Thursday, November 27, 2008

The sampat one!

Just got back home not long ago. Feeling tired >.<

Just now went to Mid Valley with my college mates ; teni, mei kwan. and soo hua. While waiting for teni to come, three of us went walk walk. When teni arrived, all of us were brainstroming what to have for lunch. Finally, Tony Roma's was the selected restaurant :)

my fish & fries

hi mei kwan!
*i know you reading this*

the foods that make us felt bloated :/

I want to kill people :P
L-R : Soo Hua, Teni & Vic

the girl who is going to Japan for YE!
Her father is a lion wei!
hey, not the lion animal la. is the leo higher post!! doink

Mei Kwan, Soo Hua, Teni & Vic

with their lala post! blek

they said so informal because of the smiley =)!
*cant blame us cause we studies business com*
But hey, I think is cuteeeeeeeeeee

Then shoooooooooooooooooop shoooooooooooop shoooooooooooooop! We went to Pet Wonderland too. All of them are animal lover but me? Nah!

santa helper! hoohooohoooo

muka bodoooooooooooo

piggy = victoria pang *clap clap*

sweeeeeeeeeeet ~!

this is how I receive the pictures from Mei Kwan while driving
pro kan?!

Sent Mei Kwan back home, headed to Summit to meet up my superior. Had some short briefing about my promoter work. Yeah, i'll be working as a promoter in Summit for the Guardian Warehouse Sales at the concourse area starting friday :)

If you people are in Summit, please don't come and visit me k! Thanks you!


p/s - I need a rest! T_______T

pp/s - Some pictures credit goes to Soo Hua & Mei Kwan

ppp/s - I better get my ass to read through the product for my work tomorrow! Bye

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