Friday, December 12, 2008


(Mom's birthday celebration dinner on the 15th November 08 @ Restaurant LaLa Chong, Kampung Subang)

It was just a simple dinner. Had seafoods and we became "lala" after the dinner. Hah :P

Mom ordered 6 seafood dishes but then I only took picture of 3 dishes :(

Actually 6 dishes was pretty a lot for 4 of us. But we managed to finished it! Yeappie

enjoying the crab huh?

sotong face :)

sis took this for don't-know-what-reason

Got back home and sis dragged "kon" my mom to go upstairs meanwhile me and li boy prepared the birthday cake.

Walked upstairs with the cake and surpised my mom. Wow~!

the birthday cake

p/s - I eventually forget how old is my mom so there's an extra 1 big candle :P sorry mama!

After the cutting cake session, all of us sat in the living hall and watched movie. But then, Li hou msg me and ask me wanna go yam cha anot?!

So I said okay and he came pick me up and drove off to Taipan cause he suggested wanna go there. But I was bored of that place and suggested that wanna go Hartamas :P

Besides that, I received a call from my good buddy asked me to go yam cha too but then I can't make it. Sorry guys!


He said okay. So I called best friend aka CE ask him where is him and ask him to join us. Drove to his house and picked him up and ended up go to Taman Megah for yam cha :)

Had a great time hanging out with them but not when someone got EMO. Got back home at 2am.

p/s - Hope tomorrow will be a better day *cross finger*

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