Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I wonder how to make a carbon paper?!

yeah i changed my blogskin & i know it's not nice.
but sorry guys, i get bored of something easily so decided to change it to a brighter skin :)

well, today is 31st & we went Baskin Robbins for ice-cream.
we includes me, kuma, ryn, mun mun & jing.
quite a big number of people there.kinda packed. i dont like. ish =/

after enjoying ice-cream,we accompany ryn to have her dinner at strawberry field.
then we went to my tuiton there & ended up camwhore dekat sana. swt!

ice-cream is my dinner for today :) yeah

for the pics, visit karyn lee's and jenny chan aka kuma's blog ya!
(if they do upload the pics la)

after they went back home, went up tuiton with roger aka noob among the noobest.
omFg, the noob dont know go tuiton for what also. got tuiton play only. ish!
tension wei! :( Look, i was studying & he is tengah camwhore. doink betul.

Picture courtesy by Roger aka noob among the noobest :)

noob punya beloved digimon!

p/s - you dont even know me weh. ish ish :(
im gonna stay awake & study physics.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

I am stuck between 3 big metallic pillars.

was supposingly to have school today.but no thanks.
school on staurday? nahh ~

step out from my hse at 9am then reached back home at 20.35pm =)
a long day out huh?

attended crash course held in taylor university college then head to asia cafe to have a friendly match in pool with kuma aka jenny. played 4game of pool & a game of nine ball.
well, i ta pau her in the 5 friendly match =) chun hor? LOL

ohya met simon there with his parents and his sis :)
i was in the crash course n asia with kuma, linda, mun mun n jing.

after asia, we (just me n jenny) get bored sitting down at asia & biasalah we have out girl talks.
so kuma being reckless & decided to go summit.
yeah we really go summit.
we seems to be so free right whereas spm is soon?
well, normal la :)

overall my outing today was awesome, funny and enjoyable.

however, something make me pissed off.
fuck that fella man!

after all this, i just realised that you had lied to me.
somemore you can say that you will never do such a thing but ended up?
you are the one who do involve in it! WTH
you can hide it from me for a some quite of time huh?
such a good person you are? wtf
i just hate you so much! hateful sial
cant blame me for have a hatred feeling towards you.
i fucking hate ppl who lied to me.
still cant imagine it and i still don believe that you will involve in it wei.
wtf. luckily im nth to bother abt it anymore & i dowan to care abt it either!
fucking pissed out. ish
basically, you all does not have to bother abt who is the fella la.

addition, jenny kuma is almost fully recover already.
she ate lots of food today & zha me kau kau wei.
nvm nvm im fine with it cause i know she is okay now n her sickness is shoo-ing away! :)

p/s - im out. i need my teddy :(

Saturday, July 28, 2007

You took my heart away & tear it apart.

im outdated.yeah so what?
just finish watch transformers with my mom & bro at summit.

movie showtime is at 21.15pm. miracle that cinema is kinda fully packed.

transformers is f**cking chun sial. worth it for me to watch it. =)
the movie is enough satisfactory. woohooo ~

after movie, head to MCD for dinner.
me & my bro started talking abt our school life and teenagers life to my mom.
just like a friends talks.
suddenly relationship conversation came in.
and, i got scolding by my mom for my previous b'day celebration in a field. swt =.='
at first she is fine then tiba-tiba i kena scold fot that. crap right?
it's okay. it's over and it's the's not a matter to me any longer.

omFg.someone just confess his feelings to me. although i was very blur case when he told me so.
aiks. maybe i just don trust him. =/
maybe i don dare to put my trust on him. wth
it's been quite a long period got ppl confess to me.
usually when i face this kind of situation, i will be in a very heartwarming.
however this time, i was stunned cos i could not believe it.
generally, it's only between me and him so don ask me who is he alright?
maybe i might be consider it but maybe not?
i dont know confuse :(

it is hard for a sentient person like me to understand why love is unselfishly.


omg, im totally exhausted cause im out since 10am till now, 22.00pm!
imagine 12 hours of outing and i din went to a place but many.
leg tired, arms injured due to wrong position of sleeping last night. so crap right?yes
i need to sleep.
tomoro i will be out from morning till late evening. woohooo ~ ~
so i think i better get some rest so that i wont look like a panda tomoro :)
see ya!

p/s - my bro say my driving skill very ganas :( hurtful

Thursday, July 26, 2007

When can i get my satisfaction?

Firstly, omg! alex's b'day just past! :(
that make me sad! it's like wow, so damn fast!

Secondly, i think YOU are dumb! wtf
well, no offense but no worries is not you guys. it's just someone who i hate.
i don simply hate ppl for no reason. i don hate many ppl either.
so don be perasan alright?

Thirdly, i tak puas with some ppl. ish =/
wth. so suck wei!

ohya, a sincere apologize to kim han for not able to go to Ruums with him.
he so kind to msg me and ask me either wanna go anot? but sadly i cant cos having moral exam tomoro. if not cause of the exam then you all will see me at Ruums clubbing tonight already =)

anyways, I have the satisfaction of knowing that I had done everything I could.

p/s - i want my satisfaction! LOL ;p

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Oh boy, I miss you badly!

shout for the day :

Happpie 19th b'day to my dearest AlexYaoZhongDe!!

May all yr wishes come true & SORRY for not able to be there to celebrate yr b'day!
huggiieesss ~ muackksss! =)

oh boy, you loookkkk cuteeeee ~

our memories in genting & it's at 4am ;p

spending our time with our friends together in genting! =)

p/s - fuiyooohhh =)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

How I wish I were like you?!

anyways im just too BORED!
although im was out almost half of the day!
pls save me! =/

p/s - you make me wonder! =)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Happy Anniversary to mine 'P' ! =)

hey peeps, guess what?
today was my 4th month having my license!
ngek ngek ngek!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Hey you,please look where are you heading to!

lil bro went 1Utama in the morning.
he is enjoying his weekend where i was stuck at home till evening.
pick him up in the evening with mom then head to The Curve.
today weather was awesome.
whole day i was relaxing & i didn't even bother to touch my book. Crap

im normal but he acting cool!

omFg! look at the price!
rm 31,999 for a good quality matress?!

this is how he test either the sofa is comfortable or not.

my mom & me!

observe my eye!
one of it is bengkak! sob sob!

wanna guess what is this sentence made of?

p/s - im gonna be doom tomoro! don't miss me alright?
Because im having addmaths exam. yucksss

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Not Everything Goes Around And Come Back Around.

i had a wonderful and enjoyable saturday.
went to watch harry potter at pyramid with jenny and simon.
we three wore white again. same as yesterday. OMG!
we are so loving right? :)

hey kuma, look at the cam la! not the ice-cream!

kuma doesn want to share the ice-cream with me.

vic & simon

kuma kuma & vicky!

Before movie, we went to play pool.
dak and her bf was there too!
i played with jenny while dak played with simon.
i won jenny by 3-1. =) we played 4games only.

harry potter was okay wert.
why got ppl say not nice one?!
i think those ppl dunno how to enjoy the movie. *no offense*
his kuma very the sad wei.
halfway movie then her mom say come pick her up and obviosuly she doesn have the chance to say NO. And she left me & simon behind.
so we continue watch la.
after the movie end,we met guo qing, eugene & keng soon in the cinema.
i hardly get to see them outside wei.
is like one in a million can see them not at home. hehe ;p

after that, went to qbar to meet up karyn and her gang la.
have a drink which is tequila and other 4mixture.
it taste okay but pure tequila is still my choice.
have a sit awhile then me n simon went back to usj3 by cab to collect my car.
fetch him back home & head back to my home sweet home.

relax for around 20mins then i went out to fetch my sis.
she attended a b'day party at usj11.
then we went MCD to have my dinner.
my dinner wat at 11.05pm weh! very early huh?

p/s - im totally half dead when im posting this. =(
sadly, nyun jiang bully me! im used to it anyways! blek

Friday, July 20, 2007

Im Happy.Are You?

happy 20072007 =)

anyways today whole day i was outside till 10pm.
went yam cha with simon and jenny at makbul from 6.15pm till 7.30pm.
after that, head to asia cafe for dinner,pool and foosball! :)

meet many ppl there including bryan lam, cliston kor, han loong & chi ren.
and shity is that i wear so simple go asia wei.

i wear slipper go there! alamak
going asia was a last minute plan cos simon suggest it out.

we play bet in pool whoever lost then kena punish something la.
well, me n jenny losT. CEH ~
shit!i have to eat kerang but jenny have to call stephen and say something! =/
omg, that was simon's idea!
im gonna die eating kerang.
hopefully he will forget abt it la! *cross finger*

im bored! peace out!!!

p/s - LOVE? nah!!blek

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I Believe I can Fly. ( not!)

school is LAME! im having headache again for the whole day. Fcuk =/

well, wanna know my schedule for today?

1.10pm- finish school
1.35pm - back home
3.00pm - account tuiton
5.30pm - fitness
( run for 45.12 min, burn 230 calories, distance run 4.55km ONLY )

6.30pm - head to mcd to meet up kuma and mun mun
6.45pm - went to makbul for dinner
7.30pm - chemistry tuiton ( yeah, we are late for half an hour ) =/
8.50pm - reached back home
9.12pm - study modern maths
10.57pm - blogging!

Look, how busy am i?
cant even take my nap wei. pity me :(
so if got any outing pls let me know ya!
must make appointment with me 1st! im busy with my appointment by the way.
might be having appointment with vin keo this sunday! yeapppiieee ~ :)
im happy happy happy!

p/s - im out! LATER ~

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Im Confused On What You Want From Me.

sometimes it seems like you care but sometimes you dont,
sometimes you seems to try to make it different but sometimes you dont,
sometimes you do ignore but why?
but why run? running is fun?
why do you want to make a suspen in it?
by doing so, you make me confused and curious.
i dont want curiousity occur in me once again.
so stop right here & tell me what do you actually want!

enough for that :]


school was seriously not great.was having a bad headache the whole day.
Don't know why also. guess maybe cause of the dumb weather la i think.

was out from class at 1.10pm with kuma aka jenny,mun mun, ryn, simon, darryl & philbert.
we ponteng gilapan minda where my mom had paid rm50 for it. =/
haiz. felt shity for doing so. actually we ponteng cos wanna go eat lunch but i 4get that my sis finish class at 1.10pm too then i went to fetch her home.
after doing so then head to apollo to meet them up. they kinda surpise why am i there.
haha! first, i told them im not going for chemistry extra class at 2.30pm so they really thought so. however, my sis brainwash me by asking me to go so i actually went wei :D
well, i had an enjoyable time having lunch with them although can said as i was forced to eat lunch la. aiks =/ sad case

stupid kuma camwhoring in apollo! ;p

anyways got to stop here. pain in my head is attacking again.
i need my life saver.PANADOL!

p/s - i don't know what to do right are making me confused and blur.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Open Your Eyes & Look Around You.

Alright, i will just keep in post simple cause im totally tired and exhausted.
hate it hate it.

In school, there's something to do with yr career thingy held in our school dewan.
haven't make up my mind either to take law or business management and marketing.
have to wait for my dad to come back again to discuss with him.

he just left this morning :(

me, jenny , simon and darryl the so called kaki ponteng went out from school at 1pm then head to usj4 mamak for lunch. met ian, dak and dinessha there.

want to know what?
i does not know how to eat roti canai biasa using a fork and spoon.

look how noob am i.
then have to trouble jenny and simon to cut it into pieces. malu sial :/

Anyways I want watch Harry Potter.
someone take me out to watch it, pretty please ~

no worries i was just kiding abt it.
going to watch it soon. hehehe

p/s - i know that we gonna be fine. YEAH <3

Monday, July 16, 2007

There's Nothing I Can Do.

anyone realise that today is my 1 year blog anniversary?

wow! time had been passing pretty fast. spm is so soon.
many things in life had been changed but life still move on no matter what.
is like everyone is growing older year by year.
once sentence to say, do appreciate what you got now and don't regret when you lose it! :)
life is all about up and down.unpredictable occurance thing will happen in life and also the future.
you might be here now but soon? you will never know about it in the future. Scary huh?

year by year is passing by.ppl do change in physically and mentally.
yeah i admit i changed too but mostly in mentally la :p
many things happen in life that caused us to change right?
we always learned from our past and also failures.
this is to be a better person in life. i agree totally with that! :D

oh shit. im gonna fall sick again.
kena rain just now. shity :(

p/s - anyways lets run and hide! :)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

You Got Me Right.

eh i woke up at 7.33am this morning wei. so damn freaky early right?
was supposed to wake up at 7.07am when simon's msg came in but you know la right, once a piggy will always be a piggy :)
woke up early cos im suppose to attend la salle klang installation at S.I.T college with my sis.
get prepare and everything then head to subang parade to park my car there then off to ktm.
reached S.I.T college at 10am although the events was suppose to begin at 9.30am.
biasala tu, malaysian timing ma! hah
overall the event was okay la.not so bad. i enjoyed myself cos of my camwhoreness.
eh i din camwhore during the event but i just randomly took other ppl pics. hehe

sisterly love

teacher advisor n lion advisor ketuk-ing the stuff duno for wat also.

the inductees.

darryl passing down his post to the incoming

i can see that gary is sad for passing down his post
awwww ~

not mistaken his name is william.
omg, he sang a song titled kenangan terindah wei =/

one of the la salle klang incoming bod & kenneth's bro
(sorry cant remember their name)
but they are nice!

well, after interval then surely got perfomance and games right anot?
lusky for me again to kena pick to play the game.
all this thanks to ivan, gary and to those who shouted my name out!
thanks so much ya! xD
the game was blowing a balloon till burst?! SHIT

photo courtesy by my sis,yannie

me tengah concentrate blowing the balloon.

me and the others

yeah, i got 3rd place although my balloon din burst.
i got 3rd place b'cause my balloon was the biggest among the others who their balloon din burst.
wooo hooo ~

performance time!

once again, backstreet boy dance by the gays ~ LOL

wow ~ sexyback yeah

err... ??

a group of girls performing a dance

oh sexy mama!

shake it oh shake it ~

my cake!
bought by gary ooi, the blur gary :)
thanks ya *hugs*

left the event earlier b'cause was rushing back to subang.
know wat, in klang you cant really find a cab wei..that's so sad case!
miserable life i and my sis having when we were hunting for the cab.
oh well,lucky for us manage to get a cab back to klang ktm after waiting for abt half an hour?
reached back subang. have our lunch in subang parade MCD.

im sad cos cant take pic with gary,ivan,soya and also leucine. i met her today. =) she is cute!

then we back home. after arrived home, i went out with my mom go bandar puteri whereas my sis went to tuiton.

i have a weekend apartment in bandar puteri, puchong.
recently just complete their management.

these 3 pic was took form the 9th floor.
afternoon view wasn as nice as at night but still enjoy it!

this look cute, right?

time strike at 5.40pm.
head to taipan and have a hair cut. hehe
oh yes, i cut my hair so as my sis! :D

back home at 7.30pm. get ready then went out for dinner with family.
mom plan to eat yong tau fu at kepong. and yes, my dad drove from usj20 to kepong just for dinner. haha! but dinner is worth.
since my dad is back here, so i start camwhoring la.
wat to do.i very seldom see my dad ma :(

my sis trying to promote hers teeth?

my beloved daddy & my cutie bro

daddy & sister

the lesbian! wakaka ;p

the posers!

and finally, the camwhore queens.

p/s - tomorrow will be the 7th annual inter-secondary school english choral speaking competition at 1.30pm in subang parade. And, USJ 4 is participating in it =)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Jenny,The KUMA.

what a funny day today. school was great. took our class pic for senior page again.
i eventually took a pic with the goldfish pose. OMG!

im tired. had been stopped my habit from taking nap in the afternoon.
i do study when im awake. miracle huh? :)

after school, went to account tuiton form 3pm til 5pm.
then head to carmen's hse to do our moral presentation.
meet ryn,jing, wilson and gang somewhere near the usj4 there la..then jenny shouted 'karyn'
wow, she actually can listen wei..haha!

we camwhore in carmen's hse!
yeapppiiieee ~

kuma and goldfish

me & my husband, simon :p

kuma & her husband, darryl

simon busying ~

this kuma very the choosey la..
this not nice then rewrite..
waste paper only.

the poser couple! :)

here goes another poser couple!

oh yes, simon is my husband in school and darryl's jenny one.
we all so loving,right?! damn funny la! ;p

yes, we both cpl wearing the same colour shirt AND we din pakat!
it's just in the sudden like that! *winks*

p/s - im tired. i need my bed :(

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Oh Boy, You Are The Romeo.

Currently just finish chatting with ryan. OMG
he is coming back here to find me.
Luckily is not this few days or sumthing la..should somehow is later later later?
but im not prepare yet ar?!
im so sorry, ryan.

Look the pic down there i just somehow realise that it does excist.
yeah yeah, i know im outdated.Stole this pic from linda's friendster.
ngek ngek ngek ~

Had been REALLY busy these few days. Lots of work need to finish up. Stress!
Oh yes, jenny kuma is annoying me in school! Stupid girl
she wan to watch transformers.
So pls! if anyone wanna go watch pls bring her along man!
If not, sooner or later im gonna be doom :(

p/s - i got a husband in school. Yeah :D