Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The place I wont want to be.

Just got back home from shopping at One Utama with family :) Will update it next time. But no worries, there is another post for you all :D

(Shopping with family on the 12th of Dec 2008 @ KL)

Stuck in the jam for about 30mins when on the way to Times Square. That's why I dislikes to go KL :/ Thank god, we dint take public transportation wei

the bag for the day

sis need to shop for her CNY cloths

guess what is this?

Had our light dinner at Times Square Food court.

lil boy's food


I only ate this :

costly but looks cheap ICE KACANG :p

Then we walked to Sungei Wang to get to Pavilion. But before reaching to Sungei Wang, we step into a small mall (which I don't know what it).

Next, we went to ISETAN first before Pavilion :) Took some pictures with sis while waiting lil boy to try his new shoes.

we brought ourselves a new shoe :)

Finally, Pavilion! It was the first time for my sis.

my new baby :)

(I bought it with my own $$$)

p/s - I love going shopping with my family!

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