Friday, November 28, 2008


I'm back from work and hell wei, standing toooooo long will kill me :( But still, i HAVE TO WORK. If not, who wanna give me $$$$? You ah?! *pointing at you*


Sometimes when I think/recall about the past and memories, I will feel a little bit of sadness although it's was a sweet memories but sweet memories are meant to be kept in my heart.

But I'm glad that I had a sweet memories before with someone I loved :) Guess that's something that I might not be regret of!

After all, life are meant to be happy right?! *big big smile*

Anyways love does not always end go happily ever after, even if one still loves. And, when finding perfect love seems impossible and happen always, we have to realize it might also be possible to lose it. Therefore, the perfect love quickly loses it perfection when it must be faced alone. Even in rain, even in anger. There's remains a spark of love.

p/s - listening to Yiruma - Kiss The Rain T___T

pp/s - Hallo, I'm NOT emo but tired :/

ppp/s - I have new friends at work! :D

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