Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Singapore trip - Day 1

As you all know I went down to Singapore on the 23th Dec 2008 with my sister & cousins. I will just make this post short. I am going to separate the Singapore trip post into 4 or maybe 5 post!

Some of the pictures was taken by my phone but most pictures credits go to my cousin ; Grace & Pearl. Thanks girls! loves

  • Left Pudu at 8.45am with Transnasional Bus

  • Stopped at Simpang Renggam, Johor for lunch & toilet break

  • Arrived at Johor Custom.

  • Find our own way to another cousin's condo

We got lost and was asking for direction around.

Quilin's view condo if i'm not mistaken

But we managed to find the correct place after exhausted of walking :/

cousin's place

the day view from the condo

  • Had dinner at one of the Italian Restaurant in West Mall

my new PDI slipper :)

megan, myself & pearl

tina, grace & sis yaennie

one of our dishes

  • Got back home & had camwhore session

  • Hang out near the pool & swimming session :)

drinks for the night!

the night view from the condo!
Cousin's place was so cooling & windy! Love it!

p/s - My singapore sim card cant work in singapore, that's why i cant contact my another singapore cousin :/

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