Tuesday, May 29, 2007

shopping again

well, as gary said i looks like everyday go shopping?!
and that's the truth!
should believe him
i went shopping again
went to midvalley with my sis n our guy frens
sadly, i din reali camwhore today so no pics for the day ya
SORRY, peeps!

oh yes, i watched 28week later the movie
the movie was so scary n terrifying =/
gonna get heart attack after watching the movie
thanks GOD, i din watch it alone wei

overall my outing today was kinda fun n im enjoying it [:
after reached back subang, head to asia cafe for my dinner
yummy yummy ~

p/s - im having a bad cough now..shit! suffering


SuwaN said...

not only shoping?
and always midvalley right? haha!
28week later?? nice meh?

Victoria said...

haha yeap that's true! smart boy la you :D 28week later is nice but kinda scary like resident evil like that =/

SuwaN said...

he he.. i want go watch le..
buy the reprint one or watch with internet tv^^

Victoria said...

hmm go watch le.. nice wei! :D hehe
watch in the cinema la..more syok!