Monday, December 31, 2007

From now on!

Hey peeps, im still in singapore.
somehow have lots of fun here.
no worries abt me :)

but i miss everyone at home! :(
Till then, happy new year in advance ya peeps!
loves all! *hugs*

p/s - i just couldnt believe it will be like this =/

Monday, December 24, 2007

Till then, bye!

Im leaving to SINGAPORE tomorrow later.

Do stay tune ya! Take care! :)

p/s - singapore, here i come! :DDDDDD

Friday, December 21, 2007

Gonna miss you!

jenny kuma left to Hong Kong already.
By this time, she already arrive safely.
Hoping she gonna have fun there :)
Not forgetting, we will miss you here ya kuma!!

Sent her off to KLIA with mr.ewin and miss carmen.
A big thanks to mr.ewin for the ride.
Not only that, thanks for the pics too :D
Really appreciate it!

i miss you la, kuma :(

kuma.carmen.vic <3

all of us

Today sent kuma off but tomorrow im sending daddy off :(
KLIA today, LCCT tomorrow. haha.
Soon,i will be sending myself off.
LOL! :)

p/s - met roger by the roadside waiting for bus taxi

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Your presence!

Sis and bro have christmas carolling in Parade.

Give them a visit with mom and daddy.
Being supportive *winks*
Met eldest bro and his gf there.

the caroll-er :D

im daddy's princess girl

lil boy & daddy <3

big bully = my sis :(

daddy & sis <3

with jun hsien aka Leo President of SMK Taman Sea

simmy boy

lil boy and eunice girl

Giordano have 45% storewide.
Fully packed up :/

Will upload more pics when i get it from Emmy :)

Then, head off to IOI Mall to get some thing.
That's all :) It been a super duper looooong time didnt went hang kai with daddy already.
Daddy is going back on the 22nd.
Left 2 more days to spend with daddy :(

Not forgetting, Jenny kuma will be leaving tomorrow.
She will be in Hong Kong for a month.
No worries peeps, she will be back lah! ahaha :P
And, im sending her off tomorrow!!
If i dont do so, im sure she gonna KILL ME!
She is always violent one if you dont know *peace ya*
Im gonna miss kuma :(

p/s - i belong to me, not belong to you :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

happily smiling :D

A huge apologize for not update few days back.
Was really extremely busy :(

Daddy is back just now.
He bought chocolate home for everyone of us!!!!! <3
Brother dont know lost where or either he is not back yet.
Not sure what time he is coming back.

Pretty bored at home as dad went to office for awhile.

Did some lame quiz.
Check it out :)

You Are Easter

You are an optimistic, hopeful, and genuinely sweet person.
Sensitive and affectionate, you are easily touched.
You love nature, animals, and anything cute or cuddly.
For you, every day is a new chance - no matter what happened yesterday.

What makes you celebrate: Almost anything. You love most holidays and celebrations.

At holiday get togethers, you do best as: The peacemaker. You can prevent any squabbles that might break out.

On a holiday, you're the one most likely to: Remember to include everyone

You are a Great Girlfriend

When it comes to your guy, you're very thoughtful
But you also haven't stopped thinking of yourself
You're the perfect blend of independent and caring
You're a total catch - make sure your guy knows it too!
Are You a Good Girlfriend?

Beside that, so sorry peeps for not able to make it for lagoon.
Do have fun alright :)

p/s - im glad daddy is back but he is back for few days only :(

Sunday, December 16, 2007


In fact, im gaining some weight already.
Oh gosh, i wanna lose weight. any suggestion?!
Cutting down on the amount of foods intake :)

Morning, woke up freaking early cause Mid Valley awaiting me *lame*
But still, went to Mid Valley with mommy for the somehow so-damn-boring education fair thingy.
I received this creative bag from Mr. Frank.

Does it sound familiar?!
They have a branch in Singapore ;D

Then brought mommy to The Garden for a walk.
Exercise do help to reduce weight.
And, I found a lovely pinky christmas treeee.

so pinky <3

Later, off to Subang Parade to visit lil bro.
Remember they have christmas bazaar there?
Beside that, i met someone* who i dint expect that I will meet him so soooooooon.
Go figure.

Now, im stuck at home with blogging whereas mom and sis went out.
Sis need a massage as she twisted her ankle.
Poor lil girl :(
And, going off to AC later.

p/s - 8 more days to Singapore trip *excited* but im working tomorrow *puff*

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Pls dont increase!

Sadly, im stuck at home due to not feeling well.
Then around 8.30pm, went to Subang Parade with mom to visit sis and lil bro.
They have Christmas bazaar with Taman Sea Leos.
Do give yr support ya! They do this bazaar for charity!

I got a big news.
Jazli was there to help up wei.
But dint manage to meet him up as i was there later.

Found an angel in my room on the wall


the christmas bazaar

small christmas treeeee

Got this quiz from Carmen's blog a few days back

Your Brain is Blue

Of all the brain types, yours is the most mellow.
You tend to be in a meditative state most of the time. You don't try to think away your troubles.
Your thoughts are realistic, fresh, and honest. You truly see things as how they are.

You tend to spend a lot of time thinking about your friends, your surroundings, and your life.
What Color Is Your Brain?

Give it a try ya! :)

p/s - i miss clubbing!!! :D

Friday, December 14, 2007

I'm back!

Yup peeps, im back from melaka.
Nothing much actually so just a extremely short post :)
Eventually melaka is a boring place but i do like to stay in kampung sometimes.
Lucky have avex to accomplany me and not forgetting arthur who accompany me by msg-ing :)
Arthur's msg is the only msg that delivered whereas the rest didnt delivered =.="
Peace out.

me & dearest mummy

mom said : he (avex) is my BF for the day.
<3 his name

kuih bahulu!
haha. got this for breakfast

Daddy and brother wil be back on the 19th.
Guess, im stuck with them from 19th onwards.
But no worries for kuma chan, i will take a day off for sending her to hk airport.
She gonna throw ditch me here all by myself.
That's the one & only KUMA CHAN! <3

p/s - i miss MELAKA :(

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Will be back soon!

Currently just came back from 1Utama.
Send sis and bro there for movie.
They have free screening for the golden compass movie.
Took some pic for cousin brother as he will be going back later.

So peeps, Im going back to
M.e.l.a.k.a again!
Stay tune :)

p/s - i miss yew!!! hugs*

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Next Destination.

Again we went kai kai .
This time lil brother and cousin did follow.
We went to Subang Parade.
Gonna talk less but do enjoy the pics ya :)

this time got lighting le.

white christmas :D

lovely dovey pic with cutie snowman

she always bully me de :(

cousin brother so kaku right? =/

adam boy & mummy


Do, Re,Mi, Fa

like mother like daughter

Mom accompany sis for shopping.
We (me, bro and cousin) sat outside of the boutique.
Sat on the ground. no chair lah.

was eating chewing gum.
im in love with candy all in the sudden.

cousin brother looks so bored.
Eh, he actually dont talk to us except my mom.
guess he choose ppl to talk to.

lil boy was warning me not to take his pic.
*chik chak*
still, nice wert the pics.
doink boy!! <3

this is what happen when i get extremely bored!
SS-ing! :P

Not forgetting this pic below which i forget to post yesterday.
Took it in a shop in Pyramid. cant remember the shop name. sorry
Eh, very cool wei.

Look :

a wonderful striking place for kiddie to watch Tom & Jerry if they dont want to follow their parents shop.
Eventually i did sat there and watched while sis and mom shopping :)

p/s - wth i think i just have a god brother. heh.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

love it!!

Outing with mom and lil sis.
Lil cousin brother dont want to follow. wow! miracle.

First, we went to The Curve.
Me drove there :)

what a pose.

camwhore while mom tengah reloading touch N Go.

@ The Curve :

eh excuse me, i want take pic of the decoration wei.
Not you guys la. aiyo!

the top

lovely small hse

hey snowman, you very adorable.

sister <3

mummy! <3

tall christmas treeeee

my friends :)

once again, with mom <3

oh gosh, i love candy!!!!

we spot a small christmas tree nearby


Then , we had a drink at Juice work.

my star appeal drink

While they have pink lemonade.

fashion court my head la.
boooooooring court :P

she was looking staring at a leng chai!
horrr! xD

i wasnt looking at any leng chai okay.

mom & sis

us! lovely sister <3

pls dont blame us, we love the cam too muchie :)

Then, we head off to Pyramid.
I felt more excited with this year christmas although im broke.
So sorry guys, there wont be any christmas present from me alright.
Pls understand :D thanks uuuuu!!

prove that i was in Pyramid okay.

cute hor?!!! :)

Thought that tayrna will be working till 10pm today but dint see her.
So gave her a call and she said she finish work already :(

We have dinner at Laksa Shack.
It been really a looong time i dint eat laksa already.
Not that long la, about 3 years only wert :)
Sorry la, laksa is not my type of foods.
Will only have it when i have the mood.
I am such a weirdo right?!

ABC in a cup! =.="

p/s - my next destination will be where? *wondering*