Thursday, January 01, 2009

Please tell me if it's boring!

Err can't remember when did I went to One Utama with family. I think is on the 30th December 2008? Okay whatever! Tony joined us as well. But he and megan went to watch movie.

Us have our tea time at Aunt Anne's!

i seriously dislikes pimples & scars! arggghhhh!!!



Then, went to checked out the Sportszone.

gonna play batting soon!
*checking my appointment*

Spent our time in Starbucks. Everyone's favourite place :)

They came to find us after their movie.

so sweet! :D

Was supposed to have dinner at Kepong but it was closed. Waste of time & petrol all the way there. Then, we went to Lala Chong for dinner.

I love to eat lala ~

Got back home and watched (picture below) with Meggy :

he is hot!! don't ya think so?

p/s - Wow, it's 2009!

pp/s - Where should i bring my bro for dinner later? *thinking hard*

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