Sunday, November 30, 2008

There goes another one!

Wow, working is very tiring especially standing up! :( Luckily, I don't have to work tomorrow but then my boss asked me to work on tuesday! Haiz!

Working is tiring but fun as well when you have friends around there. My new friends are really fun to talk to and they are my entertainment wei. Haha :P

And, I have lots of tag to replies. So nah la :

~JL~ : thanks ya :)

Mr D : Oh i see. nvm la. then you don't miss me too much okay!?

Yen a.k.a rain : yeah you!! :P Happy anot? LOL * shake head*

kirstie : haha. welcome? har? my salary very little only wei. Not enough to belanja you makan.

victor : you good? since when? i owe you a movie? har? where got?

boney : lalalalala. doink la you. RM 1.01 only ah? Can RM 1001? hehe

ryn : huh you were? I also dint see you wei.

Ewin : work is NOT okay wei. Very tiring >.<

mingsan : is a girl. she is quite pretty la but not very tall wor. hehe :D

roger : eh lelaki! haha. nice meh? thanks you wei :D

p/s - I miss my college mates la wei.

pp/s - yuki babe, are you okay?!! I wanna go watch movie with you :)

Friday, November 28, 2008


I'm back from work and hell wei, standing toooooo long will kill me :( But still, i HAVE TO WORK. If not, who wanna give me $$$$? You ah?! *pointing at you*


Sometimes when I think/recall about the past and memories, I will feel a little bit of sadness although it's was a sweet memories but sweet memories are meant to be kept in my heart.

But I'm glad that I had a sweet memories before with someone I loved :) Guess that's something that I might not be regret of!

After all, life are meant to be happy right?! *big big smile*

Anyways love does not always end go happily ever after, even if one still loves. And, when finding perfect love seems impossible and happen always, we have to realize it might also be possible to lose it. Therefore, the perfect love quickly loses it perfection when it must be faced alone. Even in rain, even in anger. There's remains a spark of love.

p/s - listening to Yiruma - Kiss The Rain T___T

pp/s - Hallo, I'm NOT emo but tired :/

ppp/s - I have new friends at work! :D

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The sampat one!

Just got back home not long ago. Feeling tired >.<

Just now went to Mid Valley with my college mates ; teni, mei kwan. and soo hua. While waiting for teni to come, three of us went walk walk. When teni arrived, all of us were brainstroming what to have for lunch. Finally, Tony Roma's was the selected restaurant :)

my fish & fries

hi mei kwan!
*i know you reading this*

the foods that make us felt bloated :/

I want to kill people :P
L-R : Soo Hua, Teni & Vic

the girl who is going to Japan for YE!
Her father is a lion wei!
hey, not the lion animal la. is the leo higher post!! doink

Mei Kwan, Soo Hua, Teni & Vic

with their lala post! blek

they said so informal because of the smiley =)!
*cant blame us cause we studies business com*
But hey, I think is cuteeeeeeeeeee

Then shoooooooooooooooooop shoooooooooooop shoooooooooooooop! We went to Pet Wonderland too. All of them are animal lover but me? Nah!

santa helper! hoohooohoooo

muka bodoooooooooooo

piggy = victoria pang *clap clap*

sweeeeeeeeeeet ~!

this is how I receive the pictures from Mei Kwan while driving
pro kan?!

Sent Mei Kwan back home, headed to Summit to meet up my superior. Had some short briefing about my promoter work. Yeah, i'll be working as a promoter in Summit for the Guardian Warehouse Sales at the concourse area starting friday :)

If you people are in Summit, please don't come and visit me k! Thanks you!


p/s - I need a rest! T_______T

pp/s - Some pictures credit goes to Soo Hua & Mei Kwan

ppp/s - I better get my ass to read through the product for my work tomorrow! Bye

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Draft . . .

Yay, i'm done with my finals already. But then, now i'm afraid/nervous for the result. Aiks :/

Today paper was bad. I did it veryyyyyyyyyyyyy badly. Omg omg omg.


here come another random draft post. My blog is really dull & sad huh?!

Su ling's birthday flower :)

I want to go see beautiful night view!

Had my business com exam on monday :/

Hoping for tips & hints for exam :P

p/s - Hopefully I can pass all my paper *cross finger*

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Give me a break!

Finals starting tomorrow and will end on Wednesday. So I won't be updating for 3 damn days as I have to spend my time with my lovely books.

So my dearest reader , wish me luck & please don't go away. Come back after 3 days kay! :P

p/s - time to revise business communication AGAIN T__T

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Woot, Mr. James!!

(Meet up with James Willstrop on the 13th November @ 3K)

I think most of you will be thinking who is this James blalalalal.

Okay, here are some info about him :

Gender: Male
Country: England
County: Yorks
Plays: Right-Handed
Born: 15 August 1983
Age: 25
Birthplace: North Walsham
Residence: Leeds
Height: 194cm (6' 4")

Joined PSA: 2000
Current World Ranking: 5
Previous World Ranking: 3
Highest World Ranking: 2 (December 2005)
Current National Ranking: 1
Previous National Ranking: 1
Highest National Ranking: 1 (September 2006)

Club: Pontefract
Racket: Prince O3 Speedport Black
Shoes: Hi-Tec
Clothing: Prince
Coach: Malcolm Willstrop

Got the informations above from here!

Still wondering who is he?


He is the number 4th Ranking Squash player in the WORLD!

Enough information about him?!!


James & coach

the girls

I'm sooooo lucky!! :P
*if you cant spot the ugly me*

The guys

Coach gives James a token of appreciation

my valuable picture for the moment!! <3

The pictures above credit goes to Tony. Thanks for the pictures :D

And I got his autograph :

Credit pictures goes to Kian Yip! Thanks

thanks uuuuuuuu, Mr. James
*big wet eyes*


p/s - Wow!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Sometimes is not worth waiting

A random post I got here. Haha! There was a day when me and my college mates were walking back to college, got this girl gave us Jason Mraz cd?

but not full song eh?

pig face :P

eh vic, stop camwhoring larrrrr!! lol

p/s - Soooo random huh?

pp/s - Finals is coming to town

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Memories are meant to be sweet.

(Class party on the 13th November 2008 @ college lecture hall)

Had a small party because our class have some cash due to punishment of speaking other languages in English class. Haha :P

Damn cool man when we are having party in a big lecture hall and our class have only 13 people include my English teacher ; Miss Jeya!

yong chi yen aka handsome boy zzZZZZ

yuki & soo hua

chi yen, teni, soo hua & me

miss jeya asked him to join us :D


p/s - Pimples are popping out again :(