Sunday, February 08, 2009

Almost perfect (:

Finally, an update on 2009 CNY. This year I didn't take much pictures because am lazy :) But a cousin of mine does take lots of pictures. I did stole those pictures from her facebook already so will upload it in the nex post! :)

Bacially, CNY is about family & relatives bonding time, able to play fireworks and firecrackers, collection of ang pau, presence of lion dance, gambling session and not forgetting, delicious food food food.

It was the only time where we are able to eat delicious cookies and yet, I didn't enjoy much on foods because of my pimples :/ what a waste!

my new GUESS wallet :)

reunion dinner with 10 dishes!

we became twins on the 1st day of CNY :p

Not longer twins on the 2nd day

2 busybodies at the back!
thank youuuuu

*heart them*

family portrait <3

I wore dress for 3 day!

i don't know :/

p/s - Now I can't wait for 2010 CNY :)


boney said...

haahha..beat my record 4 days of white

Victoria said...

nah, don't want! why white t-shirts? -.-

boney said...

lol cause i bought 2 then my bro got me yea...4 white..must try 4 red next year..

Victoria said...
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Victoria said...

oh i see. yr bro so good wei :)

btw why red next year? Why not yellow? haha

boney said...

duwan yellow la..unless u buy them for me..

Victoria said...

yellow nice wat :P hmm me buy for you? oh well, i dint know what is yr size la