Monday, December 08, 2008

Don't say a thing!

Last night, got back home late early in the morning around 2.45am from Look Out Point with Ming San and my sis. That's why don't have the time to blog.

Before going to Look Out Point, we went to Naili's Place in Taipan :)

Don't ask me why am I woke up so early today. All thanks to Boney! lol

(Return of Meggy from Melbourne on the 4th Dec 2008)

Woke up at 5.45am to pick her up from KLIA airport. Luckily, everyone managed to wake up! Hah

6am in the morning!

After picking her up, we went to Sri Melur in USJ 17 for mamak session. I know she missed malaysian foods. So mamak was her 1st meal :)

Got back home & start chatting till 9.30am where everyone got back to sleep.

cherry from Melbourne. NICE

Then, all of us including mom went to Pyramid around 2.30pm.

while waiting for sis to changed!

Meggy went to watch TWILIGHT with her friends. But then, she bought 2 extra ticket for me & my sis. However, my sis dint want to watch it as she is watching it with her friends so lil boy accompanied me.

At first, me & lil boy said " omg, i think im going to sleep in the cinema " blalalala

In the end, we both enjoyed the movie!! *woot*

Edward Cullen is HOT! wow!

I love the movie & don't mind to watch it again! :)

thinking of cutting my hair short! zzzzZZ

Left Pyramid around 8.15pm. Went to SS19 for chinese dinner!

the act cuteee face :P

p/s - Wonder when will the new stock for twilight books will arrive?! :/

pp/s - What should I do next since I woke up so early today?!

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