Saturday, October 04, 2008

Dull life :(

Some people said this to me, " eh, i think u've changed ". Basically, I don't think so that's true. Maybe just that recently I was not becoming myself. There's lots of problems in my life now :(

On thursday night, I spent my time with my sis and bro. We were doing some thingy thingy.

cute right?

my lil bro drew that for me =.="

lil boy drew this and he doesn't want to admit that the drawing is him.
That explains the "not my brother on the top"

Next day which is on the friday. I accompanied my mom to accompanied my aunt and cousin go to University Hospital for their check up.

By right, friday is the day I supposed to go Klang and visit my babes but then, sorry >.<

I freaking hate dislikes University Hospital wei. You know why? Because of their employee forget to send letter to inform that the clinic is closed due to Raya and that caused us to go there and come back with empty hand! Wth

pfft hospital!!!

Ever since, I was not in the good mood. Fine! Then when reached back home, my cousin just realised that she doesn't have enough supply for her medicine because she need to stay here longer as her appointment date is postponed to tuesday. However, good thing is that my aunt has the receipt and she actually can collect it from the hospital.

So there we go to University Hospital again! Sudahlah, I was not in the mood then somemore then weather keeps change from sunny to raining, raining to sunny. wtf
Due to the weather, I have a massive headache :/

this help me to :)

and, this is my entertainment.

I am not pissed off because of the road trip to University Hospital twice but is the stupid employee forget to inform my aunt about the closed clinic! wtf

Did I mention that my aunt and cousin drove down from JB to here for the check up?!!

Because of my aunt need to queue up a long line for collecting the medicine, my mom and I brought my cousin to AMCORP MALL nearby.

my mom need to settle some stuff here!

Had MCD for light teatime. The services there is totally sucks! Omg wei! I seriously damn bengang with the workers there! As the facts, all typical malay workers are freaking lazy and slow. wtf

Picked up my aunt from University Hospital then headed to Puchong to visit my another aunt. Spent some time there chatting with them! Although I was the young one chatting with them but it was fun thou :D

Left my aunt house with my mom around 7pm. My another aunt and cousin stay overnight there. Got back home and picked the siblings up. Sis is going to play squash at holiday villa whereas lil boy followed me and my mom to Summit.

Lil boy need a hair cut. Had his hair cut at QQ Cut for rm15.

Then have dinner at Mandy's with lil boy meanwhile mom went to her friend's shop.

After that, we headed to PJ (not again) because of my ankle. It still hurts. Sadly, the tukang urut is not at home. So means we drove to PJ there and come back with nothing on my ankle. zZZZ

Lastly, I need a rest now! Not feeling well :( :( :/ :/

p/s - I'm having sorethroat now T__T

pp/s - Will be going out later at night with my family :)

ppp/s - sorry best friend!! *sad sad face*

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