Sunday, November 30, 2008

There goes another one!

Wow, working is very tiring especially standing up! :( Luckily, I don't have to work tomorrow but then my boss asked me to work on tuesday! Haiz!

Working is tiring but fun as well when you have friends around there. My new friends are really fun to talk to and they are my entertainment wei. Haha :P

And, I have lots of tag to replies. So nah la :

~JL~ : thanks ya :)

Mr D : Oh i see. nvm la. then you don't miss me too much okay!?

Yen a.k.a rain : yeah you!! :P Happy anot? LOL * shake head*

kirstie : haha. welcome? har? my salary very little only wei. Not enough to belanja you makan.

victor : you good? since when? i owe you a movie? har? where got?

boney : lalalalala. doink la you. RM 1.01 only ah? Can RM 1001? hehe

ryn : huh you were? I also dint see you wei.

Ewin : work is NOT okay wei. Very tiring >.<

mingsan : is a girl. she is quite pretty la but not very tall wor. hehe :D

roger : eh lelaki! haha. nice meh? thanks you wei :D

p/s - I miss my college mates la wei.

pp/s - yuki babe, are you okay?!! I wanna go watch movie with you :)

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