Saturday, June 30, 2007

A new pathway to be solve.

A new pathway to be solve.

Mood - excited

Song - listen to yr heart

OH NO. im in the mood of clubbing now.
if you want excitement, you should try clubbing!
it's awesome! wooo ~ im feeling hot! haha ;p

oh yes. today is my school open day.
as usual nobody went to school but i did went with my mom around 11.30pm.
got back my report card. fushhh my class teacher din say anything bad abt me.
she only said that i got positive attitude! yeappie
well, im a good girl in school..wat do you expect?!

but you know what, my lil bro's class teacher sais he is a playful boy but LOVEABLE!! =)
adorable huh?! cuteeeeee ~

im stuck at home now. didn plan to go out. im still sick.

besides that, imagine that in 5days time, i been consult doctor 3times already. =/
doesn it proved how sick am i?!

last night, dropped by in asia for 4hrs just for the sake of playing pools n foosball.
met many of my frens there. we have lots of fun there! yeah :)

me trying to hit the white ball in?

my sis n fren

he is a pro wei!
i dowan play pool with him anymore ar! >.<

p/s - why cant you just love me, love my dog?!

Monday, June 25, 2007

nothing but ME

Nothing but ME.


SONG - Re Dai Yun Lin by S.H.E

This morning, before heading to school, me n my sis head to usj4 clinic but sadly the doctor is not there yet. wth

one of my sis's fren asked me either am i having anorexia which is a serious illness often resulting in dangerous weight loss where normally happen especially on a girl or woman?

i answered him back, ' yes, i do ' =(

everyone was aking me why do i looked so pale?

maybe anorexia is the answer?

Fine fine.

after school, went to clinic for check up.omfg im seriously having gastrik once again

crap betul sial! =/

reached back home.took my yucky medicine n almost vomitted.hate that white medicine.

just feel like throw away that damn medicine & all my medicine is need to chew! damn

im so suffering from gastrik.seriously cant stand the pain.

get scolding from my mom. blalalalala ~

skipped tuiton although i love monday tuiton. i will be able to attend it if only my gastrik wasn that hurting =/ sorry, carmen!

great.i injured my left shoulder too. ouchhhhh! clumsy me

wat a day am i facing.

how i wish tomoro will be a better day?

*cross finger*

p/s - having gastrik is so damn suffering so pls don get gastrik alright?

Sunday, June 24, 2007

silent n blame-ness

Silent and blame-ness.


im losing weight day by day. crappyyy
wat an sad n emo day im facing today
hate it alot.

i had been suffering from gastrik pain for few days adi and it's still hurt..
this is mine 1st time experienced this kinda of pain..
although i used to be fine after eating medicine but this time is totally different..still hurts!
omg, im scare!
gonna consult a doctor tomoro morning, i guess..
hopefully it's nth

sent my bro off to langkawi this evening
miracle, i wasn that emo but im missing my bro now already =(


he will be leaving to london on tuesday morning
galaxy was fun and kinda emo wei
you know la, farewell party le..sob!
imagine a room which filled up with 18 crazy ppl?! yeah
after galaxy then we head to maju for a drink until 5 sumthing in the morning
i reached back home at 5.20am with my bro

kuma kuma n me

just a simple candid pic

the bill!!
it's rm670.45

them singing song
haha =p

p/s - i hate the me on the 23rd of june. seriously i do
we had been silent for 9hrs+

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

i know you miss me! =)

guess who is back, back again?!
haha crap.


was busy with many stuff n stupid internet connection la..
alamak eh! =( my bad

kk time to start.
im blogging abt my langkawi trip where i had make a promise to most of my fren to blog abt it..
so enjoy?!
there are many more pics but lazy wanna update all in here.


arrive at the langkawi airport around 11.15am.
gosh damn early.

a random pic of the airport

chocolate stall. yum yum

free map from some unknown la..

found this during we were on our way to somewhere
cool huh?

me n my lil bro in a mall
loves this pic but my stupid hand spoil everything.
stupidity of me

look at the red spot?
wanna know why? i get bullied by my beloved siblings =(

a small waterfall in a mall!

lil bro acting cute
he doesn have to act cos he is enough cute!


wow ~
great pic right?

we are going through a bridge!
hahahaha =)

my bro, vincent brought us to a wonderful place which is the langkawi cable car.
i was half dead when i arrvied n i feel langkawi was a lame n boring place but something changed my thought n it's the cable car! =)

welcome welcome

kuala lumpur?
eh why la got this board in langkawi? weirdo =.="

the lake

camwhore sista.
mum was busy buying ticket but we pulak camwhoring?

nic3 nice?

big notty bimbo & ah mama

wonderful scenery right??!


just some part of the beach la

err..dunno wat to say abt this =/

the ocean?

the bridge where we are heading to

err candid pic of them
but my sis pulak hilang


top station?! hehe

green forest my home

length of the bridge

finally a candid pic of my sis

i love langkawi!
weeee ~

im loving it man!
trust me, do visit the langkawi cable car if you got the chance to do so

cloud which look like cotton candy
ish. hungry

just a random pic of the bridge top

i love green n the forest

second candid pic of my sis
muahahah ~ too bored

we are so loving always
don jealous ya!

mine one n only sis n me

poyo pic of me! >,<

camwhore queen tengah camwhore
cant blame but support! wakaka


aiks! vincent, where you la?

oh there you are! haha


swimming pool ! ! ! !

our room
i means the girls room


do you feel like got the chinese new year spirit?
still long way to go la

after dinner also wan camwhore.

kehabisan makanan

after makan, we went kai kai
go to a beach but is during night time so no pic for it.
but look down :

cool places right?
but guess wat, it's a toilet wei..
damn nice right!!!


realise that got this thingy behind our hotel
apa itu?

random pic
don have to bother


crazy ppl goin to the beach at 4.00pm
the sun is shinning brightly wei
that's why i din follow them
i stick to my mom. heh
we scare sunburn =/

the beach

candid pic of my sis again
she is so adorable la

delicious pisang goreng stall on the left

my nickname from my siblings
don you call me that! only they can call me..

piggyv? lost the alphabet 'i' n 'c' ! nvm nvm


i love you? who? you?
you know who! *muacks*

lil bro enjoy playing the beach sand

stupidity of me again.
wear slipper go in the water

now at least smarter a lil bit la..

im a beach bum

we got bored by just playing around the beach
then my mom went to ask abt the activities can be done n we realise there's some interesting activity we can do by just pay rm170 for a ride using the speedboat. we went many places but lazy wanna explain even details abt it. sorry

wonderful blue colour water
looks so attractive

water water water!

a fella feeding the stingray
omg! scary ~

huge stingray

open yr mouth, stingray

the body of the king crab

vincent holding the king crab

bat cave! yeah

entrance into the bat cave
terrifying man! =(

us again

me with the stupid face

anyone need a ride?

wow ~

just enjoy la!

geoforest park


feels calm?

me smilling! =)

calmness felt in me
loving it

lil bro tak puas with me?
why la?


sun goin to set adi lo??

hmmm one word to describe - wonderful


me lonely!
i need YOU!


vic love you, now n always do! =D


great pic!


got no pic for the last day cos memory too full adi..
thanks to the 190 pics i took! =/
that's all la for my langkawi trip!


p/s - just enjoy it ya! i keep it simple n short so wont so bored
=) *cheers*
i miss YOU! =(