Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy 50th merdeka to Malaysia.

last night, went to the curve for merdeka countdown with ewin.
before that, we watched Ratatouille.the rat movie :)
eh those rats very the cute le.
reached at there at 7.45pm.parked his car at tesco.
hang out till 2.50am if im not mistaken.
hang out at the curve,ikano power centre lor.
then head to ss24 taman megah for dinner breakfast.
reached back home at 3.30am.
it's not counted as late for me la.
the latest was 4.3oam. hehe :)
oh yeah, the pic is not in order la.
it's in mess up one. so just dont have to bother abt it.
i met quite a number of mine friend there la.
i kena bully by grace & ash! ish
sad case man! :(

oh yeah, my bro is back here last night!
hehe i miss my bro alots.
guess what, he is still sleeping now.
piggy him. oink oink ~

enjoy the pics :

i got this all as my souvenir from ewin =.="

the rm14 carpark ticket.
we dint pay but manage to get out.
tesco tipu ppl money one wei.
dont go there anymore!
ngek ngek ngek

wanted to pay but the machine DOESNT allow us to pay.
LOL ;p

pic of the stage at 2.11am

candid pic of ewin @ burger king

the big screen for those unlucky ppl who cant get to see the stage.
just like us :(

camwhore session! ~

the crowd @ 12.57am

hahah! very good!
blek ;p

wah, many ppl sia.
just after the firework display.

at the curve, the walk street.

hello everyone, welcome to the ikano golden merdeka celebration.

small boy eating ice-cream.
yum yum ~

another poser!
same gang as me!

this pic very cute wei.

not as many ppl as at 12.57am cause this pic was took at 10.33pm.

these pic here was courtesy by ewin ee yong hua :

me eating chee cheong fun @ ss24 taman megah at 3am.
can say as my earliest breakfast ever.

blek you la! :)

look, the poser again.
wait, i mean is him & definitely is not me!

hey you, what are you looking at?
mine ice-cream?!

i was talking on the phone la with kuma.
but this pic is okay la right?

@ burger king :

i was daydreaming.

i miss you la :(

me helping him refill him drink & he took pic of me doing so.
ish ish

too dark!
cant blame la.
it's @ 2.21am.
what do you expect right?

the video for the firework display :

sorry la my phone is not very pro as n95 all those but at least still can see la.
thanks to ewin for helping me to hold the phone halfway when my hands pain.

sorry guys, i was suppose to go mcd to study my account but im just too tired to go.
that's why i din go.
i woke up at 3pm today & im still freaking tired.
need a nap! chiaoz

p/s - wherever you are, my thoughts & mind are always with you.
missing you so much :(

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Here I come, finally!

yeah finally manage to update my bloggie.
well, this post is outdated but still wanna blog abt it as i had promised my dearest reader.
during the holiday, i went to chiangmai which located in the north of thailand for 4day n 3nights.
somehow can say as my family trip but just without vincent aka my eldest bro & my dad :(
wish you guys can joined us. haiz
my flight was on the 22nd of august morning.
went to airport with my half dead look =/

Day 1 -
we arrived chiangmai at 10.35am which means malaysia is 11.35am
just an hour different.

too excited kah?

my sis is so adorable right?

arrived at chiangmai international airport.
walk walk ~

the thingy that brought us here ;p

he having headache?

the loving siblings
take 1

take 2
freestyle shot

thailand king's pics

after checking our luggages into the hotel, we went to a temple which located on a hill area.
hill area le..surely very windy & cooling..

tell me, what does this looks like?
izzit a salmon?

the cable car to reach up to the hill.
if not, then we have to climb the 300+ stairs.
ppl obviously wan take the short way la right?
we are not dumb.

DO & DONT in the temple

ding dong bell?
anyone there?
that bell is seriously huge

my sis say we look like tortoise in here.
do we?

this stuff damn beautiful if you see it with yr own eyes.
trust me :)

err tak tahu apa ini la! but it's fun to do that

me & my mummy <3

the buddha.
was wondering that are we allowed to take pic of it?
but i still take it.

there, this is the 300+ stairs i was talking abt.
ask me climb up surely don't want la but go down, obviously wan la cause it's fun.

not sure either is really 300+ stairs la but me n my bro did tried to count but suddenly we lost counting it as we were having lots of fun :D

yummy ~
their hotdog are so different.
especially the hotdog shape.

this doggie looks like teddybear right?

after visiting the temple, we head to some jewellery factory where i dint took much pics there.
then went to umbrella's shoplot.
look at the umbrella below, damn colourful right?
those umbrella was handmade, you know?!
damn giler pro right?

i got this drawing from them who makes the umbrella.
it cost only 50 baht which means is rm5.

finish visting the umbrella shoplot, we went to this making silver, gold & some decoration shop.
just so weird when i went there.
those stuff there are not my type of stuff that i will buy so we camwhore while my mom was shopping.

he looks like fisherman!

she looks nice in it.

i looks stupid

so we are hungry n was hunting for our lunch.
wow, we had our lunch in mcd.
sorry la, i dont eat tom yam food that's why i din plan to have it :)

yer, dint know that mcd is so selfish until i saw this.

my lunch which is a set of pork burger.
not 1st time eating pork burger cause i had it before in thailand.

back to hotel, we need some rest!

me n my sis room.
my bro & mom room is just beside.
we asked for connecting room

the view from my room window.

After having our short nap, we went to night bazaar which is so near to our hotel only.
the night bazaar is so happening & it's huge.

nice lighting!
i feel so peace when saw this lighting :)

those sandals that my mom wanna buy
but she only bought 2 pairs

random pics of the night bazaar.

as the time passed by so fast & we not able to finsih walking the whole night bazaar.

Day 2 -

woke up early in the morning to have buffet breakfast.
then we went to elephant & snake farm.

my hotel name.

At the elephant farm :

say hello to the elephant

random pic

the elephants was bathing.
getting ready to perform the show.

During the elephant show :

wah, mat salleh wei.
ngek ngek ngek
but they are just a kiddo

this drawing was drawn by ELEPHANTS!
seriously, i dint bluff you.
my sis having the video in her phone :)

my sis jakun with the pics

Elephants ride time:

bye bye my bro & mom.
see you later?!

elephants climbing up the hill.

the guy who handle the elephant.

green forest my house

yer! ~
the muddy surface which the elephant walking through
imagine, you fall into it?!
yuckssssss ~

my sis & me on the elephant

isn't she lovely?

the 'pangs'

the elephant camp banner

the elephant ride is killing me & my sis because our elephant is stubborn.
it almost caused us drop down but luckily we din drop la.
damn scary wei.
don't know how to describe the feeling la but just too scary :(

my bro acting cute when we are on the way to the snake farm

At the snake farm, those nice pic is in my sis's phone again.
that's why you dont see it here.
by the way, i did cried n scream during the visit to the snake farm because im too afraid when the snake is around my neck. wth!
my sis got the pics! =)
ohya, dont laugh at me la cause i cried kie? damn malu!

selepas itu, we went to a shopping mall near the airport there.
that's the ONE & ONLY shopping mall in chiangmai.
omFg! damn sad case!
had our lunch in pizza hut & the menu is so different from here.
those food we ate, you cant get to order in malaysia.
maybe can la but later only la.
just too special la their food.

my bro acting cute again & me being a normal girl

During night time :

we went to night bazaar again as we din walk finish the whole night bazaar that day.
tiring wei but good exercise la :)
had burger king for dinner.
omg, fastfood had been our meals almost everyday. zzzZZ

delicious man!
it making me hungry.
damn it

victor is LAME!

Day 3 -
chiangmai is the place that you cant stay for long because it is not as fun as bangkok.
aiks! there is nowhere else we can go then we went to the same mall again.
since we got free shutter to go there, so we went there again.
well, this time we bought back some popcorn.
you should try bangkok n chiangmai CHEESE popcorn man.
it's so yummy! i enjoyed it alots.
their popcorn is divided to 3 type which is the cheese, salty & sweet one.
cheese was the best la. sweet not bad but we din try the salty one.
what a waste!

asual woke up early again to have breakfast.
see i go holiday also got not enough sleep. haiz
we visited the facilities in the hotel before leaving to the mall.

the swimming pool was big & nice but we the smart one din bring our swimming suits :(
what a waste again.

wah, so relaxing wei!

look at my bro legs. his legs is damn freaking WHITE.
is WHITE but not fair.
i jealous la.

my lil bro looks like my dad.
i miss my daddy :'(

At the mall :

we found this big aquarium located in the middle of the mall.
inside the aquarium got many kinds of fishes.
haha my species wei! LOL ;p

obses with the aquarium & too stick to the cam already so must take pic :)

Im being lame!
do i look like a goldfish here?
pls tell me, NO.

i miss him.
wanted to call him but i cant :(
the phone booth is cute!

hmm you must be missing someone too!

At night :

completely too bored & we went to the night bazaar again as today was our last night to enjoy the night bazaar.
i dont like the night bazaar in chiangmai la.
i prefer the one in bangkok.

who do i look alike with the most?
bro or sis?

wah, my mom brought us to starbucks wei.
i love my mummy.

Back to hotel :

my mom bought a big bottle of heineken for all of us.
but my sis don drink so me , my lil bro & mom drank it.
the heineken there is so damn cheap.

im not a drinker okay?
Day 4 -
was our last day in chiangmai.
i miss malaysia la but also miss chiangmai.
im not going to chiangmai anymore.
here is just too bored for a shopping freak like me n my mom.
but overall it's okay cause able to spent time with my mom & beloved siblings.

on the way to airport

the depature hall is so empty.
so sad case la.

us again

snap snap!
candid pic of my bro.

wah, got special place for monk n novice wei.
so people-cist ah? LOL

Although here got lil bot of pic only but in my com & sis's phone got plenty but just too lazy to upload it. we do have video too.
if wanna see then come visit me la kie? :) hehe

during a week holiday, i dint even touch my book whereas trials is on the 3rd of sep.
i do touch chemistry form4 book when i was in the aircraft la but nothing went in my brain.
anyways im gonna study hard staring from now on already so wish me good luck k? :)

p/s - im having my lunch while blogging.
i took my lunch at 5.10pm!