Thursday, January 31, 2008


Received a mail from Vina few days back.

Kinda cuteeeeee.
So im being kind and share it with my dearest blog reader :)

Smile and you will have less wrinkles :D :D

yummy yummy yummy

"Thanks, I had it done at that fabulous new salon downtown!"

Titanic.........the sequel ?

Uh, excuse me mister, have you seen my mother?

you got me for amusement purposes only, right?

Will you be my new daddy? I'll be your best friend!

"Pssss, pssstt pssss psst pssss psst"

Sssshhhh, baby sleeping

"I told you, dont pull my ears, didn't I?!!!!

Is this your kid?


"It'll be allright, don't cry!"

Please papa, don't leave me!

A nip here, a tuck look marvelous darling!

"Aaaawww Man! I almost had it!!!!"

Didn't you know I won't get any taller?

"Being a mechanic is hard work, but it pays the bills and feeds the kids!"

Do I LOOK like a Coffee to you?!

p/s - i met yen ni in Mandy's just now. she is so much prettier :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Click Click.

( My b'day Celebration @ BarCelona, Sunway Pyramid on the 28th of Jan 08 )

Give JENNY KUMA applause for the credit for these pics.
She is the only one who brought camera on this special day :) smarty pant lah she. hugssss

jenny kuma and mr.ken yee

the founders for the name "kuma" for jenny

taryna <3

my good friends :)

doink ken yee with mun mun and wai chun

anyone want camino tequila?! i have a shot man :D

kuma and her founders

aun hoong aka emo boy (cause of his hair) with kuma and mun mun

my beloved sayangs <3

mun mun and yuen ching

mr. wai chun

doink ken yee.

us :D


she enjoying her fish & chip :)

look, taryna is blushing wei.
wait, or she is drunk? =.="

soooooo loving right? love ya kuma chan <3

i miss those times where we were in genting.
especially the moment where all of us squeezing into a 1 and a half single bed.
Aun hoong took half of the single bed due to he felt sick :( poor boy.

p/s - thanks guy for giving me such an enjoyable day that night! love all <3

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Finally finish watching Yuhee the witch *clap clap*, another korean drama :)

Recommended by Taryna. Thanks dude <3

It was okay, not bad.
However, i still prefer Princess Hours :D :D :D

Anyhow nothing much nowdays.
Dint really went out and spend cash due to im soooooo damn broke :(

But i did went to salon just now.
I just trim my hair to become more layer, touch up those newly grow black hair to copper brown colour (my currently hair colour) and highlighted my hair. Well, that's all :)
Highlight colour is not obvious yet.
Wait till i wash my hair many times 1st ya.

p/s - CNY is near. yeappie

Thanks you.

Oh my, im officially 18 now already :)

Anyways recently just came back from BarCelona, Pyramid.
Will upload pics when i get it from jenny kuma.
Thanks to all that attend just now.
Really have a great time hanging out with you peeps although i have to leave early.
Love all of you all lots <3

Not forgetting to those peeps who wished me, thanks so much. appreciate it! :D
Well, i have the list of ppl who wished me. They are :

- mummy
- daddy
- brothers, vin & victor
- sister, yaenn
- Jin Li
- Wai Chun
- Taryna
- Ken Yee
- Swi Lung
- Simon
- Alex Yao
- Ivan Ong
- Avex Lim
- Taylor College =.="
- Ewin Ee
- Soya
- Han Jia
- Michelle Cheng
- Angel Lee
- Ming Wei
- Ming San
- Yun Yee
- Mun Mun
- Even
- Bel
- Emmy Kong
- Zhen Yang
- Caryn Chew
- Chuen Wei
- Alyssa
- Ivan Koh
- YuLiang
- Gary Ooi
- Joycelyn Ong
- Dimi
- Jian Chuan
- James
- Lydia
- Cindy
- Satish
- Nesa
- Bayan
- Eduardo
- Carlo Fuentes
- Kelvin
- Jasmine
- Travis Kazuki
- Audrey Aw
- Christina Oh
- Alvin
- Darryl Oh
- Mark Ian
- Aun Hoong
- Boney
- Jenny Kuma
- Victor
- Wern Sern
- Nyun Jiang
- Kim Han
- Keith
- Kah Thong
- Carmen
- Pearl
- Dixon Soon
- Jean Pang

*sorry, if i left out any name*

Hey peeps, thanks so muchie for wishing me.
Although some of them wish me early and some are late but still, thanks so much.
Love you all!!! hugs hugs*

p/s - BarCelona is kinda cool especially their toilet :D

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Oh My Love.

Oh Gosh. This will be my 3rd post for today.

Nothing much but just pictures.
Spent my day with siblings and mom.
Thanks sis for the pics.

Sis said i look cuteeeeeeee in these 3 pics (below) :

my <3

p/s - i am very happy and i love my family :D :D :D


Not long ago received a bunch of roses and a box of gift from mr. ewin as my early b'day present.

Was supeeeeeeeeeeer surpised abt it cause i dint expected it :)
Anyways thanks ya mr.ewin :DDDD
Mr.ewin, you really give me a big shock man.

Besides that, thanks to Gary Ooi and YuLiang too for the early b'day wishes.
Both of them are still in NS. pity them.
Pity me as well cause im the 2nd batch :( haiz

p/s - tomorrow is my day! wohoooooooooo :P

Picture of us.

I have some pics to share with all my dearest blog reader :)

It's from my previous SG trip.
Upload it since i have nothing interesting to blog.
Picture credit goes to Pearl. thanks ya girl.

Enjoy ya peeps, but it's not in order and lazy wanna put caption :)

p/s - i had a wonderful dinner just now. Thanks mom! <3