Thursday, November 13, 2008

I call you, buddy!

This is a birthday post specially for one of my good friend, Ewin.


*Hope you had a great birthday celebration*
*I'll catch up with you soon k* :P

steal this pic from his blog

We used to be very close last time but now, not very close. Maybe because of college hectic life? There are a lot of things to talk about him actually but I'll just keep this post short.

So one sentence to describe him :

He is really a great friend :)

At Dorsett Hotel for the Majlis Membuka Puasa bersama Rumah Syifa, September 2007

during M-yoyo competition @ maju junction mall

after celebrating mooncake festival near my house

Then drop by to my 2nd home, my apartment :

being nice to teach lil boy how to play the rubik cube

eating IKEA ice-cream before merdeka countdown 2007

p/s - Till then, next post :)

pp/s - I'll always miss you, boy

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