Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I need cash!

Today work was pretty relaxing cause I and my new friend ; Shirley went shopping at Point B during our lunch break after having lunch at Mandy's.

While waiting for Shirley to try an outfit, I was bored so simply take pictures :)

Good thing that I don't need to work everyday. If yes ah, my legs surely can patah wei!

And last night, I went to One Utama with Li hou ; my study mate. Before leaving the house, I camwhored! Haha :P But only 2 pictures la wei.

my hair looks black here & I'm going to re-dye it sooon!

bluek :P

Had our early dinner at Italiannies because we both were hungry! By right, we supposed to go One Utama to shop & have dinner at The Curve!

Then, went to get movie ticket & went to arcade for a games.

so blueeeeeeeeeeeee~!

We watched :

Nothing to say about the movie, seriously :)

while waiting for him to play the parking :D
random-ness eh?

Reached back home at 12am and slept at 12.45am. Didn't have enough sleep that's the reason why I had a tough time getting up this morning :/

p/s - Working is really not easy! Omg

pp/s - I miss Jenny Kuma & Taryna :(

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