Thursday, October 02, 2008

Should I quit?

Finally I have the time to blog. All because of today plan which somehow got canceled. Moreover, my aunt and cousin came down from JB. So here am I blogging. Actually good la today plan got canceled. I still have stuff to finish :(

(Outing with bro, Vincent @ Sunway Pyramid on the 30th September 2008)

Since he is going back to Langkawi soon so we went out and spend some time. Due to some circumstances, we went out quite late. That's why I felt asleep while waiting.

This explain my just-woke-up-face T__T

Had our late dinner at :

It was my 1st time there :)

this was tasty, filling and cheap :)

just a random pic of colourful kuih *JAKUN* which I didn't get to eat *sob sob*

p/s - Should I go MOS tonight?! *thinking face*

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