Wednesday, May 23, 2007

dont matter abt it

LOOK! anyone realise i change my blog skin again?
i had change mine blog around 5times??
well, cant blame me.
i easily get bored when something used for a certain period of time.
HOLD ON! i means something n NOT PEOPLE OKAY? HAHHHHHHH !!!

i don easily get bored of a person easily. right?
so hurry up take a look at me n see how good am i?! (: haha

EEEEKKK ~ i cant wait for holidays man. it just too exciting. woohooo

but my plans was kinda fully booked so if anyone who wanna hang out with me tell me know earlier alright?! im a very busy girl. cant blame

later no one wanna hang out with me then *pai seh* wei ! xD

howver, i know there are many of my friends wanna go shooooppppiinnnggg with me, right right?

nah, ignore that. too perasan already ;p

im bored . wow, believe it anot? i manage to finished up my chemistry paper 2 today wei..

i used to leave it all blank if i didn know to how answer ..

im just too stupid last time.

taaaaaddddaaaaa ! proven im a lil bit smarter now. yeah

dot dot dot dot dot . . . . ? ? ? ?

one point is, dunno either my answer correct anot one?!

hmm not then wasted my energy writing it only!

OH NO, tomoro will be my physics paper 2 exam. GOSH

miserable life.

gonna revise physics again on wat i had study last few days

im thinking over something now.

knock knock?!

right, get back to blogging.


i gonna send my sis to tution now. BRB

will be back in action sooooonnnn ! wait for me ya!

*winks* :]

IM BACK!!! anyone miss me?

pls say you do! haha ;p

tengah hyper???! =.=

yes i am.

yeapppiiieee ~ leo forum is in another 8 more days!

cAnT wait for it! gonna be very fun with lots of ppl there!

PENANG HERE I COME but wait la for 8more days :p

announcement ppl!

since this friday gonna be our last day then why don you attend la salle pj IU day to enjoy?
come on, let me list down the details (see,im kind) :) -

date : 25th may 07

time - 17.30pm till 20.30pm

venue : summit auditorium

price - rm15

dresscode : formAl or club uniform

AKAKAKAK ~ pirates of carribean 3 gonna release this thursday!!!!

i wan watch ! i say i wan watch!

was trying to book ticket just now but is fully booked!

damn it. why la so fast fully book? alamak eh

anyways im out! wan study my physics! ]:

p/s : pirates of carribean, i gonna watch you asap! *muackksss*


ryn said...

nah i leave a comment for you.
if the person suddenly ask me to syg him, then i'll be like.



Victoria said...

wow that's so kind of karyn!! :D
how if he repeat it? wat are you goin to answer him?