Monday, May 28, 2007

this is all b'cause of YOU


i was too tired n exhausted yesterday that's why din blog

today im resting at home so blogging is my solution to past my time

well, i went to 1Utama yesterday then heading to the curve

blalalala ~

went there for shopping la obviously

takkan go there do wat?

look at ppl shopping?

swt =.=

nah, forget abt it!

ohya we bought new bags!

FILLA is the brand of the bags! :p

as you all know, me n my sis are like the camwhore quenn so enjoy the pic down there ya!

don jealous ya! :D

us in wong kok char chan teng restaurant located at 1st floor lot no. F225
zone - promenade

im just trying to promote their loctaion! =)

pity my legs!

this is wat happen when you bought the wrong heels

damn it

it reali hurts =/

but i still love my heels!

still gonna wear it

oops my drink during lunch time

blueberry yogurt! yum ~

but to those who doesn like milk then suggest you not to order this!

another drink

you know wat, the size of the glass is so HUGE!

if i drink it then i wont have to take my lunch anymore

vic in lala pose once again!

do i look like a lala?

no right?


p/s : im being a lifeless human being today at home

i need help! anyone willing to do so?

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