Monday, November 03, 2008

I love them always!

Here are some outdated pictures from that day outing with friends at One Utama.

Steal the pictures from Carmen Kong's blog! Credit obviously goes to her! Thanks mui. Jie loves you :)

carmen is a lovely girl

carmen, jen & vic

wilson, darryl, jing, carmen, jen & me
Love you guys & girls

Tagged by Carmen Mui

1.Do you think you are hot?

- Nop. But the weather is making me feeling HOT!! T__T

2.Upload a favorite picture of yourself.

3. Why do u like the picture?
- Because I don't hate this picture lah. Actually is because when this picture was taken, i don't have pimples & I'm still thin :)

4. When is the last time you ate pizza?
- last last week, if i'm not mistaken

5. The last song you listen to?

- Kat Deluna ft Elephant Man - Whine Up

6. What are you doing right now beside this?
- Listening to songs & daydreaming

7. What name you prefer besides your name?

- Piggyvic?

5 ppl to tagged:

- Boney
-Darren Lee
- Joe Lee
-Yu Liang

8. Who is number 1?
- My buddy :)

9. Number 3 is having a relationship with?
- No one

10. Say something about number 5.

- He is a smart boy

11. How about number 4?
- She is cuteeeee

12. Who is number 2.
- College mate

p/s - I wanna update about the genting trip wei! Heh

pp/s - Someone seems different now :)

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