Friday, May 18, 2007

everything seems not RIGHT!

Wassup peeps?

guess wat?

i screwed up my addmaths paper today

pity me.
was totally blank when i opened the exam paper

i cant believe i din answer the question where i can scored.


something went wrong on me today since early in the morning

maybe i din get my sleep?
who knows?

believe it or not?
i din have my sleep last night due to brainstorming abt ADDMATHS

im so abashed for faling my addmaths again!

im facing the truth where im not a smart or intelligent girl!
whatever la

im just a child with average intelligence
so what can i do?

come on girl
study harder,victoria pang!!

i know what's my weakness but im trying hard to achieve what i always wanted

remember, support me ya! :D

stressed up + tension = boooommmmmm!!

im facing that today

kinda release my tension during my leo general meeting after school

errr..sorry abt that!

finally, done with my BOD election for fiscal year 07/08

no longer stress in leo anymore!

yeappie ~

what a sucky day im facing today

after school, attended meeting then drive my sis to squash n spent an hour time watching her playing squash then get back home, happily can get to take a bloody short nap

15 mins later,got awake by my bimbo sis then fetch her to tuiton!
what a life =/

look, i have to pump fuel also! zzZZ

SEEE ! ! !

anyways im out! see ya

p/s - im here lonely waiting for you
GOSH. im having physic tuiton tomoro as replacement


Tok Li said...

Ohh.. what a day !

Victoria said...

yeah wat a day rite?haiz =/
thanks for dropping by