Friday, October 03, 2008

Go Green!

Time to blog about another outing. Finally I have some time. Will blog about today outing later on.

(Dayang's Hari Raya Open House @ her place on the 1st October 2008)

Met up with the rest in Li Hou's place. Then 4 of us (me, chi yen, li hou and joe) drove to Dayang's place. Li Hou lead the way because he is the boss :P

my sister's masterpiece

Five and Karnen was the early birds. Was surprised to see them there actually.


bag for the day

the open house host, miss dayang :)

John dropped by pretty late but it's okay. Spent our time there chatting. It was fun. Then, went back to li hou's place meanwhile waiting for joe to come back.

So li hou and I walked to the park nearby while waiting for joe.

the small baby, Li Hou :P haha

Headed to Pyramid because joe need to get something for his friend. So li hou and I accompanied him. After getting the stuff, we was supposed to have our dinner at Aman Suria there or either somewhere in SS2. As the result, we went to PJ and didn't get our dinner.

So I got back home & called li boy to go out with me.

while waiting for him :)

We went to AC and meet with my sister and friends. Had our dinner and yam cha session. After that, FOOSBALL SESSION :D tee hee

his new hairstyle

injury for the day :/

This picture below are from Darryl. So credit goes to him!

Bev, Darryl, Bryan & Yaenn

p/s - I have a so-not-enjoyable-trip today :/

pp/s - I'm so freaking tired and was not in the mood today :(

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