Tuesday, November 04, 2008

They are superb friends!

(Genting trip with friends on the 1st-2nd Nov 2008)

This trip is with Mahsa college's friends who are Justin, Simon, Kenneth, Kumar, Jude, Lavinia and Joanne. Eventully, this trip is like a celebration for Lavinia as her b'day falls on the 1st of Nov!

There is an ex Mahsa college mate who are Jade ; she is now in KBU college.

And, i'm the odd one from Metropolitan College. Glad to meet them!! They are really friendly and nice! I already starting to miss them :( Thanks to Justin for inviting me! :D

Here are the pictures. I will not put caption for most of the picture. Let the pictures do the talking! Enjoy :D Credit pictures goes to Jade ; the gorgeous hot tall hun!

Warning, there are plenty of pictures.



Isn't she pretty? :)

k.u.m.a.r , s.i.m.o.n , l.a.v.i.n.i.a

j.u.s.t.i.n , j.a.d.e , v.i.c

the girls : Vic, Lavinia, Joanne & Jade

The guys : Kumar, Justin, Jude & Simon

the drinks for the day :)

i like this pic. She looks cuteeee

gay-ness ~ ~

the birthday girl ; Lavinia


s.t.u.p.i.d b.o.y :P

goodbye genting!!

I had an enjoyable trip with them. Thanks for giving me an enjoyable trip! Love you people!

p/s - Hope to hang out with you people soon :) I miss you people!!

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