Saturday, September 29, 2007

Dont Walk Away.

Another day pass. I am being stupid by counting every single day that pass.
Stupid vic.
Currently just steal this pic from Edward's friendster.
eh, is not steal cause i did tell him that im taking it.
This pic was took during the MYYC07 in Maju Junction mall located in KL.
Spot me ya! :)

An event to remember :)

Was supposed to have dinner with my siblings & mom at Yuen Steamboat near Sunway there.
But when we reach there, it was a longggg queue & we were lazy. change our plan to have dinner somewhere else.
So then we head down to KL for our dinner as we were planning to have it at Iciban Restaurant.
My mom wasnt really good in KL road so I am the life saver & bought them there.
Guess what?! I was so happy that i found the location of the restaurant but IT WAS CLOSE! omg!!!
I was so sad and disappointed weh.
Fine fine. just fine!
Somemore in KL, I somehow got memories with him there.
Omg, i suddenly recall back about the memories :(

Then, okay we decided to go to Sri Hartamas shopping mall to have FlamingJ for dinner.
so we drive back to PJ and head to Sri Hartamas happily.
Reached the mall, park our car & search for the restaurant.
OMG again! It had closed down!! was so damn frustrating weh. seriously. =/
Everyone of us are super hungry & our stomach was like aching due to gastirk.
Wat do you expect man. I dint have my lunch today.
So we brought some bread from Bread Story to overcome our gastirk problem.
Conclusion, we went to Hartamas mall just to get some bread =.="
I was in the not good mood already but i dont want to spoil the mood for the day as this dinner outing was to celebrate my lil bro b'day.
Although it was celebrated last minutes but still, we did celebrate for him right?!
His b'day was on the 26th sep for yr info.

Okay back to the dinner story.
So my mom suggested us to head back to the Yuen Steamboat and check out whether is there still along queue. So we did.
That time was around 9pm and still got many people queue-ing up in front of the restaurant.
All our hope to have dinner there drown. wth

And finally we got totally fed up & just go to taipan for dinner.
We had our dinner at Big boy restaurant.
Our journey was from Sunway then to KL then to Sri Hartamas and now back to Subang again.
What a day =/

the drink that chill me down.

Finally got our dinner at 9.20pm after travelling from one to another place just to hunt for good foods. Big Boy's foods was average. What I order just now is so not my type of food.
While walking back to our car, we met our neighbour.
So the aunt bought us to MCD to have a dinner and chit chat with my mom.
Oh okay so we went there.
I was chatting with my neighbour whose is Justin & Joshua.
Well, I meet Edwin and his friends there too.
Send my regards to them & disturb them for a while.
They seems to have a guy talks there so I just get back to my table and let them continue their talks. Dont really bother to know either.
Hey, guy talks what. aiyo. Who care right?!
So that's my day.

Started to be an emo girl again especially when I suddenly recall back about our memories.
Anyhow memories will all be there & it will remains.
We cant even erase it from our mind unless you get yr head knock on the wall then get into koma situation.
Anyways Im not that stupid to go knock my head on the wall.
So guys, dont have to worry abt it.
Counting down the days we dint talk to each other.
It is already 2day.

Did anyone realise that currently I like to use this emoticon :) although Im emo?!
Kinda fake right? but who care? Just think that Im smiling and everything will be fine.
Sometimes it is hard to smile but if you want someone to be happy then we should give a smile back to them to cheer up their day. So :) always.
And I am wondering are you happy now?!
happily living with yr life there? :)

By the way, life is really that unfair right?
Anyone agree with me?!

p/s - When love is lost and dreams are shattered, pain and disbelief are all that remains.

Friday, September 28, 2007

dumB Dumb.

another day had just pass.
it has been already 4days :(
get to bed last night at 3.15am.
seriously sucks wei. my sleeping time is all upside down now.
damn it. im gonna die soon. dont miss me!

last night morning before getting to bed, was hanging on the phone with mickey mouse for 28mins and 19seconds. He called as 1.41am.
well, he called me to comfort and cheer me up as i was super down these days.
he is such a great friend. Thanks so much.
the weird stuff is his gf currently just break up with him. At 1st, i was the one who cheering him up and ended this early morning he did the same thing to me.
He seems to be standing up already as I scolded him that day but somehow i was suppose to stand up too. In the end, i break down again :(
Ooopss, did i mention mickey mouse is NJ?!
And i got a new nickname from him which is MINNIE MOUSE! =.="
I used to like minnie mouse when i was young.

Oh gosh, i skip school again which means 1 whole week i was absent.
oh okay. that's so not me.
I never skipped school unless Im sick.
Okay, i do skipped school sometimes but not the whole week man.
A very big apologize to my girlfriends for ffk-ed them this morning.
was supposed to go school but ended I dont have the energy to do so :s
One more, I lose weight! :( had been skipping meals nowadays.
I only eat one meal per day!
Unbelievable Im still alive here. havent die yet.

I just realise that my blog was so damn fucking emo these few days.
Yeah, Im emo that's why my bloggie emo too.
Finally, i tried to stand up already but still . . . .
will try my very very best to stand up fully and move on.
Time is all i need now. Give me more time pls.

Then, I decide not to stay at home as when im at home, i will be start thinking abt plenty of stuff which only will bring me to the emo side.
Followed my mom out to get some stuff & pick up my bro from school.
My hand just cant get off from my phone so started la camwhoring. zzzZZZ
Sometimes camwhoring do cheer people up, you know!

the scenery is beautiful.
how i wish my life is that beautiful too? :(

im missing you :(
Damn it. my eyes is still bengkak! :(

boo & smile?!

eh & muacks?!
such an adorable siblings huh?
I just love my siblings alot.
they are always there to comfort me and cheer me up.

Reached back home then mom wanted to go our apartment.
doink sis & lil bro wanna go for a swim there.
so we left.

me & my sis.
she is in the swimming pool.

Swimming is not my kind of sport.
I have a phobia when come to swimming.
Just something bad happen to me when i was a little girl.
Go figure it out if you're curious.

I want to be a small girl again so i get back to yr arms again.

random pic

my best place to hang out especially when EMO!

Am I still the same Vic?
* i wonder*

Had dinner at Asia Cafe with mom & siblings.
Sat on the same place as on the 24th of sep. an unforgetable date for me. =/
Past 4days was an super emo day where everything just change all in the sudden.
And just now, when we sat on the same place & I started to think abt the past 4days incident again :(
It hurts but i cant express it out. Keep it all in myself :(

It's easy to give up on someone you like but it's HARD to let go of someone u really love.
Although it's hard but I could only try and learn to let you go.
I could only smile when think back abt our sweet memories as there's nothing else I can do.
But still, my heart hurts badly.
The pain can become a cascading waterfall, flowing from one to another.
Im living with the pain inside me and trying to move on as soon as I could.
Sadly, I dint talk to him today :( haiz

Time doesnt really heal all wounds, nor does it always make letting go easier to endure.

p/s - When love is lost, the promises broken, the pain still remains.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Im not okay.

Everyone asked my whether am i okay or not?
yes, sorry peeps. i lied. im so sorry.
just doesnt want anyone of you guys to worry much abt me.
i guess im bored with people advising me many many times.
juat take the facts that im not okay & i wont be fine.
i do appreciate what you guys advice me and stuff but i couldnt just stand up like that.
it's not easy. Its not i dont want to stand up but is just that I CANT.

I took 9months last time to overcome everything by forgetting my past and move on but this is just few days. how you want me to stand up so fast?!
it's not possible to do so although nothing is impossible.
so whatever la okay.
just leave me alone. NOT YOU.
I will be fine. I THINK. Hopefully.
even though I am not fine but I will try to pretend okay?!
Go ahead and think that im FAKER. hah!
I aint asking for anyone of yr sympathy but I just wanna release everything out here.
I cant stand it anymore. If i keep everything inside my heart, im gonna be crazy.
So pls let me blog out my emo feelings.
Dont read it if you dont want to. it's just an emotionalism post.

Last night before i get to bed at 2am, i read thru all the msg you sent to me.
it was so sweet and just all in the sudden everything changed.
yeah i know you have a problem or anxiety or whatever la but still why cant you solve it?
It seems like you are running away.
How can it be like that?
By you running away, you are making the ppl around you suffer.
How could you see this happen to those ppl around you?!
Can you like just share it with me & solve it together?!
Can you pls let me help you?! I beg you?! :(
Sometimes i get very annoyed because of you but still I cant let you go.
It's just so hard.

You know or not that im not used to be the same vic any longer?!
the last time vic is always cheerful & now im prefer to be alone sitting down aside all by myself.
I dont even have the mood to talk or either smile.
I prefer to be alone than mixing with those ppl around me.
It's just not me anymore. WHY WHY WHY?!
You had changed me to be like this.
You might dont care/bother abt it but still Im hoping you will do so.
I break down today again.
And almost have a bash on my neighbour's car when i was drving. wth!
Im not blaming you because you changed me but this is an impact from you to me.
im such an idiot.

My mind is totally blank & im not concentrating on every single thing i am doing.
Maybe I need to hit my head on a hard thing to make me awake.
my heart is just BROKEN.
I might be strong physically but not mentally.

Yes, i know it's over but why is it over?! We had a chance to make it . Now it's over.
It's over. It cant be over. I wish It couldnt be over but still, it's over!

And you, pls dont blame yrself anymore.
I will be fine as time pass by. hopefully.
I still prefer myself being suffer than you do.
Still, im praying hard for you to lead a happy life there.
I might be stupid but it's just me when i love someone* really that much.
Time is all i need now to recover myself back again :(

Now what is left in me??!! *i wonder*

I know maybe some of you guys are fed up with me & my emo-ness but just give me time alright?
I will be fine as time pass by. I might know i can do it.
sorry to all my friends, I know i had been moody these few days and doesnt feel like talking but I will fine pretty soon. i guess *cross finger*

p/s - I know you guys are worry abt me but I just cant move on.
Everything abt him is stuck in my mind. My heart hurts badly.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Life goes on.

Life is really like one great roller-coaster ride
With trials and triumphs, taken in stride
Be positive in whatever you are doing
Open your doors to joy, and loving.

We often create miracles and survive
Pick up the pieces, onward you strive
No matter how bad your heart is hurting
Or how traumatic you are actually feeling.

The whole world does not stop to grieve
Life goes on ; with time you will find relief
Challenges are learning experiences really
They make you wise and strong spiritually

We're not here to fulfill people's expectations
Opinions differ ; respect your own intuitions
Often we can go beyond our own limitations
Follow your inner wisdom, voice and aspirations.

Love and approve of yourself with determination
Go on ; persevere in life-changing decisions
Life is a voyage of chances and self-discovery
Search, tap and realise your innate potential.

Get the blocks and barriers out of the way
Often self-limiting, disregard what people say
Life is so unpredictable, so set your priorities
Empower yourself and grab life's opportunities.

Love is a healing foce that's so powerful
Broken hearts healed with love is wonderful
Loving compassion can melt even the hardest core
There is no difficulty that love can't conquer.

Be loving, lovable and be loved unconditionally
Life goes on in loving co-existence, living happily.

p/s - picked in The Star newspaper, 26th Sep 2007.
Faking a smile.

nothing much for me to blog today.
still not in the mood.
had been skipping school for 3days already.
cant get to sleep well for 4night straight in a row.
my eyes is so fulgy now.
not only my eyes but overall of me is FUGLY.
just great. =/

Anyways today is my lil bro's b'day.
happy 14th b'day ya lil bro.
Love you lots. muaackssss!

but i still want to say sorry to my lil bro too cause i had been faking to be happy & try to smile to celebrate his b'day. if im not mistaken he noticed it but he still react like normal.
Still, he is my dearest lil bro cause he was the one to comfort me when i broke down that day.
This post is published cause of my lil bro.
if it's not his b'day then i wont have to be a faker to smile and be happy just to blog. WTH

yeah i know i look weird in spec but i need to wear it.
my eyesight is getting blur nowadays as i cried too much =(

looks delicious huh?

a cake for 4 of us only.

almondy original schwedische cake from IKEA.

but im wondering where's my angel?! :(

my sis seems to be so happy.
maybe im just sad and moody that's all.

looks at my eyes when i dint wear specs.
it's just so bengkak right?! ish
and my damn fucking eyes is so small now. wth.

Im trying really really hard to move on already but sometimes i just break down.
It's not easy for me to stand up all by myself.
Im also had been trying not to think abt you but still I cant. WHY?!
Why I will still think abt you every night when i close my eyes?
Why must I fake a smile whenever im with my mom and siblings?
Why could all this happen just in a sudden?!
It's just so fucking damn hard to let it go everything.
And now, you are silently stepping away from me :(
Izzit a must for you to do so?

p/s - the weather suits mine situation now :( EMO.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Not Giving Up.

once again, i only managed to get my sleep at 3.15am.
wth. so sucky :(

What an emo kiddo am i?
Maybe im suitable to become an emo kid. Or maybe not?
But as time pass by, guess everything will be fine?
Am I right?
I only need time now right?
But will time cure everything & make me forget everything?
Maybe the answer might be yes but I might be taking a very long time to be fine back again.
Yeah, I might take a super long time to recover.
The previous serious relationship took me 9month to forget everything and dare to start a new relationship again!
Does 9months counted as long?!
Guess this time 9months might be not enough for me.
Hopefully I will be fine. =/

No matter what you do, I will still love you although you are trying to make me hate you.
If possible I will try hate you but still my love towards you will be more than hatred feeling.
I will silently love you but in the end, you will be silently step away from me.
When you step silently away from me, I could only watch you doing so as I cant stop you.
Even though my heart do really hurts alot but there's nothing Ican do.
If I could stop you, will you stop?!
The answer will be No, right?! I knew it. that's why only thing I can do is sit at a corner there & start crying. what else can I do?
Anyhow I know you will be starting a new life earlier than I do.
You will be moving with yr life 1st whereas I still need time to move on.
I will be praying very very hard so that you will lead a happy life.
I can only be a guardian angel to care abt you and you wont even notice abt it.
I will be yr angel now and always will do.

Yeah, I know everybody's got something they have to leave behind.
But why you have to leave me behind? Can you choose to leave something else?
I know there's no use to looking back and wondering how it could be now and might have been.
Yes, I know but still I can't find ways to let you go.

Even though I pretend I've moved on.
you'll always be my baby.
you're still the one where i will be thinking about each day.
you'll always be the dream that fills my head,
you'll always be the one i know I'll never forget
and no matter where life takes me to
a part of me will always be with you.

I think about you every single day,
and even though we've had moved on
It gets so hard to walk away from the past.
I always hoping you will appears back in my life again which is wont happen.
and though I tell myself not to be afraid
to move on but it seems I can't.

Until now, I not able to do anything as i longer doesn have the strength after losing you.
when you're gone, I feels that something in me went missing.
It make me feels cold and weak.
Yeah, I know im dumb but I cant help it.

aiks. I seriously need a time off now.
gonna leave my hse later and stay somewhere where I can release everything out.
still hoping you gonna talk to me.

Anyways thanks to all my friends who care abt me.
But the person I always wanted to be right beside me doesnt appear ='(
You are the one I always need!

p/s - im the dumbest person ever in this world but I dont care. Love is just so stupid. Not to those are in love now but just me which is in the heart broken situation.

Monday, September 24, 2007

A pathway.

Life is totally sucks man. seriously
Get to bed last morning at 3am then woke up at 7am to fetch my sis to school :(
i skip school again today.
Omg, my panda bear eye is so terrible.
im sure when you guys meet me or something, i think you all will think that im a ghost.
damn it. blame the lack of sleep & tears.

Cant get to sleep early cause was thinking lots of things.
It's not i want to think but it just come across through my mind.

You want to know what had i been thinking the whole night?
It is all question which i cant manage to know the answer.
It's like a ????? towards me. cant be slove.
Here it goes :

1. will you ever talk to me anymore?
2. or you will just walk away step by step silently leaving me all alone?
3. are you gonna miss me?
4. will you still care for me?
5. will you ever think of me again?
6. will you let me to be right beside of you to care abt you?
7. will you miss our sweet memories?
8. are you really happy with this ending?
9. are you sure you choose the right pathway?
10. are you sure by doing this, i wont be suffer?
11. will you sit down and think abt our memories and smile?
12. if one day i do visit singapore, am i suppose to let you know?
13. if today was my last day of living, what will you tell me?
14. how fast will you get a new gf?
15. are you gonna tell me that you regret on what you decided?
16. are you going to live happily at there?
17. are you going to stop viewing my blog & friendster?
18. when you decided this way, did you cried?
19. will you comfort me when i need someone to lean on?
20. will you be the one?
21. did you get to sleep well every night?
22. will you take good care of yrself?
23. will you drink lots of water although i cant reminds you anymore?
24. are you going to remember mine advise?
25. are you seriously going to ask me to give up?
26. will you think that im the stupidest person on earth?
27. will you think that it's not worth it for me by doing so?
28. whatever you said before to me whether it's true or not?
29. will you still gonna be the same you?
30. why you cant just move on and let the problem behind?
31. why are you not strong?
32. why do you choose this pathway?
33. how could you see me being suffering here?
34. actually do you love me?
35. will you stop loving me?
36. until when i can stop thinking abt you?
37. why must you be the bad guy?
38. why must you face yr problem all by yrself?
39. why cant you just share it with me?
40. why do you always think that there's no girl meant for you?
41. why do you must always think negatively abt yrself?
42. why cant you give yrself & other ppl a chance to start something new?
43. are you sure im going to be happy with other guys?
44. are you so damn stupid?ish!!
45. why cant you let go of yr past?
46. why must you wan to make yrself until like that?
47. why cant you let me help you up?
48. why cant you let me be the one to change you to be a better person?

I know all this is stupid but i cant help it.
it's all in my mind.
You tell me, how can i dont think abt all this?
Blogging is the one way, i can release every single things out.
And not to keep it all by myself. This is what you told me.
I cant share with you any longer so i have to depends on my blog.
This is my only way.
Eveything i do, i will reminds abt you.
When i doing nth, i still will think abt you.
How you want me to move on?!
As everyone will advise me that i will recover as the time pass by.
But can I?!
I have no faith nor confident in myself to move on.
Maybe I am just an idiot.
We had come this far & i seriously dont want to let it go.
But still we already let it go last night.
Then, I lost my strength & energy.
Only left in me is my soul.
What will happen if my soul lost too?!
Im might be strong physically but not mentally.
Sometimes i just feel like wanna take yr head & whack it on the wall.
So you wont be that stupid anymore :)
Can i do so?

You guys who read my blog & you think it's stupid.
then just go ahead and think that im stupid.
I cant do anything as i dont have the strength to stand up by myself any longer.
Have to stop here. Cant continue anymore. tears dropping again.
arghhhh!! back to an emo kid again!! :( sucks!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Say Goodbye?!

Hey peeps, sorry for the trouble caused by me.
i will be start updating here again as im not longer gonna blog in the new bloggie.
everything had changed now.
so stay tune over here okay?!
i wan my statcounter to increase.
pls help me in it.
thanks :)
And just tagboard me here alright?

It had been a few days im being an emo kiddo again.
Well, one thing that can make me emo is relationship problem.
Guess i wont be emo any longer as im back to single status again.
I know it's fast but it's wasnt me nor either his fault.
Maybe just the matter of time.
Anyways i dont know la.

As you said before, time will prove everything.
Hope it really do prove everything.
No matter what, i will be right here waiting for you.
This is my promise to you.
Even though if you think it's not worth it and it's stupid but towards me i wont feel so.
Maybe when the time is right then i will give up.
Yeah i know i sound totally stupid now but i cant help it.
It's just the stupidity of me especially in relationship matter.

Currently hearing S Club 7 song titled - Say goodbye

In the years to come
Will you think about these memonts that we shared

In the years to come
Are you gonna think it over
And how we lived each day with no regrets

Nothing last forever though we want it to
The road ahead holds different dreams for me and you

Sometimes goodbye, though it hurts in your heart,
is the only way for destiny
Sometimes goodbye, though it hurts,
is the only way now for you and me
Though it's the hardest thing to say
I'll miss your love in every way
So say goodbye
But dont you cry
'Cause true love never dies

In a year from now
Maybe there's ll be things
we'll wish we'd never said

In a year from now
Maybe we'll see each other
Standing on the same street corner, no regrets

Each and every end is always written in the stars
If only I could stop the world
I'd make it this last

Sometimes goodbye, so it hurts in your heart,
is the only way for destiny
Sometimes goodbye, so it hurts,
is the only way now for you and me
Though it's hardest thing to say
I'll miss your love in every way
So say goodbye
But dont you cry
'Cause true love never dies

And when you need my arms to run into
I'll comfort you
Nothing will ever change the way i feel

Sometimes goodbye, though it hurts in your heart,
is the only way for destiny
Sometimes goodbye, though it hurts,
is the only way now for you and me
Though it's the hardest thing to say
I'll miss your love in very day
So say goodbye
But dont you cry
'Cause a true love never dies.

By hearing this song, I will be feeling much better.
Although you are the 1st to give up but still, i wont be giving up as fast as you.
Cause i always believe in miracle.
As what a phrase wrote :
Whatever the mind can conceive & achieve, it can achieve!
However, if it really doesn achieve, at least i know i had already done my best in everything.
Still, i love him alots no matter what!

p/s - just wanna say thanks so much for every single things you had done for me.
It was the sweetest memories ever although i wish it could remains.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bye bye.

Hey peeps, for yr info i will be switching my blog to

That blog is created by my baby especially for me & i will blogging at there as well.
So do my baby. This blog was created cause he want know what's going on with my life here whereas he is far apart from me. Good thing is that i will get to know abt his going on life there too. i just love him so much!! <3

Wanna know more abt my life then you should shall visit there alright?!

Dont worry abt you guys link cause i will link all of you in the new bloggie too as i dont want to let the new bloggie link list empty.

But if you guys wan to link up my new bloggie then pls ask me 1st alright?
If you guys wan me to remove yr link from my new bloggie then let me know as well k?

Just tagboard me! :)

Thank for yr cooperation. Really appreciate it!

Anyways the new bloggie is belong to my baby boy & me so if you dislikes it or whatever then buzz out! No hard feelings! *peace*

p/s - im gonna miss my this bloggie! sob sob :'(

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I believE.

yay. I love yoyo & yoyo-ing.

p/s - currently practicing yoyo skills & my finger is sooooo pain. *ouch*

Monday, September 17, 2007


hey peeps, what's up?
anyways i was surpised when i received a letter from Sunway University College.
I thought got what from Sunway.
But actually i received my clubED temporarily cardholder. CEH!
Just only receive it yesterday after a month awaiting it.

I just came back home from pyramid with my mom.
Went there to collect the laptop.
Lappy is sick so sent it for repair :( poor thing.
AND, have my 2nd round of lunch wei.
miraculous i had my lunch twice today.
Nah, wasnt really my lunch but i wont be eating dinner tonight.
yeappie ~

my lunch + early dinner!

oh yes, i got something interesting.
you guys how what is ni yipedi yireka. ni tungeriah? yene ke lunch boring ah yireke?!
wanna know then go figure it out.

p/s - time to update in the another bloggie. blek ;p

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Right or wrong?

suddenly feel like wanna blog here.
i guess i miss my bloggie.
something seems to be missing in my life.
i dont know what is it. still figuring it out.

last night before i get to bed.
i realised everything seems wrong but it seems right too? all in the sudden.
it caused me for not able to sleep well.
think abt it too much.
And now im emo okay.

Until now, my mind is still blank.
the feeling is like my head got hit onto the wall.
but my head is not hurt.
And yes, my heart is the one which is really hurts by the way.

okay i suddenly doesnt feel like blogging already.
wasnt in the mood.
im out.

BUT my baby boy managed to cheer me up.
I do really loves him alots!! <3
thanks baby boy aka my honey pie :)

p/s - emo. Im not emo any longer.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I fall sick again.

Great. I fall sick again.
OMG, blame the trials who caused me not enough sleep for 2weeks already.
Haiz. anyways no worries, i am fine here. im strong wert ;p

well, i went out to watch Secret at 1-Utama with ewin yesterday after school.
A ticket only costed rm6! wth. so cheap.
Our movie start at 4.45pm but we enter the cinema only at 5.15pm.
Because we reached there late.
We missed out the starting of the show.
Anyways yes, i watched Secret twice already.
There, the noob aka ewin so outdated just watched yesterday.
In the car ( ewin's car ) :

im obses with this aeroplane.
very adorable wei.

this chiangmai blue fella which i gave ewin as souvenir.
he hang it in his car because his car is blue in colour.
match with his blue fella.

We just went to 1-Utama to watch movie. Crazy huh?
After movie, we head down to Dorsett Hotel which is located in KL.
Dorsett Hotel is behind KL Plaza which i just knew abt it yesterday.
what a nooB.
We went to Dorsett Hotel cause we are attending a function which is a Majlis Membuka Puasa bersama Rumah Syifa.
Reason why we are there?
is cause the Malaysian Yoyo player are invited to perform for the event.
There, the ewin ar is a malaysian yoyo player.
Not only him but still have some of them there.
They are PRO wei especially in yoyo.
Oh yes, Rumah Syifa is an orphanage by the way.

we took this in the hotel lift.

we went to the function and we are able to eat our dinner for FREE.
wee ~ somemore is buffet dinner. omg right?
But i dint really eat much there cause jaga badan :D
well, you know me right?

During the events :


i speak no evil & he hear no evil.

i see no evil but he speak no evil.

hassan & ewin syok sendiri.

was supposed to be me n ewin pic but hassan appears in it.
but still nice pic :)

me & jaclyn victor :)
Thanks to ewin for taking this pic.

proven that im a VVIP.
dont have to be jealous alright?

During the Malaysian Yoyo player's performance :

the crowd

Dimi, Dimi, Dimi


lifeless people which is ewin & azrul.
i felt sad for them.

After performance :

it's ice-cream time!!

hassan is eating otak-otak.

dessert anyone?

otak-otak = brain-brain
haha i just loves the words brain-brain.
sound so cuteee
it was azrul's translation.

me with the stupid lame + act cute face!
took it in the toilet.

yoyo player with theirs yoyo.

ewin ee & victoria pang
big bully & small bully

ewin got abandon forever
who ask him bully me?!

the nooB & the pro in YOYO.

ewin new nickname is chicken little.
He got it from Dimi.

A very big thanks to ewin for teaching me the basic how to play yoyo.
im so noob in it whereas my baby boy and ewin is so pro in it.
aiks! embrassing man >.<
anyways i miss my baby boy! =(

anyone miss me for not updating my bloggie?!
awww i seriously miss my blog :(
anyways i will update this blog pretty soon but no promise alright?!
*peace out*

p/s - im super duper extremely tired today. =/ sucks!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Shall I or Shall I Not?

well, i was thinking should i close down this blog?
What do you think? Shall I?
I wont be updating it any longer as i got a new bloggie.
Create by my baby boy :)
This is my 162 post already since the first time i create this blog.
wow, it's already a year plus i have this bloggie :(
iF im going to close down this blog then im surely gonna be sad.
So i will just leave it alone ^^
No promises, if i got stuff to update then mayb i will update alright.
Till then, see ya peeps!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

I aint EMO.

well, i think i shall blog abt yesterday outing tomorrow as im super duper tired now.
im going to knock out pretty soon already .

oh yeah, Ewin Ee bullied me!! :(
how sad?
he is so nottyyyyy ! ~

oops, i guess i had changed my mind not to sleep early as i wanna chat with my baby although i already chat with him for the whole day :)
look, how sticky can i be?
But i still lazy wanna blog so wait till tomorrow ya!

Additon, i was kinda upset today as i get to know abt something but kinda happy also when i saw something lovely was written for 4000 words just for me. wah! :D

I was wondering how come living in a sad life is better?
I think i should go try it as i am curious abt it.
Should I?! I think better dont. What do you think?

Anyways, we must be happy, smile and look for the best in everything.
We'll be amazed at the impact we have on the state of our world.

And yes, im being emo again after sometimes :(
i fucking freaking hate being emo but i couldn stand it.
Yes, i cried twice already. haiz
But everything is fine after he comforted me.
See, he is mine angel! sayangggg him alots! <3
He is mine baby boy now and always will do.
No one gonna steal him away from me!

p/s - i aint emo & that's fake true.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Facing the same situation as HomeAlone.

greattt. Im home alone for now.
Boredddd. was supposed to take a nap but sadly, i woke up because have to be a driver for my sis.
she must thanks me for being one :)
skipped my lunch time as i got no lunch for today.
have bread for my lunch? Nono, thanks you!
Since i got totally nothing to do then i will tell a story.
This story is about a guy.

Msg for him : dont be surpise ya abt the story if you eventually do read it! :)
It's like a small girl telling a lame story but all those comes out from the sincere heart of mine.

Here is how the story goes :

I met this guy on the 14th of December 2006. But only get to know him not mistake on the 15 or 16th at Genting Highlands during a competition. Then, i had spent mostly of my time with him as i was there for 5days 4nights from the 14th till 18th of December. Had lots of fun spending time with him and some others friends. During that time, the feelings just grow. Which i also dont know why this could happen but it's hidden right inside my heart. No one knows abt it. Then the last day of my stays, I was expected that i could see him for the last time but my hope was dropped all the way into a drain :( Fine then i cant do anything but just hope I will have the chance to meet him again once in my lifetime. Luckily, we managed to keep in touch by msn but it worked only for a certain time. Besides that, we also do chat in messages. It's was a sweet memories to me. However, as in the beginning of the year 2007 where i will be sitting for spm & i was dumb to make a stupidest choice ever by reduce my time chatting with him as i was supposed to study hard for spm examination. Stupidity of me. I thought all this while it was just a game to me but ended it was a wrong thought. I had been missing him for 8months already but it's silently in my heart. In this 8months duration, I been facing lots of shit nonsense.

I had tried my best to pray hard that i wil meet him again. Yet, my dream came true as he came down from somewhere far to join a competition. I was totally surpise & almost die from heart attack. He came down on the 17th of August 07. I went to meet him up on the 18th and i was like, omFg! I am looking at the guy who i had missed for 8months!! F**king happy abt it! We spent 3days being together. In this 3days, just too many excited thing happened. I just dont wanna forget abt it. It's was the sweetest memories ever in my whole life time. Then come to the worst part which is the last night i spent with him. It's was an emo night to me but I obviously doesnt wanna show it out. If i really do then i will just spoil the outing right? So decided to stay happy and cheerful. By the end of the day, i seriously broke down cause i wont know when will i get to see him again. However, things between us are different now & im happy for it. But not the distance!

Well, when i was with him, i felt so safe and comfortable too. It seems like he is an angel to me. And yes, he is mine angel now & always. In addition, the feelings from 8months ago still remains and until when i saw him, the feelings grows & become even much more stronger than before :) He is the one who make me have to strength and energy to stand up for what we want in life, make me hold on and not to give up. Nevertheless, he is the one who always keep me warm when im cool and he is the one who always be there when i needed someone to be right beside me! Even though, he is not right beside me physically but mentally i can always feel that he is beside me. Although we are far apart now but i am missing you badly here & never once decided to give up on you and us. As I said before, I will be right here waiting for you :)
Till then, i just
love him alots & he's mine! He's mine one & only baby boy! <3

Okay im done with the story.
Kinda weird right the story but touching sweet huh?
It wasnt a full story but had been cut short for the sake of bored-ness.
But it's not a matter to anyone of you cause it's all abt him.
When it comes into him, it's a matter to me!
And yes, if you feel that it's so not right then just dont read it?!

And i guess he is not now at home but enjoying himself outside with his friends whereas im stuck at home being a lifeless girl. But nevermind.
anyways you should have fun alright?
remember to take care too! *hugs* loveeeeee uuuuuuu ~~

p/s - what makes me suddenly feel like wanna tell a story?
izzit maybe i just too miss him? :( yes, i think i really do!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

boo ya?!

MOOD : Tired & lazy.
Song : Sorry, blame it on me by Akon.

yeah i skipped tuiton today.
now im supposed to be in tuiton but ended up im here blogging.
ngek ngek ngek
i skipped tuiton because im extremely tired.
halfway dying here already.
i need my hero to save me.
dramatic sial! wth

i was so surpised because avex tagboard me just now.
wow, i dint know he will view my blog.
just so miracle wei.
that's why must always believe in miracle :)

sad-ness in me cause my phone is barred for 2-3days if im not mistaken.
how am i going to communicate with the others?
ohya, forgetten that got house phone & msn. =.=" swt
so peeps, if there's anything then just give me a call to my house phone as my phone cant even receive incoming calls. SORRY

It's gonna be raining soon!
im seriously hate raining day cause i will be lifeless at home without the net & electric.
no internet, no tv, no sms (phone barred)! wth :(
hate it.

i will be going like this when the rain starts to drop :

shit shit, downpour is dropping attacking. NOOOOOO ~

so LAME la.

anyways boy,
i miss you
i miss the way you look at me
i miss the way you hold my hands
i miss the way you feed me
i miss those sweet memories we spent together.
i just miss everything abt you :(
remember that,
i will be right here always waiting for you & wont give up eventhough we are far apart! <3

p/s - im bored & hungry here. need food! starving for food. haha :)

Monday, September 03, 2007

I almost die!

well, trials starts today and will be continously :(
bm paper was okay la.
manage to finish up everything but dont know correct anot la?

oh yeah i was kinda pissed off just now when i was driving back home.
this satria which is dumb dont know how to drive.
it's already raining then drive so fast somemore then splash the rain water to my screen.
wtf i was damn scare during that time & i thought im gonna get into accident cause i cant manage to see anything ahead of me. wtf! :( ish

i kena the rain just now. sad.
was walking in the rain just to cross a road :(
think im gonna fall sick pretty soon but must be strong not to fall sick cause of trials.

im lazy to blog today.
so whatever la.
there you go the post for today.
i know it's boring but whatever la.
it's my blog right? haha ;p

wish me luck for my trials.
need lots of luck wei.

p/s - trials here i come! :) gonna stay up later just to study.
where's my coffee?!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

wake up, sleepy head!

omg, my trials is tomorrow! shit man.
aiyo but im okay with it la.
hopefully everything will be fine la *cross finger*

the truth is im not fully prepare for this trials.
im gonna die wei. seriously
so dont miss me alright?!

you know what,

im tired.
im exhausted.
im bored.
im dying.
im lack of sleep & rest.
im gonna fall sick soon again.
im missing you badly.
im so scare abt spm.
im lazy.
im lack of confident.
im stupid.

what a sad life im facing?!

but whatever.

well, i dint get enough sleep for almost few weeks already.
just great.
And i woke up at 8.35am today just to attend the 2nd round of crash course.
so hardworking right?
what to do? SPM lah!

at 5pm, i went to play pool with kuma, mun mun, terrence, shine (not sure how to spell his name but should be like that la) & got 1 more guy which i seriously dint ask for his name.
sorry! :)
then went to fetch my sis & bro from their friend's hse.
im was freaking tired & i knock out when i reached back home. zzZZZ ~

after that, i have dinner with everyone at home and then send my bro aka vincent to the airport. he is going back to langkawi.
now im blogging & he is currently in the flight.
i miss my bro :(

i need a rest soon. freaking tired & my eyes cant even open.
im having a damn small eye now!
i want back my big big eyes.

p/s - i should be sleeping early tonight but ended up im still online :)
Im waiting for you! <3