teeth & everything
11am - study my chemistry AGAIN
2.40pm - have my lunch with family members
3.15pm - touched chemistry again. GOSH
5pm - finish up my chemistry n jump to modern maths. Shit! all calculation.
i hate it
7.30pm - went out for dinner. KFC for dinner ~ yum
8.30pm - back home & continue my maths
9.45pm - BLOGGING!

for yr info, i had study my chemistry since friday
i just hate chemistry
it's killing me n my brain

was wondering why the hell i take up science stream

guess it's too late for me to change

wat can i do now?!

just work extremely hard n push myself harder

* but pushing myself harder make me stress*


look what had i realise just now while studying my form4 modern maths




wow, miracle huh?

hmm a hidden talent in me?

cute right?

retarded rabbit?! yeah. sad



im afraid for tomoro exam

i studied so hard but scared i will forget everything by the time i sit for the paper

tomoro paper gonna be maths 2 & chemistry paper 3 ! !


yeah. CRAP


p/s : vic will be dying soon! blame the exam :(

Friday, May 18, 2007

everything seems not RIGHT!

Wassup peeps?

guess wat?

i screwed up my addmaths paper today

pity me.
was totally blank when i opened the exam paper

i cant believe i din answer the question where i can scored.


something went wrong on me today since early in the morning

maybe i din get my sleep?
who knows?

believe it or not?
i din have my sleep last night due to brainstorming abt ADDMATHS

im so abashed for faling my addmaths again!

im facing the truth where im not a smart or intelligent girl!
whatever la

im just a child with average intelligence
so what can i do?

come on girl
study harder,victoria pang!!

i know what's my weakness but im trying hard to achieve what i always wanted

remember, support me ya! :D

stressed up + tension = boooommmmmm!!

im facing that today

kinda release my tension during my leo general meeting after school

errr..sorry abt that!

finally, done with my BOD election for fiscal year 07/08

no longer stress in leo anymore!

yeappie ~

what a sucky day im facing today

after school, attended meeting then drive my sis to squash n spent an hour time watching her playing squash then get back home, happily can get to take a bloody short nap

15 mins later,got awake by my bimbo sis then fetch her to tuiton!
what a life =/

look, i have to pump fuel also! zzZZ

SEEE ! ! !

anyways im out! see ya

p/s - im here lonely waiting for you
GOSH. im having physic tuiton tomoro as replacement

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

mom, you're mine everything!



me n my siblings share up to buy my mom a cake last nite..
kinda last minute because she just came back from bangkok
gave her a surpise after my tution but wasn very organize la
at least better than nth rite? ;p


yumm ~

Sunday, May 13, 2007

memorable history day?

hey peeps, wassup?!

guess everyone must be busy studying for their exams

exam just sucks!


i miss out seafiled IU day
oh cant be happening
thanks to my exams held tomoro

finally im done with filling history n moral in my small lil brain
hopefully it will work
not forgetting, im having short term memory

last night, i studied till 3am then i fall asleep

it wasnt wat i planned

was planning to stay awake whole night to study


p/s - i wanna watch spidy! ;(
anyone wanna watch with me?

Friday, May 11, 2007

sleepy head?!

hey peeps, GOOD MORNING! :)

skipped school today.

planning to study for my mid year exm which is NEXT WEEK

hell no. nonsense

study study study?!! zzZZ

im goin to study history n moral

somehow those are the subject i like but result?

err, *embarrassed*

im having lots of embattled in my studies especially addmaths n account

i hate it

i need help!!!


i went mid valley yesterday

finally, i manage to get out from my hse

yeappie ~

4 of us went there together by cab

transportation only costed us rm16

OMG! cheap wei

reason why we went there is cos we got some job to finish up

we got survey for mobile communication

wait, not WE but only jenny & roger

haha i manage to receive my payment but doesn have to so anything

lucky me? :) alright

i receive my salary then went down to find another fren but wth he went back subang!


okay wat else will you do after receiving yr payment?

obviously is SHOPPING!!! yeah.

eventually, something spoil my mood & im all the way alone for 3hrs

just sitting down while listening to my Ipod,daydreaming,
chatting with soo ping in sms n also settling some relationship problem

im being a lifeless person in mid valley

that never happened once in my life man!


peeps must be wondering whose relationship problem right? am i right? if no then ignore
my lame question! hah

you know, i know, god know then settle


try to imagine 3hrs sitting down without moving?

ass uncommonly hurt =/ ooouucccchhh ~

hurting my ass for 3hrs, thanks god they are done their survey at 6pm!

im hungry.head to kim gray for my meal with ah jenny n roger

( was supposed to have sushi but not in the mood )

meal for my lunch? dinner? or teatime break?

watever.just eat for stop bullying my stomach

yum yum ~

everything was marvellous but not the milo ice that ordered by roger

taste weird. yucks

finish filling up our flat stomach to a bloated one, roger wanna go pets wonderland located
at Lot T015A, third floor.

lets go then.

nothing much but juz pets in their own wonderland :p

later, we went to get something stuffies

then end up 3 of us went back home around 8+pm

reached jenny's hse around 8.30pm then fetch roger home then pick my sis from tuiton

not only that, after sending her back home, i heading to usj3 field to meet some1 up

wow, wat a wonderful night i experienced. haha :)

get my ass home at 11.30pm then knock out straight away

hmm wat an interesting day ~

im unconscious

the part of my mind that contains feelings n thoughts that i don know abt it and that
influence the way i behave..


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

you go right, i go left

whoever had read my previos post, juz ignore it! it's not the me who post it!
i cant imagine n cant belive that i wrote it! OMFG ~

im sorry. sencerely i do invariably

well, sumthing terrible have happened to me on the 8.05.07 at 19.35pm
im back to my single life once again after my last broke up on the 19th of may 2006..
feeling hurtful n pain in me.
i cried.
so what?!i juz cant stand the hurtfulness occur in me once again..
guess it happen all is due to my stupidness, silyness n dumbness of me!
i need to let my emotional out but i cant find a suitable way other than punching the wall

i know it's a silly action but i couldn stand it anymore
ice-cream n chocolate do helps last time but now?

dumb vic(ME) had unable to sleep the whole night, missed out my dinner n even my medicine but i still konon nyer strong trying to make jokes all around me, played with my lil bro n acts nth happen but finally, i couldn stand it anymore.. my tears keep dropping last nite :"(

however, i cant do anything abt it.. maybe i just have to be sadder but wiser
will it be a better way for me?
will it cure the hole in my heart?

no ones will know abt it
hopefully it will works! *cross finger*

as usual, i cant skip skool. so went to skool with my ugly panda eyes. acts like nth happen until simon n darrly ask abt me n him. i was like . . . . . . .
trying to control n juz said we break up already yesterday.
it's so fucking fake when i say that . . i still cant believe it's over yesterday

i better not say anyhing abt you already
it's not gonna help me in anything
nth gonna help me stand up straight again to be me

just wan to say im sorry for everything!!

im still feels that you're still around me but it's juz an imagination
wake up vic, face to reality!!!! pls juz slap me once make me awake from it!!!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Leo Club of SMK Seafield IU Day

there's another big events gonna happen in summit ballroom on the 13th of MAY ( Sunday )

it's Leo Club of SMK Seafiled International Understanding Night

trust me, you don't wanna miss it!

for further detalis, do feel free to contact cheryl ho
or Jewin Kumar - 016-3641505 , Anton Wong - 017-6997003 :)

i know i know, those writting is kinda too small! SORRY

p/s - im just helping them to publish their IU Night!
that's so kind of me, right right? :P

Saturday, May 05, 2007

bye bye fever!

Finally my fever had reduce!

but i still have to miss out usj8 International Understanding Day

this is their 1st IU without joining with other clubs


stuck at home.being lifeless.bored to death

nothing much to update today.

doesn have anything to update either

till then, take care my fellow viewer! :)

Thursday, May 03, 2007



im having fever =(

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

finally the biggest event in klang which is the 15th International Understanding Day of SMK La Salle Klang is over!

ranking i can give is 8/10

congrats to the man of the day 29th of April - Leo GARY OOI

i don plan to make a story for the event that day so juz let the pic down there do the talking

everything abt the IU was fine including the perfomance but refreshment was not reali wat i thought but overall it's okay =)