Thursday, November 06, 2008

I want it back badly!

Currently, i'm pretty busy with college assignment and stuff. Damn busy wei!
So I will online soon okay! I bet surely got people miss chatting with me in msn :P

Took a pic during moral studies lecture :

with best friend's sunglasses. Macho ~~

Got back home and start doing fixing my moral studies presentation. And, I found out that I lost my thumb drive!!! wtf

As you can see my plurk written " piggyvic is fucking emo/depress/frustrated because I lost her thumb drive which contains quite number of valuable stuff in it "

I have valuable stuff in my thumb drive wei & almost most of my college assignment is in it!!!!

Seriously, I'm fucking pissed!

At first, I thought i left it in the college resources center so I went back to college and search for it. But then, it's NOT there at all!

And, it cant be at home too as I really search it from up to down!!

Now, I have to re do the assignment especially the stuff for business com. report! wtf

I wish I could have a punching bag at home so I could release all my emotion on it!!



Damn it.

Oh yeah, my thumb drive is a white Kingston with a red and black stripe teddy keychain! Anyone found it can return to me?

By the way, no one from my college will view my blog lah! wtf

No hope.

p/s - I REALLY want my thumb drive back!! sob! ='(

pp/s - I just hope my thumb drive is with one of my friends & I'll get it back tomorrow!!!! *cross finger*

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