Wednesday, April 30, 2008

lucky lucky.

I felt so lucky today. Never felt it that way before.
Thanks ya lucky day. Felt this way because everytime i wanted to get a parking today, surely there's someone who wanna get out from their parking lot especially this morning :)
I managed to park in front of MCD ss15 and walked to my college.
It was the nearest parking I ever had in 3 weeks time. teee heeee

And also, in Taipan where I managed park somewhere near to have Baskin Robbins while waiting for my sis to finish tuiton. thanks you, aunty for the parking :)

Actually before BR, i was on the way back home after picking lil boy up from tuiton but man tau, im stuck in a massive jam so decided to turned back to taipan to chill.

Chill ourself in BR. It was my treat as im feeling lucky :)

After BR, we need to got some stationery so went to Big Bookshop.
Once again, I got a parking in front of Big Bookshop. ahahah *im so lucky lucky*

Some previous pic took from Darryl's 18th b'day party :

Thanks to ryn aka NooB for the pics ya! hugs! :)

seriously, i look STUPID/DUMB/DONG DONG here lor
priceless pic okay!!!

meet the kuma kuma <3

the girls

p/s - tomorrow public holiday but im occupied as a driver responsibility eldest sister to fetch the young one to tuiton T________T

pp/s - 我认为我已以改善我的中文以来,得到脂肪酶的博客在中国人,我不知道如何阅读。感谢你 lah. haiz! :( (translate it thru google, pai seh wei)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Can we stop here?

College was really college, i tell you.
I really dislikes stucking in the jam, park my car far away from college, the foods in college is not my type of foods (not nice somemore), miss out my breakfast time & wake up early in the morning. what else? :( Im not complaining okay (just blasting it out only)

here are some pics took in college by Darren's phone (i only took 2 pics) :

this :

funny boy.

And this :

meet Chris, the Kelantan boy ;)

yuki took this pic.

Chi yen looks depressed.
Five (pretty special right his name. hehe) took this pic.

wah, so hardworking wei.
Not, they dint finished up their HM homework :D

thanks you lah, darren
(i look fugly here) T____T

This pic below is currently my fav pic.

They are my love now, always & forever <3

p/s - it's time for dinner :) tee hee! night then.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Unpredictable was real.

Sis went to school yesterday morning for this Hari Anugerah thingy.
She received this :

Fuyoooh, best in Addmaths wei!
Happy lah you, sis :D

I know am supposed to blog abt darryl's 18th b'day party but i planned to blog abt today outing.

Got up this morning around 10am. get prepared and head off for breakfast with mom and sis - dim sum! ;)

After dim sum-ing, we went to Thean Hou Temple.

It was an enjoyable & happy outing.
Until, when we were driving back home near jalan kewajipan, we got into an accident.
Damn it!!! The car behind us bang into us. wtf
I was damn fucking pissed off wei seriously (i think i was in a bad mood or either got frightened lah)
I really wanted to scold the damn driver wei.
But I dint scold cause i know he also doesnt want this to happen lah. But he really stupid lor why wanna drive so fast right?!!!! This accident is caused by him & all his fault!!!
Somemore the passenger in the front seat beside the driver (which is his dad) was just discharge from the hospital. And the impact from the accident, the passenger injured his head and need to get back to the hospital AGAIN! I felt sorry for him.
Not only that, the impact was really hard. My head was slightly in pain after the accident. (but im fine now, thanks)
But am not really fine actually cause i got frightened & i did cried twice (i dont care if you gonna call me a cry baby) ;(
Forgot to mention that, the proton wira which bang us, the car condition is much worst than my mom matrix lor. (i have the pics of both car after the accident but dint want to post it. phobia lah)

Anyhow, thanks to uncle NG for helping out & also fetch me and sis back home safely.
I really hate accident lor. so scary ~
Somehow i think im having a phobia from the accident.

By the time pass, im feeling better already.
So around 7pm, went out to Summit (was supposed to go kepong but changed mind cause of the accident) to have dinner with mom & siblings.

Had dinner @ Black Canyon Coffee.

The tom yam dishes mom ordered :

square rice (reminds me of sponge bobsquare pants)

i ate fish steak :)

phuket delight, blueberry delight, waterlemon juice& Chiangmai delight!
The delight drink is a yogurt drink. delicious sia

cream chicken soup

p/s - tomorrow will be the day lah :(

Saturday, April 26, 2008

B'day dude & tagged.

A shout out for my dude, Darryl.

HAPPY 18TH B'DAY! (still, im older than you) :P

Thanks so much for being a great friend.
Getting to know you is a greatest things in life :)

And I was tagged by Carmen aka Mun Mun. Here it goes :

I Support Gluttony

1. Do you think you eat more than you should?
- yeah especially when i have sudden crave :)
2. What is your favorite meal?
- i guess it must be my mom's cooking
3. What did you have for dinner today (or yesterday)?
- food la of cause
4. What is your favorite dessert?
- ice-cream, i guess
5. Can you cook well?
- Not yet but still learning
6. Are you a fruit or veggie person?
- More to fruit but i also like veggie
7. What is your favorite restaurant to go to?
- i'm fine any restaurant by the way
8. Do you feel comfortable with your weight?
- Sometimes but i wanna lose some weight
9. Are you vegetarian or vegan?
- Nop
10. Describe your normal eating habits
-Breakfast time : just a cup of Milo
Lunch time : 12-1pm sometimes a box of milk or a bowl noodle
Tea time :4-5pm mostly is snacks
Dinner : 6pm-7pm, mummy's cooking
Supper : only when i am hungry

Thirst for Lust

1. What do you think about sex?
- Err, okay okay?
2. Are you a virgin?
- YES lah!
3. If not, who did you lose your virginity to and when?
- Look at the question above
4. Do you believe you should be in love to have sex?
- Eventually yeah
5. Have you ever cheated on your significant other?
- LoL! yeap when i was still an immature kiddo
6. What the first thing you look for in a boy/girl?
- Personality
7. Do you have any special fantasies?
- As in what?
8. Have you been in lust more than love?
- If you count puppy love as lust then yes (same as carmen)
9. Would you have sex with more than one person?
- Seriously, no (what a question lor)
10. Who have you lust for?
- Guys that i dated?

Greed Kills Me

1. What do you want more than anything right now?
- Something but dont know what is that
2. Does money play an important part of your life?
- Obviously, I'll die without money (shit, i look like a money-face girl lor)
3. What are your goals for the future?
- Become a successful woman, become rich, marrying a rich & good looking husband & etc
4. Do you think money is more important than love?
- Nop. Love cant buy with money right?
5. If you were given one million dollars right now, what would you do with it?
- Spend some on my family members, do charity & the balance save it
6. Has anyone ever called you spoiled or greedy?
- Err, cant recall =/
7. Do your parents have a lot of money?
- Just enough to support my family
8. How much money do you spend in one week?
- if you wanna know the exact amount, then wait till i count it ya ;)
9. Do/would you share with people that are less fortunate?
- yeah (i'm so kind-hearted okay)
10. Have you ever robbed someone?
- Do i look like i will rob someone? you answer this.

Sloth is My Fren

1. Have many people called you lazy?
- Yup, I admit im lazy sometimes :P
2. How much sleep do you get at night?
- At least 7-8hours. It depends on my class timing also.
3. Do you often take naps in the middle of the day?
- Nop I cant. Wei, i got class lah wei
4. What was the most depressing time of your life?
- After the break up with my most beloved ex-bf (last 3 years) & last year during spm
5. What is the best way to relax?
- Listening to music, eat ice-cream or chocolate, shopping, blogging and many more
6. Would you consider yourself more of a follower or leader?
- Both, i guess
7. Would you consider yourself a caring person?
- Wah, if i answer 'yes', you guys will think im a perasan girl so i will let you guys answer this
8. What time do you go to bed at night?
- nowadays, 10-11pm
9. What do you waste most of your time doing?
- Watching korean/taiwanese drama& slacking at home
10. Would you rather go out somewhere or stay home?
- It depends on my mood.

Wrath is a Show

1. Who was the last person you were upset with?
- No one (miracle eh)
2. What is the meanest thing you’ve ever done to someone?
- err, i seriously cant recall. am having short memory lost by the way
3. Do you hate anyone?
- Not hate but just dislikes
4. Are you angry a lot?
- Nah (trust me, you wont want to see me angry)
5. What was the last thing that made you mad?
- when i get annoyed by some people
6. Have you even been in a physical fight with someone?
- i think i did when i was a small girl
7. Has there been a time that you wanted to seek revenge?
- Nop.
8. What is your biggest pet peeve?
- Currently, nothing
9. How do you express your anger and frustration?
- By blogging it out, eating ice-cream & punch the wall (yeah, i did it before and it really hurts)
10. Is it easy for you to forgive?
- At first, No but then when I tried to forgive ppl and i finally did it. So the answer is YES! But also depends on what situation lah

Green with Envy

1. Who are you most jealous of?
- Pretty, hot, slim girl & rich people
2. What is something you want that your best friend has?
- Shouldnt be anything
3. What is one thing you think you are lacking in life?
- Nothing, i guess
4. Do you think of yourself as an envious person?
- yeappie but not always
5. How would you consider yourself lucky?
- Ya cause i have a wonderful family, friends and everything
6. Unlucky?
- Sometimes
7. Have you ever felt sorry for yourself?
- Hmm
8. Overall, do you think you have everything you need?
- Ya but i still need my daddy & elder brother to be here. that will be perfect :)
9. Is there anyone that has been envious of you?
- Is there?
10. Do you want a better life than what you have?
- Not really, im living the bestest life ever

Shine with Pride

1. What is your best physical feature?
- I think is my eyes? *winks*
2. What do you like most about your personality?
- Everything
3. How much time do you take to get ready in the morning?
- At least 50 mins
4. Do you wear a lot of make-up?
- Not really. only on occasion
5. How often do you go shopping?
- When im not broke & during the good mood
6. Are your looks very important to you?
- Like duh, if not?
7. Would you ever like to be a model?
- Yes when i was a like 10-11 years old but then when i knew abt the difficulties being a model then sorry lah
8. What could be improved about your body?
- Get slimmer
9. Do you think that you’re better than others
- Yeah to keep me think positively
10. What is your most embarrassing moment?
- remember, i have short term memory so seriously cant recall

I tag:

Anyone on my list lah ;)

p/s -
will update abt darryl b'day party soon! teee heeeee

Friday, April 25, 2008

When its all gone, you'll realise it.

Oh gosh, i'm extremely tired T________T
College are really tiring lately. it's killing me :(
Today, drove to college early in the morning just because of the carpark.
Seriously, how nice if i have a driver who can just drive me to college everyday?!!

Account tutorial class was okay but not-so-okay as i dint get what Ms. Yati was trying to explain cause i was eating my breakfast :) ( im hungry what)

Then, we have Human Communication lecture.

This is what i and yuki was doing during the lecture :

After Hm lucture, we eventually have 4 hrs break before Malaysian Studies lecture at 3pm.
I really hate dislike the arrangement of time for friday lecture class.

So, we (me, yuki, su ling & yoke foong) went to Pyramid by cab as we (me & su ling) dont wanna drive there. Afraid of the difficulties of finding carpark again :/

Had lunch @ Wendy's.

And we watched :

Around 30 minutes before the movie, Chi Yen wanted to watch as well.
And, this funny-doink-cute yuki ran all the way to the cinema to get another ticket for him so that he can sit with us. So sweet of her! aww ~!!

After movie, Yuki needs to get notebook.
We headed to Popular to get it but in the end, she dint get it as she wanted the death note notebook.

Done with Pyramid already so we went back to college.
Chi Yen drove us back. Thanks for the ride ya :)

Su Ling & yoke foong (sorry if i spell wrongly)

Thanks to Yuki for these 2 pics below.
She was bored during the MS lecture lah, i guess.
Eventually, she was really bored & she did (or didnt) fall asleep?

Just got the MS presentation question today. hmm!
Gonna really stress up soon lor. arghhh ~!

And this :

What are friendship towards you?!

For me, friendship isn't always easily described. Friends are special people in life as they do play important role as well. Friendship means more than just good times. However, there's few things in life are certain. Friendship is one of those few. Because when someone knows the bad things about you, and loves you anyway - that's a friend. Life hands us many different things, good and bad. One of the greatest gifts we receive is the love of a good friend. That's why a true friendship that lasts throughout the years is rare indeed, and to be treasured as a priceless gift. As for that, I appreciate every single one of my friends.
Thanks friends for everything! <3

It's already 5 years and STILL GOING ON ;)

Platonic love is very much a part of any close friendship. But such a love doesn't always stay platonic. Sometimes it turns into passionate love. Crossing that line, between friendship and love, can be both beautiful and extremely difficult.

p/s -
i keep coming back to you! ;)